A Love Like No Other

I love a man who's not a man

all the fastest runners he's outran

He is so beautiful and so bright

He could win in almost any fight

When it comes to strength, he's extremely strong

When asked a question, almost never wrong

If I touch him he'd be cold

and another thing, he never gets old

When he kisses me it's like I'm floating on air

I love running my fingers through his velvety hair

I want to be with him forever

To help me through any endeavor

He's the star to my sky

My very existence, he is why

Edward, my one and only love

He's better than anything below or above.

-Linda E.

Dedicated to my true love that always has a place in my heart, Edward Cullen, my best friend who is supporting me in my work (the one who is posting this) and to myself (Linda E.) for my hard work and dedication in my poetry and the Twilight Series.

A/N: This poem was written by one of my best friends, Linda, and the dedication is hers also. She's a great poet, and I see a future for her in writing! Great job Linda!