New School

Sometimes one gets an odd sensation about things, as if there is something wrong with the whole situation. It is worse when one can not put their finger on it and it weighs so heavily on the back of one's mind.

Whenever one starts a new school, one gets such a sensation even though nothing is wrong; an adrenaline rush one might say, an excitement. Its part of the experience of being new, something that will never go away, no matter where one goes.

The next day, Mystique had told Lance flat out that just because the incident yesterday happened yesterday didn't mean that he could miss school, especially since he had to take four out of five of the Brotherhood to school.

He nor Fed or Todd had thought about how Melody would feel about stepping into the new school, let alone how Mystique would pull this one off, however, this was something that they had long ago learned not to ask of the blue colored woman.

"This doesn't feel right," came out of Melody's mouth.

"Most people don't feel comfortable on their first day of school and tend to be rather… nervous and excited," Lance rubbed his head, still sore from the seizures yesterday. "Most people don't outwardly show it to others, or they show it in negative way. Members of the Brotherhood are rather known for the second unfortunately."

"That wasn't what I meant though, and I won't cause a disturbance to make people here hate us even more," Melody commented. "It's just… I don't feel like I belong here."

"Hey, all of us got that feeling down pat," Toad commented, catching a fly on his tongue. "I don't think any of us freaks will ever feel as welcome as the X geeks do."

"That really wasn't what I meant either," Melody sighed.

"Oh… the, I belong there, so why am I here kind of feeling, except… you don't … can't remember where this there is," Fred commented.

"Don't be stupid Freddy," Todd rolled his eyes, the silver streak having left the rest of the group on their own. "That's the stupidest kind of thing I've ever heard."

"No… that's the feeling I had," Melody nodded her head, a small grin on her face.

"This is the office, you'll get your schedule here," Lance poked his head in. "Did Principle Darkholme tell you we have a new person at the boarding house?"

"Yes," the secretary snapped. "Another juvenile delinquent… which is just what I need, more paper work."

"Yo! Melody…" Todd whispered into the girl's ear. "Mystique's a shape shifter and is Principle Darkholme."

"Not headmistress," Musa asked.

"Headmistress? Of… like the headmaster of Hogwarts academy. No, Mystique isn't a witch," Fred smiled, then frowned. "I think…"

Melody blinked a couple of times, as if something was about to break through, but it didn't. Instead, she stated. "I should hope not."

"Witches aren't real, mutants are Freddy," Todd groaned. Both he and Freddy didn't catch on there might be something to what she had said, but Lance did notice the odd tone, but before he could say anything about this, the bell rang.

"I'll be fine on my own guys," the ponytailed girl laughed.

However, Melody frown that she wasn't. The first problem was with her locker and figuring out how to unlock it. Because she couldn't figure out how to work the combination given her, she put her ear to the door and listened for the clicks, snapping the locker open.

As she put her stuff into the locker, someone spoke up behind her in a low voice so only she could hear. "We shouldn't be using our powers out in the open."

The girl spun around on her heals to see the red head from the day before. "Let me guess… you're the type to admirably abide and stand by the rules all the time?"

"Yes," Jean commented, her arms crossed.

"That's being such a party pooper," Melody smiled mischievously.

"There are reasons…"

"Can it Jean. Aye saw what she did and there ain't nothing wrong with using her powers carefully. Aye think it is great to have another to help with getting stuff out of jammed lockers," Rouge commented from the side. "You always have to be a kill joy… and it is better then having Kitty phase stuff out, Lance shake the lockers apart, or Evan lock pick with one of his spikes… or let speed demon open all the lockers in school at once.

"Well, Kitty shouldn't use her powers to ghost things out of places, not when it is this packed. I'll have to have a word with her later," Jean frowned, then turned and walked away in a huff."

"Don't you mind Jean. Her not wanting to break the ruled, considering that gals powers tends to be more toward invasive at times, explains why she is the way she is, though she is still a prat," the skunk haired girl commented. "Do be carefully though."

She was a lot nicer yesterday," the black haired girl sighed. "She's not someone I could easily be friends with.

"Because Lance was real sick… she hates all the Brotherhood with a passion, as does Scott. If the boys don't mind, you want to hang out with Kitty and aye? No Jean, as she spends her time with that stupid Duncan. And none of the guys from the mansion, promise," Rouge held up her hand.

"First, why is this such a big deal… the tone in your voice says that Lance and the others might object. Second, you and miss sunshine hang out with each other?"

"Miss sunshine things miss dark needs a friend and some major cheering up when she doesn't. The X-men and Brotherhood just don't get alone with each other. Oh, and I used to live with the Brotherhood. I had a problem with Mystique though, so I moved out. The boys are miscreants, but they're actually nice. The only one I think not holding a grudge against me for that is Lance,"

"Why only Lance though," Melody suddenly asked.

"Because, Pietro has a stick up his ass and he's a daddy's boy, and his daddy no like the X-men as there is some sort of feud between Xavier and his father about how mutants should handle things. Also, there is a big rivalry between Evan and Pietro, which led to some major legality problems a while back,"

"You said that they were all nice though," the other girl sighed.

"Ahh, sorry, Pietro yet have yet to see to be none egotistical," Rouge laughed. "Freddy takes abandonment hard and Todd thinks that Xavier has brainwashed me. He has a whole conspiracy theory going about why us X-men are so… prissy aye guess is the best word for it."

"As for Lance," the girl came to the final part.

"Lance… he's one of those kids that the system has thrown to the way side. I think if he felt the X-men would accept him, he might join up, but he and Scott are at odds all the time. He also didn't get on Kitty or her parents good side before they both came here… lets just say he knocked down their old school with his powers. Then there is the fact that aye have to admit, aye probably am the only one who isn't seen as rich or popular."

"Thanks for the explanation Rouge. I'll see about it, and I'll be sure to ask the boys first, as it would be nice to hang out with girls too," Melody then went back to the inside of her locker, putting her backpack and books that Mystique had gotten her inside.

Author's note – Yet another chapter written in my notebook that I needed to get around to typing up and posting. For like, three months now it's just been sitting there, and it is June already!