I originally wrote this a long time ago, way before we learned about Andromeda in any detail. This is completely AU. Hope you enjoy. Leave a review if you wish.

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Andromeda's Murderer

(One Shot)

Andromeda Tonks opened the old, dusty trunk. Memories poured out, ones which she hadn't allowed herself to recall for a long, long time. Some were happy. Some were sad. But all reminded Andromeda of her family.

There was the teddy bear her mother had given her when she was small. She had slept with it every night when she was small. Oh how she had cried when Auntie burned part of his face away saying that the bear was what was making Andromeda 'soft'. What no one knew was that she had kept it hidden safely under a loose floorboard, somewhere no one would find it.

After flipping through some old papers, Andromeda came across an old photograph of her and her younger sisters, Narcissa and Bellatrix. They were very young in the photo. Looking at the three smiling little girls you would never guess how different they were.

Narcissa was married to Lucius Malfoy and had a small son named Draco. Lucius was buried deep in the Dark Arts. It was no secret that he was one of Voldemort's most elite followers. After Andromeda married Ted Tonks Narcissa had cut off all communications. That was a bit better than the others, though. At least Narcissa did not publicaly denounce her or wipe her name for the family tree, like her mother and aunt.

'Perhaps if she hadn't married Lucius …'

But it was no use. Andromeda would never know what could have happened, for she was marked to die.

Somehow she had made Voldemort's list. Andromeda supposed it was one of her dear relatives that had told Voldemort about her marrying a muggle. Apparently Auntie wasn't the only one who believed in 'blood traitors' though Andromeda doubted that Voldemort went around screaming about them the way her aunt did.

"At least Dora will be alright."

Her daughter was at Hogwarts, a third year, and her husband was supposed to return from a 'business trip' in France, though she prayed it wasn't too soon. Voldemort was gone, only last week he disappeared. But that didn't mean that all of his supports were gone as well. Many still walked free.

A figure moved in the picture. Andromeda looked down and was Bellatrix pulling at Narcissa's hair. She frowned. Even before she was old enough to go to Hogwarts Bellatrix was reading everything she could about Dark Magic. As she got older, Bella became more and more unhinged. But Andromeda figured that at least one of them had do have inderited the insanity that their mother and aunt had.

A floorboard groaned. Andromeda stood. A figure, hooded and cloaked with a black and silver mask blocked the only exit. It was a Death Eater.

"So you have found me," Andromeda said.

The Death Eater rasied their wand without hesitation. Andromeda raised her own wand. She would not let the Death Eater win. She would not die without a fight.

Before Andromeda could do anything, her opponent removed her mask, letting it clatter to the floor.

"Bella," Andromeda said, shocked. Whatever she had expected certainly wasn't this.

A burst of green light shot out of Bella's wand, hitting Andromeda square in the chest. The last thing Andromeda saw was Bellatrix standing over her lighting her cruel, insane laugh.