Questions and Answers


Summary: Daniel has to explain a word to Vala. Rated T for naughty innuendo.

A/N: I always loved the scene in Farscape where Aeryn miss-says the word and Crichton corrects her. If you don't know the meaning, when you search be sure to use a tag like sexual connotation or major woody.

First Word Begins with W


"Daniel? What's a woody?"

Lifting his eyes from his notes, Daniel stared across the room for a full 30 seconds. Then, he removed his glasses, pinched his nose, and slowly turned his face towards Vala.

"What? Why are you looking at me like that?" She pulled her head back, cupped her hands to her chest, and gave him a confused, yet curious look.

"Before I answer that…I need to know how it was used. What is the sentence? Who said it?" He realizes he's just invited trouble.

"So, you're saying it has more than one meaning?"

"Yes." Unfortunately for Daniel, she moved close and propped her six on his desk.

"Hmm. Well, I over heard Airman Griggs telling Sergeant Conner I gave him a woody. But I've never given him anything. I hardly know the man. They were stepping into the elevator, so I couldn't ask him what he meant. I need to find out. I need to find him and tell him I didn't give it to him." Vala sighed, stood, and pushing Daniel back in his chair, she sat on his lap. "If I don't, he may never find out who gave it to him and he'll never thank them – and then the real person who gave it to him might be hurt. See? So… what is it?"

Daniel groaned.

"What's wrong, darling? Is it a bad thing?"


"A good thing?"

"Kind of."

"Is it bigger than a bread box?"


"Hardly as in no, or as in hardly bigger?"


"What?" She brushed at his hair with her fingers.

"Stop wiggling."

"Fine. But you haven't told me what it is."

"It's an American slang word for…" He sat there contemplating his next words until she started wiggling again. "I think it'd be best to show you." He put his hands on her hips and lifted her up, then stood beside her. "Come on. We'll go to my room."

"You have one in your room?" She sounded very excited.

"I will by the time we get there." He definitely was excited.