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Two-year-old Isabella Swan's eyes snapped open as she heard a faint crash coming from her parents' bedroom. She then heard some banging and a scream. Curious, she slipped out of bed, hugging her stuffed rabbit, Bun-bun, close to herself and shuffled out into the hallway.

She made her way down the dark hallway, hearing loud popping sounds and more screaming coming from the room. She was several feet from the door when it burst open and her mother ran out of it. Isabella got one look at the dark rectangle that was the open door and a pair of menacing red eyes before her mother scooped her up and bolted down the stairs and towards the back door. She got it opened and ran outside, setting Isabella down on the ground to look her over.

The little girl stared up at her mother, scared now. She looked a mess. Her hair was disheveled, her nightgown was ripped and she was bleeding. Behind the tears in her eyes she looked terrified. This just made the two-year-old even more frightened.

"Where Daddy?" the little girl blurted out before her mother could speak and that only increased the look of anxiety in her eyes. The woman stared down at her daughter and made her decision as quickly as she could. Their house was set far back from the rest of the town, near the woods. Their closest neighbors were miles away, there was no way she would be able to run with the child far enough to get help. But, maybe she could stall long enough for her to get far enough away that she wouldn't be found.

"Bella, sweetie. I need you do to something for Mommy and it's very important." Isabella looked up at her attentively, wondering what was going on. "I need you to turn around and run into the forest and not turn around and not to come back, ok?"

She stared at her mother with pure terror in her eyes. Running into the dark woods alone was the last thing she wanted to do. Especially with her mother looking so panic-stricken and after everything that had happened inside of the house. Isabella was only two, but she was still able to pick up on what was going on around her, even if only a bit of it.

"Honey, please do this for me. Ok?" She nodded feebly and her mother gave her a fierce hug and a small kiss on the cheek before turning her toward the woods and giving her a slight push. "Go, Bella! Run!"

She took off running as fast as she could, driven by the fear in her mother's voice. A few moments later she heard some more crashing and clattering and some more of her mother's screams-this time in pain. Btu she didn't stop. She just kept running into the darkness.

Edward savored the feeling of freedom he got as he ran. After a particularly boring day of re-organizing everything in his room and trying to ignore all the people around him, he had finally decided to go for a run, which turned into a short hunting trip. After he was done, which was in the early evening, he decided to just sit around in the meadow-like clearing he had found earlier in the week to spend some alone time.

These were the moments Edward enjoyed the most-the ones where he could just be alone and think. There weren't that many moments where he could do this, as he usually had the thoughts of others invading the privacy of his mind. It was a good thing he was a vampire instead of human, or else he would probably walk through life with a constant headache.

He laid back on the grass and closed his eyes, enjoying the pure silence. It wasn't that he didn't enjoy his family or being around them, it was just hard sometimes. Edward always felt like a third-or rather, seventh-wheel whenever he was around his family. Everyone was paired off. It was like some vampire-Noah's Arc. Carlisle had Esme, Rosalie had Emmett, and Alice had Jasper. Edward had books and cd's. While entertaining at times, they did not provide any source of social interaction for him and he would often get bored with them rather quickly. So he spent most of his time running off to some new place-he found a new one for each of the places they moved to- to be alone.

After several hours, he got up from his stationary position in the grass and looked around him in the pitch blackness. He vaguely wondered how long he had been out here and decided he should start heading back. He turned in the direction of his house and began running.

He had been running for about five minutes when he suddenly stopped. A slight breeze has started blowing and with it came the most amazing scent he had ever smelled. In all his years on Earth, not one human had smelled so delectable. So heavenly. So delicious. Every instinct in his body told him to attack, to drink it. Supplement himself. Instantly, he turned and began running in the direction of the mouth-watering scent. He was preparing himself to pounce on whatever was producing the wonderful smell when he heard a small sound. It was a slight shuffling and a quiet sniffling sound, almost lost in the rustling of the forest.

Edward doubled around to approach the sound from a direction that was not downwind of its scent. The sound led him to a tree, behind the tree was a small figure of white with some dark color splashed across it. After looking closer, he realized it was a small girl, sitting with her arms wrapped around her knees and hiding her face in them. She was very tiny. If she stood up she would probably be no higher than Edward's knees. She was wearing a white nightgown-now darkened in some places from dirt and other debris from the forest, the dark splash had been her mahogany colored hair, splayed out across her knees.

Edward took another step toward the girl, wondering what she was doing out in the woods alone. Where were her parents? He focused, trying to hear what the girl was thinking, but he got nothing. That was surprising. He stared at her again. Yes. She was alive. She hadn't died in the past few seconds. He could still hear her heart beating. So, why couldn't he hear anything? Concentrating more, Edward took another step, thinking maybe he would be able to hear her. In his distraction he stepped on a twig causing the girl's head to snap up. She gasped in fear and bolted to another tree, hiding behind it. He made a move to follow her, but something caught his eye. He glanced down at the spot she had been crouching in moments before and spotted a small, brown stuff rabbit. The girl must've dropped it. He picked it up and turned to the tree the girl was now hiding behind. She had been inconspicuously trying to poke her head around the tree, whether to examine Edward or because she realized she had forgotten her toy and was looking for an opportunity to grab it and run, Edward couldn't tell. She gasped again and ducked back behind the tree. Edward took a few cautious steps toward the girl and then kneeled down on the ground so he could be on the same level with her.

"Hey, come here," he said, making his voice as soothing as possible. He held the stuffed rabbit out in front of him as a peace offering and watched as the little girl carefully poked her head back around the tree. Edward beckoned with his hand for her to come toward him, "Come on, it's ok. I won't hurt you." She just stared at him, seeming to deliberate. Edward wondered, again, what had happened to her and why she was here. He also wondered if she would actually come toward him. As a general rule, her kind tended to shy away from his kind. So he was shocked when she stepped out from behind the tree and took a step toward him. "That's it, come on," he encouraged her. She took another tentative step and Edward stayed absolutely still, as if she were a butterfly and one wrong move would send her flying away forever. She made the last few steps and snatched her rabbit out of his hands, but instead of running away in the other direction like he assumed she would, she leaped into his arms, snuggling herself against him. He froze, trying not to breathe. He hadn't been expecting something like that and her scent had hit him like a wrecking ball. (A/N: Yes, I used the "wreckign ball" line. I know, cliche, but it works.) He had to close his eyes and think very hard about the fact that this was a small, defenseless child in his arms. Killing her would be bad. Worse than bad. He opened his eyes slowly to see her staring at him. Her doe brown eyes were full of fear and desperation and he knew that he could never hurt her. He pulled back slightly and set her down on the ground, still kneeling in front of her so he could look her in the eyes as he spoke.

"My name's Edward. What's yours?" he asked, attempting to set up an environment of familiarity with the small child. She just stood there, hugging her rabbit, staring at him. "Do you live around here?" Silence. "Where are your parents?" More silence. "Can you speak?" Nothing. Maybe he was right, then, maybe she couldn't speak yet. She didn't look that old.

Edward looked around him. They were in the middle of the woods… Where was the closest house? He stepped a few feet away from the toddler and sniffed the air, trying to find which direction the girl had come from. He picked up on a faint trail through the woods that headed north-east and figured that must be where the child had come from. He picked her up and held her closely, making sure he wouldn't drop her, and took off running in the direction the trail was heading. The little girl let out a slight gasping shriek and buried her face in Edward's shirt. He couldn't help but laugh slightly at her reaction.
After several minutes he arrived at a small, two-story house. It was set off away from all the other houses-and buildings-of the town. He listened for the sounds of the people inside, wondering if the parents had noticed that their daughter was missing. He couldn't hear anything. At all. No thoughts, no breathing, no heart beats. Nothing. The absence of wind had alerted the girl to the fact that they were no longer in motion. She looked around and, spotting her house, let out a small squeal of delight and began squirming in Edward's arms. He let her down and she immediately ran into the house. He followed her, feeling slightly apprehensive to let her out of his sight. Especially with no one else around. He heard her feet patter toward the front of the house and then head up the staircase.

As soon as he entered the house, however, he froze with wide eyes. He smelled blood. A lot of blood. He walked through the kitchen, which looked like a tornado had ripped through it, and down the hallway, following the scent. He heard his foot make a crunching sound and he looked down and picked up what he had stepped on. It was a photograph in a frame that had, apparently, once been hanging on the wall of the hallway. The picture was of the little girl and two other people, presumably her parents. Edward knew one of them-it was Charlie Swan, the Chief of Forks Police. What the hell had happened here?

He turned around to follow the scent again and saw the a door on the other side of the hallway slightly ajar. He opened the door and the scent got much stronger. He walked in, dreading what he was about to find and gasped. The room was trashed. Almost everything in it was broken and strewn across the floor. Lying in the middle of the debris was a women who looked to be in her early twenties. Her body was completely mutilated, as if she had been thrown around the room before she had died. No human could have done this much damage. He stepped forward and examined the woman's body. Despite all the cuts and bruises covering her body and the blood smeared across her face, he could tell that it was the little girl's mother. He could also see the various bite marks, disguised as slash marks, that covered her. Just like he had thought-a vampire had done this.

Edward could only think of one vampire who would-and could- do this, but he was supposed to have left the area yesterday…


"This is starting to get way out of control," Edward commented as he read the newspaper article that was reporting the forty-second death in the general area since the Summer had begun. The humans were all in a panic, going on about a crazed serial killer on the loose.

Of course, Edward and his family knew better. A mere human wasn't causing this, it was a particularly murderous vampire- one who couldn't stand to just kill, feed, and go. He instead decided to torture and mutilate his prey. Which, in turn, made it obvious that some crazed individual was doing it. Most vampires had enough sense to make their killings look like accidents or the work of some animal. But this vampire didn't seem to even care at all about keeping his presence secret.

"Maybe we should have a talk with this vampire," Carlisle suggested. The vampire's actions were threatening their own secrecy in the community.

"Or we could kick his ass," Emmett suggested. Edward rolled his eyes. Of course the first thought in Emmett's mind would be to beat the vampire up.

"I'm sure that's not necessary," Carlisle argued, "He probably doesn't even realize that he's causing any potential problems for us."

Edward scoffed at that. How could this vampire not notice that there were other vampires in the area.

''We should still go to him.," Jasper urged, finally entering the conversation. ''The last thing we need is for him to reveal us.''
''He might notice," Emmett threw in. ''He just doesn't care. I say, once again, we go kick his ass.''
''You may have a point.," Carlisle mused softly.
Emmett gave a triumphant grin, while Edward waited for Carlisle to speak again. ''We should go to him. Show him we're here and that we need him to stop.''

Edward nodded and stood up, trying to think of a plan for how they could track him down. He decided one and turned to leave the room, running into his sister.

"You wanted me?" Alice asked, flashing an impish grin at the men in the room.

Alice led them through the quiet streets of Forks to a small house at the end of the dead-end street. There they waited for ten minutes until they sensed someone moving in the shadows.

"Ah," a taunting voice spoke from the darkness, "The Cullen clan. Human wannabes… What are you doing here? Decided to give up on the diet? Well, you'll have to pick a different house. This one is mine.'

''Enough James. People are beginning to notice.'' Edward snarled.

"Notice what?" he shot back, feigning ignorance.

"What the hell do you think? Forty-two deaths within fifteen miles of each other in just ten weeks. You seriously thought that would go unnoticed? The humans are clueless to our existence, James, they're not stupid."
''So? Why should I care?''
''You can 'not care' all you want, but the Volturi might care a little bit more than you do. And getting them involved would be bad," Jasper commented.
For once, a speck of fear entered James' red eyes before he pushed it away. ''So? You wouldn't dare call them on me.''
''And why not? You could get us discovered.'' Emmett growled.
''You want me to stop?''

"Obviously," Alice shot, speaking for the first time and rolling her eyes. James shot a look at her and Jasper not-so-inconspicuously took a step toward James that put him in between the two. James seemed to find this hysterically funny.

"OK, fine. I'll tell you what. I'm getting a little bored here. So I'll just get this one last family and then I'll be on my merry little way and I won't bother your 'peaceful' little existence here."

"No," Carlisle argued in a reasonable tone, "You have already killed forty-two people here in the last two and a half months. You do not need to kill another, let alone three. You look perfectly well-fed. So leave now and you can hunt in several weeks when you actually need to."

A flash of anger shot through James' eyes, but he quickly gained control of himself. He glanced at the five Cullens that stood before him, debating different courses of action quickly.

"All right," he finally decided, "Since I am clearly out-numbered here and you seem to want me gone sooner rather than later, I'll just leave. Good-bye. It was…" He flashed a look at each of them in turn. "Nice… To meet you all."

And with that he turned and disappeared down the road, presumably, to move on to his next location.


That had been two nights before and James was supposed to have left by now. But who else would do this?

Edward sniffed the air again, concentrating now on any scents hidden behind the smell of this woman's blood. He could smell more spilled blood upstairs-he winced, probably Chief Swan's, the blood that was currently still running through the little girl's veins, various smells that you would smell in a normal human home, and something else that made him snarl in anger. James had definitely been here. Which means he had lied to them.

But that didn't make any sense. Despite that one night being the only time Edward had ever met James, he had still gotten a pretty good glimpse into his mind-enough to know why and how he did what he did and be thoroughly disturbed by it. As they had suspected, he was a crazed individual. James killed, not out of need, but out of sheer boredom. He thought it was great fun to hunt down his prey and then play with it. He didn't discriminate and he didn't spare individuals. Even a two-year-old girl. So what had happened?

Edward examined the damage around him and began thinking. He finally could come to only one conclusion: the excessive damage in the house made it look as if this woman had given up an exceptionally huge fight. Possibly to allow her daughter some time to escape into the woods and attempt to run to safety. Her attempts were pretty futile. As soon as he was done with her, James was sure to run after the little girl. He wouldn't let even that one little defeat. So, the plan had no hope of working. Unless the little girl happened to stumble across a vampire with slightly better morals.

He was suddenly struck with a horrifying thought. James must be looking for that girl, right now. Edward knew he wouldn't give up that easily. Which means he could show up back at the house at any moment. Or could be up in her room right now, waiting for her…

Edward dashed up the stairs as fast as he could. Ignoring the door he knew would lead him to the Chief's dead body, he threw open the door on the other side of the hall. She was alone. Thankfully. She was sitting on her bed, hugging her rabbit and staring at the door. When Edward walked in she jumped up, smiling and ran over to him, wrapping her arms around his legs. Edward sighed and then picked her up. What was he going to do now? There was no way he could just leave her here. She snuggled against his chest and closed her eyes, hugging her rabbit to her. Within moments she was asleep.

Edward watched her for a few moments before making his mind up and running out the door, holding her close to him so he wouldn't drop her. He would have to talk about this with his family.

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