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Chapter 6

Johnny woke up the next morning to the sound of a frying pan sizziling with oil. Roxanne had gotten up early to make it. Johnny put on his pants and shirt and walked over to the kitchen to see what she was making.

"Morning Johnny, how did you sleep?" Roxanne asked

"Slept alright, what about yourself?"

"Pretty good, I decided to make you some breakfast some nice eggs and bacon, soud good?" Roxanne said caringly

"Yeah, thank you Roxanne," Johnny took the plate of nice looking eggs and bacon and sat down and waited for Roxanne to finish making her's. She looked over to him and opened her mouth to start talking," Hey, Johnny do you know how tovmake an omellete?" (dont know how to spell that lolz) Roxanne asked," I want one and ive never learned how to make it."

"Yeah, I learned it from my old man," Johnny got up and approached the fridge and grabbed 3 eggs , cracked them open and put them in a bowl (Just a side note this is how I was taught to make an omelette im not sure if its right) "Ok, so what you need to do is grab a fork and mix up these eggs until the yolks have been broken."

Roxanne did what he said, she grabbed the fork from the silverware drawer and started to beat the eggs. As Roxanne started the beating she went too fast and got some on herself and they laughed together. Roxanne continued to stir and beat then she decided to turn on the radio before she continued and turned it to the jazz station. Micheal Buble' just started his song "save the last dance for me" as Micheal was singing Johnny and Roxanne continued the ommelete. "Ok,next what you need to do next is pour the eggs into the pan and wait."Johnny said

Roxanne put her hand on the bowl and Johnny put his hand on her's. They lifted the bowl and Johnny showed her how to pour it corectly Roxanne blushed a little bit as they poured it. They waited for a few minutes and when the omelette looked ready Johnny showed her what to do next. "Ok so what we need to do now is take this spatula and put it under the omellette and wait a sec. What did you want? Cheese for sure any vegtables or meat?"

"Some ham and roast beef, that would be good thanks," Roxanne said

Johnny took the meats and put them aside. First, he put on the cheese on one side and then the meat, and finally more cheese on top of the meat. "Ok, Roxanne grab the spatula." Roxanne did what he said and grabbed it. Johnny put his hand on her's and showed her the closing technique for an omelette. Roxanne and Johny both blushed but niether noticed. Johnny then showed her how to do it and took it off the pan.

"There you go, now you know how to make an omelette." Johnny stated

"Thank you Johnny! THis looks good!" Roxanne stated excitingly," Thanks alot!"

"Yeah, shall we go and eat?" Johnny asked

"Yeah Johnny lets go."

They both sat down at the table and began to eat. It was the most perfect breakfast ever.....

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