Disclaimer – I don't own X-Men Evolution, nor do I own Winx Club. Takes place after 'Turn of the Rouge' and right after the Winx girls got out of being grounded from their powers the first season. Do not know how AU it is going to go.

Dimensional Rip

Musa peered up from her desk where she had been studying, or at least supposedly. In her notebook she had been writing over and over Riven's name. She wasn't one to typically go head over heels for a guy, but something about Riven attracted her to him. He was very nice looking and had a loner attitude similar to hers. She hadn't had a really serious crush before this, but was defiantly thinking she had one now.

She glanced up to see if Bloom was studying, only to find her fast asleep at her desk. She let out a sigh and stretched, wanting to do something other then homework. This whole thing was great and all, but she needed something more then just studying to get her by, and playing music loudly while the others were trying to sleep was not a very good idea, considering Stella had enough problems studying as it was.

It was then that Stella burst through the doors, flopping with a sigh onto Bloom's bed. "I am so bored! I am so tired of studying!"

"What? What is going on?" Bloom said, snorting through her nose as she startled awake. "What is going on?"

"Stella is B to the O to the R to the E to the D… bored! As am I!" Musa commented, stretching again. "This is relatively lame!"

"I've gotten most of my homework done," Bloom commented, which wasn't bad for her, knowing that she was technically behind the others.

"Well… other then studying, I am finished to," Musa said, looking at Stella, who looked sheepishly at her. This caused Musa to roll her eyes. "Let me guess, you haven't really done any of it?"

"Well… no…" Stella commented, looking at them sheepishly. She then disappeared, but could be heard yelling into Techna and Flora's room. "Anybody wanna go shopping!"

To this statement Musa groaned. "I can't believe that's all she ever thinks about. She is a serious ditz."

"Back on Earth we would call that a valley girl or cheerleader wanna be," Bloom commented, laughing at Musa.

"Earth… sounds rather boring, other then the water fights. I mean, they tell us that since children, that there is no magic left there," Musa commented.

She was about to say more, when Stella came in. "Techna and Flora say they are finished, so we can go out and do something! Harrah!"

"Well, we might as well go so we can get back before curfew," Bloom commented, lifting up Kiko so he could ride in her backpack. Musa followed after them and hurried down the stairs. A look from made them shrink from her look, then giggle as soon as they were no longer looking at her.


Musa found the park they had found in Magix to be wonderfully peaceful and what she needed to get retuned to her inner muse, much to the surprise of Techna and Stella. Stella thought that it was making her allergies act up, but Musa had doubts that the girl actually had any. Everyone was relaxing when they heard a cackle.

"Well, what have we here?" one of the Trix said, causing the girls to look up at them annoyed. It was Icy that was speaking. "Stormy, do what you need to do."

"My pleasure!" Stormy said, sending a couple of wind tunnels that only Techna and Stella were unable to avoid. They found themselves stuck in there, unable to transform, but the other three girls were able to do so. Bloom began to fight Darcy, while Icy was against Flora and Musa against Stormy.

They were fighting pretty much like they usefully did, except Musa noticed that the three Trix took the time to each pull out a vile and dump the contents on the ground at a certain spot. First it was Stormy, Icy and finally Darcy, who cackled as she looked at Bloom. A black void like thing began to form behind the redhead and Musa moved quickly to shove Bloom out of the way.

"How about my Boom Boxes giving you a headache!" Musa chimed. Stormy suddenly laughed, and said she didn't think so and some sort of magic rope wrapped around Musa, and she also cast a mirror spell, changing Musa's sound from the Boom Box, and aiming it right back at her, causing Musa to scream aloud, but due to the sound waves, it came out like a silent scream. Icy then aimed a well placed shot and it crashed into Musa, sending her into the portal, which quickly closed.

Stormy then found herself rammed from behind by an angry Bloom, which released the two Winx girls in the tornadoes. They quickly transformed, angrily going after the Trix with power none of them had seen before, so the Trix had to practice a tactical retreat, glaring at the girls as they did so.

Techna landed and did an analysis scan of the area from which Techna disappeared from. "There is no way… there is no way she could have survived… and even if she did, no telling where it would take her."

"You know we have to tell ," Bloom muttered, none to happy about the situation.

Author's note – WinX, as I like to call this crossover, have been done before, but the one I saw had Rouge and Scarlett Witch going to Cloud Tower along with Amanda, being stereotyped, and I'm not fond of stereotype casting, though the person's fanfic is very good. Anyways, this has been milling around in my head for awhile. It will start off by focusing primarily on Musa in this one.