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Hello and welcome to the next chapter of ways to Annoy. Today I am pleased to announce that a fellow author will be guest staring. Give it up for dropDead-Dreamer!!!!

3D: -crashing noises and terrified screams come apparently nowhere- Hi everyone!! I'm glad to be here! All it took was a donated kidney, a session with three therapists, a background and drug check and a three-day waiting period!

Arizo: Said kidney is now helping out well some poor bloke who needs it for whatever reason. Speaking of which anyone who'd like to donate any random body parts, just say so in a review and I'll send over Agon-san to cut it out bring back.

Due to getting a whole bunch of money-loose Twilight fan girls having massive nosebleeds at the sight of Robert Pattinson, we're currently broadcasting from our own private cruise ship.

3D: Hehe, don't ask. Moving on like a Tennessee blue bird that just found a can of sunshine, how about you tell them what we're gonna be doing today Arizo-chan?

Arizo: But of course Dreaming-chan darling. Today I shall be telling you how to annoy Yukimitsu...a.k.a the guy who can shine the sun off his forehead....Gaoh-sama, Banba-chan please bring in the victim...I mean uh, well, the victim

-Gaoh and Banba walk in dragging Yukimitsu between them by the arms-

Yukimitsu: Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!

3D: Awwww, don't worry Yuki-san it will only be mentally scaring, well and maybe a little bit physically painful, well more than a little, probably more like, well, a lot. Oh and Arizo dear might want to break one of your arms/legs so okay probably really painful. But other than that you'll be fine!!!

Yukimitsu: Sena I love you I always have...If I die you can have my...well okay I don't really have anything to give you

Arizo: I'm afraid Sena can't hear you because Agon's taking his innocence...Dreaming-chan where is Agon taking Sena's innocence again?

3D: Kekeke, I can't tell! (No, seriously, I can't, Agon threatened me with my life. o.o It was kind of cool.) Oh and Yuki-san don't be so down, just because Sena doesn't love you. He's only nice because he's too dense to be mean, and seriously you're such a flat wallpaper character that it doesn't matter much anyway right?

Yukimitsu: Uhhh, are you trying to make me feel worst? Because if so, it's working.

3D: Whatever, you're the smart one figure it out yourself and do my homework while your at it. With no homework I can write more chapters for Nowhere! Please review!!!! (I have no shame)

Arizo: No but 43.62941 percent of teenagers don't-That number is made up randomly off the top of my head-Enjoy the show!!!!!!!!!!!

# One: Remember when Hiruma made that movie to embarrass Apollo. Well get a picture of Yuki-chan all muscular, compare it to how he looks now and say "Man, you really let yourself go."

# Two: Have him write a 300 page paper on how nice it is to have hair

# Three: Pay his love interest coughSenacough to ask out his sister –Don't worry if your broke Sena doesn't have much money so you'll probably only have to give him 20 dollars tops which you can earn by working for me for a day searching through anime's and manga's searching for feminine looking guys that I can add to my herum-

# Four: Cut out his eyes….Wow that's mean. Well remember how Yuki-chan can do that trick where he can figure out how Hiruma will be passing because of the way the opposite team members are going or something. Well if Yuki-chan loses his eyes than he can't do that technique. But if you really don't want to cut his eyes out just stick a blind fold on him with permanent glue…Either that or teach Satake or that other perverted basketball team member whose name I can't spell his technique…Then the team really won't need him-How you'll teach the basketball team helpers his technique…Well I suggest you use Hiruma training methods =)

# Five: Have his mother take him shopping

# Six: Whenever he's struggling with something go up behind him and sing in his ear "You can't do it…You can't do it"

# Seven: Literally chain him to his desk

# Eight: Pour alcohol in whatever he's drinking…Then sit back and see what happens

# Nine: Have him win two tickets to some really boring lecture that's taking place during a very important game…then tell him mom about the lecture…and have her go with him

# Ten: Tell Sena he doesn't love him he's in love with Eyeshield….The film Yukimitsu unnecessarily trying to console Sena

# Eleven: Ask him how he felt when he saw Unsui shirtless in episode….uh I think it was episode 110 but I'm not sure

# Twelve: Give his mother a whole bunch of cameras for Christmas… "So you can make sure your naughty boy isn't doing any extra-curricular activities Yukimitsu-san"

# Thirteen: Get Hiruma to have Habashira give him a ride to school…Thus resulting in him fleeing for his life and getting great morning exercise before practice even begins

# Fourteen: Sign him up for the discipline committee:

Mamori: Yuki-kun you signed up for the discipline committee

Yuki-chan: What no…I

Mamori: Don't worry I won't tell anyone quick make a run for it…while Hiruma doesn't know the…last person that signed up for the discipline committee-Mamori whispers in her…whoops his ear-Yuki-chan pales and makes a run it

Arizo: Think you should tell him I made the contracts so binding that only Hiruma could break them-coughwithaflamethrowercough-

Mamori: Do I even know you?????

# Fifteen: Tell Suzuna he really has a rather feminine body…and with a wig would look great in a dress

# Sixteen: Whenever he's asleep after a hard practice creep into his room and blow a bullhorn…He'll never sleep again…Muhahahahaha

Arizo: Yippee done!!!!!!!! Okay, from now on dropDead-Dreamer is going to be my permanent co-host on the show. You'll like that right? –Pulls out chainsaw-

I like chainsaws….Review Please!!!!!!!!!!