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A/N: Okay these are way in which to annoy Eyeshield 21 characters…I shall be literally pull names out of a hat so this will be completely and entirely random…

Arizo:-standing on the sidelines of Deimon's field-Hi welcome to the first ever 'How to annoy Eyeshield 21 characters in sixteen different ways,' show; I'm your host Arizo-sama, Zen-kun may be joining us as a co-host in future


Arizo: Okay first up its-pulls piece of paper out of huge top hat-might have to do this over a few times will I…nope no good, lets try this again…and its…dang still no good…will three times be the charm…yes and its Akaba Hayato, who last year won the MVP.

# One: Steal his colored contacts, and sunglass, and dye his hair back to its original color

# Two: Steal his guitar, then convince Kurita to sit on it

# Three: Dye your hair red, get red contacts, sunglasses, a guitar, and follow him around copying everything he does

# Four: Ask how he feels being defeated by some who comes up to his waist

# Five: Get Kotoro to constantly try to comb his hair

# Six: Break both his arms, so he can't do anything with them

# Seven: Ask him how close he feels to Sena and if there's any hope of the two being together

# Eight: Whenever he's training cheer constantly for Kotoro

# Nine: Dress up as Kotoro, get stilts if your not tall enough, if your too tall this won't work for you, so Akaba will think he's seeing double

# Ten: When he starts moaning about this either A. say its your glasses, grab them and 'accidentally' break them or B. say he's lovesick for Kotoro and can't get enough of him

# Eleven: Tell him that blue is a horrible color for an eyesheild black is much better, then switch his eyesheild visor with a black one, only make sure he doesn't find out until the beginning of an important game, and make sure he can't see through it

# Twelve: Tell him his rhythm is off

# Thirteen: Force him to play stupid love songs on his guitar for you, record them and sell them to Hiruma

# Fourteen: Sign him up for the talent contest, where he can play his guitar, make sure Kotoro's his partner, Kotoro's singing

# Fifteen: Transfer him back to the home of the real eyesheild 21 and get him to be Yamato's personal entertainer

# Sixteen: Ask him if he wants to be a rockstar ask him why he's doing American football

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