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"You know what's weird Gokudera; I've never been to your apartment before!"

"That's because you're not welcome base-ball idiot!"

"I've never been here either."

"Oh, well you know you can come by anytime Tenth!"

Tsuna, Gokudera, and Yamamoto were all currently hanging out at Gokudera's apartment for what appeared to be the first time. Tsuna stared out the window and sighed heavily, it had been pouring for the last hour with no signs of letting up.

"I hope the rain stops soon! I have to leave by nine…" The boys had school tomorrow and Reborn had made it very clear that if Tsuna didn't get enough sleep and failed his test the next day, there would be consequences.

"I should be leaving around then too!" Yamamoto flashed his trademark as he spoke, leaving the other two boys to wonder if he was excited about walking home in the rain or if he was just (as usual) extremely happy.

"Well it's only eight now, there's still time." Gokudera spoke up, in hopes of comforting the tenth.

"That's true…"

The three boys continued talking for about fifteen minutes, mostly Gokudera getting teased by Yamamoto, and then exploding. The silver-bomber was just about to throw something at the grinning idiot when BANG BANG BANG, a loud pounding was heard on the door.

"I don't get it," Gokudera grumbled "I have a perfectly good bell, and yet people still insist on pounding on my door."

Gokudera wretched the door open,

"Well what do yo-" He paused a stepped aside, Dr. Shamal stood in his doorway carrying a dripping, bloodied, blonde boy, also known to the boys as the prince of the Varia, Belphegor.

"What's going-?" Tsuna and Yamamoto had apparently grown tired of waiting and were walking into the room, when Tsuna noticed Shamal, Shamal pushed past them and dropped Bel on the couch.

"What happened!?" Tsuna yelped in alarm

Shamal turned to them looking for once in is life serious.

"I don't know I was walking over to meet the lovely Bianchi, when I saw somebody huddled up down a side street. I walked over to investigate, and play on the possibility that it might be a damsel in distress, but it turned out to be this guy instead." By the end Shamal had returned to his usual happy-go-lucky self, but that still left them with the issue of the prince shivering on Gokudera's couch.

"Why'd you bring him here!?" Gokudera looked furious "In case you don't remember this guy tried to KILL me!!"

"Where else should I bring him? All of the other guardians either have family that will be concerned or are psychopaths that will most likely kill him in his sleep…"

"Haven't you heard of hospitals?"

"What should I tell a hospital? 'Yeah, well actually he's a mafia assassin; my guess is he just got severely injured on a failed mission.' That will go over greatly."

"Why can't YOU treat him?!"

"I don't treat guy's, all that touching…ewww."

"Well he can't stay here!" Gokudera turned to Yamamoto and Tsuna,

"Um Yamamoto we better leave…"

"Sounds good!"

"Tenth?" Gokudera was giving Tsuna a puppy dog face that was almost painful to look at.

"Please Gokudera; umm think of it as a mission...or something…"

Gokudera suddenly perked up, "You can count on me tenth I won't let anybody interfere! That Varia scum won't know what hit him!"

"Wait you don't want to hurt him more!" Gokudera nodded at his bosses frantic gestures, closing the door behind him.

"Well knife-freak it looks like it's just you and me." Gokudera stated walking over to the limp figure on his couch. The prince's condition had not changed, the blonde was drenched and shivering, cheeks flushed slightly from fever, and blood trickling out of slash's going up his arm. Looking him over Gokudera couldn't help but feel the slightest twinge of pity. He stood and walked into the small bedroom connected to the living room in search of some dry clothes for the other boy. He did have a mission to do after all.

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Next Chapter: Bel wakes up, and Gokudera finds out why Bel's hair covers his eyes.