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Long Live the King

Three years later…

Edward and I sat curled up on the couch together, working on our lap tops with my legs stretched across his lap. He was working on a speech and I was finishing up my last college class. Every so often I'd catch him glancing over at me and we'd both smile shyly at each other and continue working. My cheeks heated up each time, just as they had when we'd first gotten to know each other.

The silence between us as we worked was a comfortable one. Neither of us felt the need to fill it with mindless chatter. It was just nice to be with one another without interruptions.

When I finished the paper I was working on for my final project, I sent everything to my professor and shut down the lap top. I moved it to the coffee table next to the couch and leaned back on the pillows behind me with a sigh.

My eyes drifted around the room and eventually landed on Edward. I couldn't help but smile as I watched him. His brows furrowed slightly as he concentrated on the screen in front of him and his lips moved as he read over his speech. The frames that rested on his nose only made him look even more distinguished.

It still amazed me how lucky I was that he loved me.

We'd been married for three years, yet somehow it still felt like only yesterday we'd exchanged our vows. Yes, we did have to work at our relationship, but that didn't mean we weren't just as crazy about each other as before.

A smile spread across my lips as I continued to watch Edward.

He truly was an amazing man and was going to be an even more amazing king.

Carlisle had recently decided to pass his crown on to his son, creating a sense of excitement and anticipation in the palace. He'd also agreed to stay on as an advisor and mentor for Edward during the transition.

The coronation ceremony was taking place late that afternoon, followed by a celebratory ball. The speech he'd been working on would be given before the ball, for his countrymen and those in government positions to see his stance.

I knew how nervous and concerned Edward was about how he would be received, so I tried to give him space. But, as he finished his speech and put his lap top away, I knew that he needed me. So I slid across the couch until I was in his lap, straddling his hips, and wrapped my arms around his neck. My fingers wound through his hair, gently scratching with each stroke.

Edward's hands rested on my back. "Bella," he sighed.

Gently, I pressed a kiss to his forehead. My lips lingered against his skin and I breathed in his wonderful scent for a moment before pressing another kiss to the tip of his nose. "You are going to do great, Edward," I whispered. "The people love you. And as King you will show them that their loyalty won't be misplaced. You are strong and smart and fair."

He closed his eyes for a moment, letting my words sink in. When he opened them again I could see his love and admiration. "Thank you."

I grinned and leaned forward to kiss him lightly on the lips. "You're welcome, Daddy."

At first he didn't say anything, but after a moment Edward opened his eyes and watched me with an expression full of awe. He struggled to find words, his hands firmly gripping my sides. "Dad? Are… are you telling me that you're…"

I nodded. "I'm pregnant. About six weeks." I'd found out earlier in the week and had been waiting for the right time to tell him.

Edward pulled me against his chest and kissed me fiercely, each brush of his lips sending a shiver through my body. One of his hands moved up to the back of my neck, twining through my hair. He groaned and pulled back slightly, his lips barely touching mine. "We're going to have a baby."

My smile could not have gotten any bigger at his reaction.

"Thank you." He took my face in his hands carefully. A single tear fell down his cheek.

"Oh, Edward." I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

He laughed softly, ducking his head down in embarrassment. "Love, I just… I never thought that I would have this. A chance to be King. A loving, beautiful wife. A child. You've given me more than I ever could have dreamed of."

I bit my lip. "I could say the same about you, Edward. I love you."

"I love you, too. So much." He kissed me again, softly, tenderly.

After a few minutes I tucked my head under his chin and sighed contentedly. Nothing could beat that moment.


We stood outside the ballroom with his family, going over last minute details before entering the room.

Emmett and Rosalie went in first. Their heads were held high and proud.

Alice squeezed my hand and bounced excitedly next to me before it was her and Jasper's turn. "I can't wait to be auntie. Your baby is going to be the most spoiled little prince or princess this country has ever seen." She giggled.

"Thank you, Alice." I pulled her into a quick hug. "For everything."

She kissed my cheek. "You're welcome."

I made way over to Edward's side and slipped my hand into his. Without thinking I ran my thumb along the back of his hand in reassurance, hoping to ease his nerves. He squeezed mine gently.

Carlisle stood in front of both of us, the proudest smile I'd ever seen on his face. "You are going to great, son. I am so proud of you. Both of you."

"Thanks, Dad," Edward said, his voice rough.

Esme quickly kissed Edward on the cheek before she and Carlisle made their way inside.

I turned to Edward before it was our turn and smiled up at him. "Are you ready?"

He shook his head and then after a moment nodded. "Don't leave my side."

"I promise."

He kissed me gently and then turned toward the main doors. With our arms twined together, Edward gave a nod to the doormen and began to walk.

As the doors opened we were announced. "Presenting His Majesty King Edward and Her Majesty Queen Isabella!"

The End...

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