House shivered in his sleep, curled carefully on his side in his usual defensive position. Wilson gazed at him blankly, not really seeing the man before him. He saw the bar where they had met.

Even then he had found the other doctor attractive. He'd never expected that the attractive older man to bail him out when he'd been thrown in jail. He hadn't expected the vicious, yet protective and loyal, person that would become his best friend and then more.

Why then had it been so easy for him to walk away time and time again? And why was House always so ready to take him back? Wilson had cheated on his wives, he knew the fall out there, and yet House, who he had betrayed in almost every way possible always took him back. Wilson just wanted to know why...

Unseen blue eyes slit open and House shifted to observe his lover. Wilson was obviously thinking deep thoughts and House took that as an invitation to shift over and curl into the other man's warmth. He didn't generally like cuddling but after the separation caused by Amber, and then later her death, he was feeling rather touch starved. Adding his father's death into the mix made House feel downright clingy.

Wilson looked down in mild surprise as House pulled himself closer. Normally House tried to avoid non-sexual contact in bed, both to protect his leg and because he tended to get too hot at night to tolerate another person's body heat. Wilson ran a gentle hand down House's back and, cat like, House relaxed into him and started to drift off again.

Maybe, Wilson thought as he settled back to sleep, he should stop wondering why and start working on deserving such love and trust.