Grey's Anatomy
'The Hidden Powers of Grapes'

Disclaimer: Grey's Anatomy and all characters associated with it belong to Shonda Rhimes and ABC. As much as I wish they were mine, they never will be. All other characters and places are mine. If there is a real person or place that I have named in my story, it is purely coincidental.

Summary: Callica. Set during the episode 5.03 "Here Comes The Flood." Erica's POV

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Erica knew Callie was taking a lunch break, so as soon as she finished up with a patient she sought out the darker woman, thankful that she was alone. She tried to butter Callie up with a smile first, but Callie knew better. Erica only used that smile when she wanted something.

"Look, we don't even know what we are yet. So how does Mark Sloan know? And why are you talking to him . . . instead of me?"

Callie rested her chin on her hand, fully prepared to explain to Erica why Mark Sloan knew. Yes, she had talked to him, but the only reason he knew was because he had pushed Callie to talk to Erica that night after cement-boy's surgery and she was pretty sure he had still been standing there when she grabbed Erica and kissed her.

And fate, it seemed, was not on their side today as in strolled Mark Sloan. "Ladies." He was met with an awkward silence. "Am I interrupting?" The grin on his face proved he knew he was.

"Your timing is perfect."

"Really? You about to feel her up?" If she could only smack that smirk right off his pretty little face.

Erica shook her head and left. Another comment like that from Sloan and she'd make sure he regretted it.

She stood at the door listening to the rest of their conversation. If this turned out just to be a way to piss her off so much that she left Callie alone, Mark Sloan had another thing coming. "Stop. You have to stop." Callie said. Erica smiled. She got a tingly feeling in the pit of her stomach at the thought of Callie trying to protect her.

"I can't."

"Seriously, she hates it." Erica melted. Callie wasn't just pretending to protect her or say these things so Mark would stop, she actually was protecting her. That was all the reassurance Erica needed to know that Callie really wanted to give their relationship a shot.

"That's why I can't." Erica peeked in the window and saw Callie grab a grape and get in position to throw it.

"Don't. You want a spanking?" 'Asshole.'

She had to stifle a laugh as she saw Callie actually throw the grape, aiming right at McSteamy's head. Callie had actually picked her over Sloan. That was a first.


Erica peeked back into the room. The two occupants were at a stalemate. The look on Callie's face clearly said she was just begging for him to say another thing. She wasn't that hungry anyway and she had just proven that grapes had a better purpose than curing hunger. Mark just kind of stood there, testing Callie out. He hadn't seen this side of the orthopedic surgeon before and it intrigued him.

In the end he took the smarter course and decided he'd had enough for the time being. He walked over to the door, but before leaving turned back to Callie. "I have to say, the whole you and Erica thing . . . BIG turn on."

Erica ducked behind the corner and heard Mark slam the door shut as what she assumed to be the rest of Callie's grapes hit the door.

"BIG turn on!"

Erica chuckled to herself and checked back around the corner to see Mark walking down the other end of the hall. But she had to agree with him, the image of her and Callie together was a 'BIG turn on.'