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As time passes, bonds grow stronger. The depth of one's emotions for another grow deeper. And in this special case, the bond between the Yin and Yang, of Light and Darkness, have become more than just a bond between opposing forces. No, this bond came in the form of two twins, the beloved Warriors of Light and Darkness, the Yin and Yang in the form of human flesh; Kouichi Kimura and Kouji Minamoto. It's been many years since they met in the Digital World, and they have changed just as much. They both felt as though the emptiness they had felt for so long had finally been filled. But as the years passed, it wasn't enough...


The faint sound of rustling bags caught Kouji's attention as he shifted his gaze from the television to the kitchen door to find twin brother sifting through a couple of large, brown bags. Having came to his house and realizing Kouichi was not home, Kouji had been sitting there watching T.V for about a half hour before Kouichi returned. The look of slight concern upon Kouichi's face as he rummaged through the bags made Kouji curious as to what he was looking for. Clicking the T.V remote to mute it, Kouji came to his feet and made his way over too the kitchen doorway.

"I thought I had it in here..." he heard Kouichi grumble to himself as he approached, still completely unaware of Kouji's presence. Of all times to be dense...

"Thought you had what?" Kouji asked as he came up to the doorway. Kouichi gasped and jumped back, a bit startled by Kouji's sudden appearance and appeared a bit flustered.

"Where did you come from?!" Kouichi asked with a surprised tone. Kouji chuckled and leaned upon the doorframe, noting in the back of his mind how cute his brother looked when he was flustered in such a manner. Cheeks slightly rosy, his deep blue eyes a bit widened, the way his lips parted ever so slightly to barely reveal his white teeth and the glistening hue of silver that came from the silver stud in his tongue peircing...the thought made him shiver for a breif moment before replying.

"I came by a little while ago and you weren't home," Kouji replied, shrugging casually. "Figured you went out for a while. Did you go grocery shopping?"

"No, I was taking a walk and found these on the side of the street," Kouichi said sarcastiacly as he delved back into digging around inside of the bags once more. "Yea, I went and did some errands for Mom and myself."

"Why so uptight?"

"I bought this thing...here it is!" The look of concern quickly vanished as he pulled out a smaller white plastic bag out of one of the brown bags and sighed with releif. "I thought I forgot to pick it up."

"What is it?"

"A little something for Ebi-chan for Valentine's in a couple weeks." Kouichi replied with a slight smile, placing the bag on the counter. Kouji's expression immediately soured at the mention of Kouichi's petname for his girlfriend of 9 months, Yuukiona. Kouji didn't like her very much for obvious reasons, but apparently Kouichi seemed to be willing to jump through hoops for the girl.

"What did you get her, something to cure that ugly thing called her face?" Kouji scowled, turning his gaze away from Kouichi.

"Be nice, please?" Kouichi pleaded, glancing to his younger twin before he began to put the groceries away. "Why is it that you're so sour towards her? She's never done anything to you..."

Only take away the person I care about the most, Kouji thought, but knew better than to say that.

"She's just...weird. I don't like her."

The statement seemed to grasp Kouichi's attention, and he stopped what he was doing and came over to the doorway where Kouji stood, leaning against the opposing doorframe across from him as he held a bundle of celery in his left hand, crossing his arms. "Define weird, Kouji, in your perspective."

The seriousness in Kouichi's voice caught him off gaurd, causing him to look back at his twin. Kouichi's eyes had darkened a bit with an ominous glow, his brow furrowed and lips drawn to a straight line. He could feel the shift, the stance of dominance as the eldest of them both that Kouichi was taking, which Kouji wasn't used to. Usually it was Kouichi who seemed like the more care-free, younger sibling, leaving Kouji the level-headed older sibling stereotype. Yet seeing the serious, almost "seme" like side of Kouichi every once in a while made him all the more enticing to Kouji. Not like I could actually tell him that, he thought as he rolled his eyes a bit.

"She doesn't even look like a normal person," Kouji replied, his brow furrowing as well. " She has white hair like come old hag, she's short, she has the most annoying voice because of her stupid accent, she's hyperactive and just overall odd. I mean, come on, the girl doesn't even have a chest. She's in second year of high school and she's still in B cups?"

"You aren't answering the question. You're only talking about physical attributes, and even there you are wrong." Kouichi paused for a moment before continuing. "She's from America, Kouji, and thats why she has an accent, and sure she may be shorter than us by a few inches and have slightly small breasts, but do you really think I give a shit about her breast size? I'm not looking to have sex with her, Kouji." His eyes seem to glance upward towards the ceiling as though he was entertaining the thought for a moment, then reached up to wipe his nose with his thumb. "But that's not the point. She has white hair because she's partially albino. She can't help that, and you know it. But don't you think it's the fact she is out of the ordinary that I like her? You know people think I'm "weird", and I admit my taste in some things differ from what's "in". Does that make me detestable to you too?" Kouichi turned his head to the side, revealing the two black and silver studs on his left upper earlobe.

"Of course not!" Kouji said in a surprisingly loud tone, almost shouting at him. Kouichi was far from detestable in his eyes! How could he say such a thing about himself? Its the odd ticks and quirks you have that I love the most, Kouji wanted to shout at him, but he feircely held his tongue.

"Then why do you hate Yuuki so much?" Kouichi came off of the doorframe and approached him slowly, reaching out and placing a gentle hand upon his brother's shoulder, who only shrugged it away. Kouichi recoiled, but stood firmly in front of Kouji.

"You're holding back on me, Kouji. I can feel it. There's a reason for your spite towards Yuuki..." Kouichi said softly, his tone the complete opposite of what it was just moments ago. " Why are you hiding it from me?"

"You wouldn't understand..." Kouji finallly spoke, cutting his eyes away for a moment. There is no way he could understand my feelings for him are more than brotherly... he would think I'm sick for even entertaining the thought, perverted even! It would have been one thing if he wasn't my brother...

"How could I not understand? We're brothers, aren't we? We have a connection. When you ache, I ache. When you are in pain, I'm in pain. I know you're lying to me about these excuses for hating her. Just tell me the truth."

"You really want to know?" Kouji said, almost challenging him.

"Yes." Kouichi replied, not picking up on the ominous tone in Kouji's voice. Kouji looked back at Kouichi, feeling his heart begin to pound inside his chest. This was it, now or never, Kouji thought to himself. But he never thought finally speaking out would make him feel so lightheaded and out of it. There was several moments of silence between the two as the stared at one another, one anticipating the other's action.