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Author's Note: This story starts right after the part in Twilight where she gets off the phone with James. Except for this time things go a little differently! ;)

I didn't know what to do. Did I tell Alice about the call,about what he said on the phone,how he had my mom?James had said that he'd know if I told someone,but he could have been bluffing.So did I just come right out and tell her that somehow James has there cell phone number?I didn't want to get family hurt,human or vampire.I would have to be careful if and how I told her.Or maybe there was another solution,one that I was over looking,one that I would have to find.

"Alice?"I asked hesitantly.I tried to rid my face of all the emotions that I felt, so that she wouldn't be alarmed.It was a good thing that Japer wasn't there or he would have felt all my caxy, mixed-up emotions.Ones of fright, dread,and hopelessness, the ones that over took my other feelings of happines, joy,and love.

"Yes Bella?"she jumped off the couch and walked over to the chair, that I now occupied,kneeling in front of me.

"Umm Alice? I was wondering if you could check on something for me, "I asked her cautiously. If I wasn't careful I could end up getting people hurt, but if I could word my questions right I might just save some.

"That depends on what it is, but if you tell me what it is you need I can try."

"Will you look into the future and see if you see James getting my mom?Will you see if she's alright?"Alice visibly relaxed some now that she knew what I wanted, but the tension was still plainly etched on her face,as she tried to discern why I was asking.

"Why do you need to know?" She looked me over to try to figure out where I was going with this.

"Well...Um...I just wanted to make sure that she'd be alright."I said as I shrugged.She seemed to accept my answer.

"Sure Bella. I just can't promise how detailed it will be."

"That's okay I just want to make sure everything's okay with her."Because if it wasn't I might not ever get to see Edward again, I would have to go and save my mom. Alice sat back down on the couch and closed her eyes. Her forehead creased in concentration.I did't dare breathe as I awaited her verdict.What she saw in her vision would decide my future.If he didn't have my mom I'd wait at the airport for Edward,and if he did I would somehow have to sneak away from them to go save her.That was my soul mission,to save my loved ones. As long as I could save them,it mattered not to me if I lived or died.Just knowing that I had saved them,protected them, with my life would make death alright with me.Alice was still for several minutes before her eyes snapped open. I continued to hold my breath as I waited for her answer.I studied the expression on her face hoping to find the answer before she gave it, but I could find no such sign.Then,finally she spoke.

"Bella your mom is just fine. She's still in Florida with Phil,and quite happy.I don't see James going after her,and that parts the clearest,so it isn't likely to change. You don't need to worry about her,she'll be fine.After we hand you over to Edward,one of us will go down there to be sure that James,and that evil red headed witch, don't go anywhere near her."I let out my held breath and sighed in relief.My mom was fine,James hadn't gotten her.But how did he get her voice on the phone?How would Alice and the others keep her safe if she was in sunny Florida,where they would sparkle all the time?If he couldn't get my mom,then who would he go after next?These were the questions that berated my every decision and haunted my very soul."Bella I know you are hiding something from me. What is it?You'd better tell me now."My eyes popped wide in surprise. I didn't expect Alice to know that I even had something to hide,but then again it was Alice.I was at an impasse, did I tell her about the call or not?

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