Author: Furyan Goddess
Title: Undercover
Fandom: K-Ville
Rating: NC-17
Warning: Sex, drugs, illegal activities, language. NC-17.
Summary: Cobb went undercover to bust a gang of bank robbers. Colette was sent in to make sure he doesn't change sides.
Pairing: Trevor/OFC
Disclaimer: I do not own anything from the K-Ville universe, I do not own Cole Hauser but it is a dream of mine and I do not own any rights to the photos used in this story, or any of the content. Trevor Cobb belongs to Cole and the writers of K-Ville.
Tabitha is from Sherrily Kenyon's Dark Hunter series. There will be no supernatural stuff in this but I like her charrie and it'll work for her shop she has in the series of books.
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A/N: Trevor Lorette is Trevor Cobb's real name in K-Ville. Thanks to EvilGrin for beta.

Written 1st person from OFC POV.

Colette... think Megan Fox

Linus... think George Clooney

Frank... think Brian Austin Green

Jimmy... think Tom Sizemore

Chapter 1
Finding Trevor

He's been undercover for two months now. Two months that I haven't so much as seen his face, heard his voice and, fuck it all, I miss him something fierce. Trevor Cobb. One of the men in my department. I work for the NOPD's Felony Action Squad and we're trying to take down a bank robbery ring. Making the bust would fast track a lot of careers, not that Cobb seemed to care much about that kinda thing.

I think he volunteered for another reason, a darker reason, one that he has never shared with me or anyone else as far as I can tell. Maybe Marlin Boulet, Cobb's partner, knows but if he does, he ain't telling.

The department heads that are running the undercover operation contacted Cobb yesterday, who is known by the name Trevor Lorette to his lawbreaking buddies down at the local strip club where they congregate. They told him that they were sending me in, but not when, not how and not for what reasons.

They're worried about him, about how deep he's getting. How complete and seamless the transitions from cop to criminal was for him. I think they're starting to wonder where his loyalties will fall, when it all goes south.

The Trevor I know would never turn on us, never side with the criminals, but in truth, I really don't know much about him. It's just a gut feeling I have and what's a cop without a good gut feeling? Usually a dead cop.

I ran his alias and he's got a list of priors, a felony conviction for armed bank robbery, which he did two years for, and is the suspect in a few others as well. I'm not sure if the info is real or not and maybe, just maybe, that's his big secret.

Maybe Mr. Trevor Lorette used to play nasty before he decided to change his life and become the police, but you can't be a cop with a felony on your record and that's where the name change could have come in.

This is an angle I don't want to think about, don't want to explore. Something about it seems so... right. So possible, I guess, and that scares me. I don't want to think that Trevor could be capable of stealing, of lying and who knows what else.

Trevor has made it clear that Trevor Lorette is only his undercover name, that it is the only time he'd ever used it and as I'm being sent in as his new partner in crime, I have to believe that. I have to believe in him.

Cobb has always been different, since the day he walked into the squad room. Quiet, aloof and standoffish. I think it's one of the things that draws me to him, one of the reasons I want to see what makes him tick.

He's been with the FAS for a little over a year now and it didn't take me long to fall for his smooth, soft voice, his quiet and mysterious nature. I want to know more about him, I want to know everything about him and now's my chance.

I'm being sent in as back up, whether he likes it or not. My name is Colette Barret for the operation, my real name is Colette Baker and most people call me Lets.

The nickname started off with Boulet, he'd always call me Let, and one day, we were all joking around and he said, 'Let don't lets no one get away'... so I became Lets, except for Cobb, he calls me Colette, purrs it actually, though I'm sure it's unintentional, and I call him Trevor.

If he only knew what his voice did to me, what those intense blue eyes of his did to my sanity, he'd run the other way. I don't think Trevor is looking for a relationship, for someone to get close to him, especially someone he works with, another cop like me. I wonder what the reason for that is? Is he a criminal or was he hurt by a woman? Why is he so closed off to those around him?

Something tells me that he's more open when he's under. You're more free, less inhibited by law and morality. Cobb is reserved but you can see it in his eyes, the wildness, the lust for adventure and love of adrenaline. Being undercover will let him experience some of that, let it out and let him play with it a bit. I just hope it's not too much, or that I'm not too late.

It's odd, dressing somewhere that you've never lived before. I'm in his bathroom and the scent of his soap still lingers, even after I showered. The counter tops are messy but not dirty, not filled with toothpaste and shaving stubble. I noticed that the kitchen was kept tidy too.

Wonder if that is due to life in the military?

I'm sure he'd be pissed, me all up in his place, making it my own. I had to move some of his stuff to make room for my make-up and hair things. Had to put a box of Tampax under the sink, sure he'll love that. I snicker and shake my head, with any luck, this mission will be over before I need them but we got to make this living together thing look real.

I even dug up a picture of us, out of uniform, that someone had snapped at us a few months back in the French Quarter and put it beside the bed. Candles here and there, sprayed my scent on the sheets. It's the little touches that make or break you. I know, this isn't my first time under either, but it just might turn out to be the most enjoyable.

I look down at the bed now, down at his pillow and pick it up. I smell it and sigh. It smells like him, but the cologne is different than he normally wears. Not as subtle, sharper but it's nice. It suits him too, just as the other did.

I think about that as I slide into my short orange dress. I think about what I'm going to find when I see him. How will he look, how will he act when he sees me? Will he play along or will he treat me like a piece of shit and objectify me? Will I let him or will he see his 'woman' as something to protect from the other goons that'll want to fuck me just because I'm his. Or will he act normal, give me the long intense looks he's prone to, the ones that make me burn. Will he finally see past my younger age, even younger looks, and see the woman? I hope so because if he don't... we're fucked.

I'm nervous as I look at myself in the mirror. I wonder if he'll like me dressed up this way. He'd always joke before, call me cute. I don't want to be cute to him, I want to be beautiful. I want him to see me as something other than a little sister, something other than a fellow cop.

The dress looked expensive, but the shoes were. The dress was seized from a designer fraud ring but the pumps, well, they were my own little dirty secret. I love shoes, spend more money than I'd ever admit to anyone on them, but damn they're cute.

The department gave me the clothes for mission, so I could dress the part of a mid-grade hustler's woman.

The department also funded a small bungalow for Trevor, being he lives in an old beat down Airstream. They're hot on taking down these robbers, so hot that they're pooling resources and throwing everything they got at them. Our department isn't that large and now they got two of their best cops working the case, breaking up two pairs. Boulet is now temporarily working with my partner, Love Tap.

It's hard switching around partners and it's not the safest of things, but necessary at times. This is one of those times. Sure, Love Tap is hot, she could have looked the part with little work, but I got the undercover experience and she doesn't. Besides, she knows how I feel about Trevor. The only one that does.

That made her nervous about agreeing to me taking on the job, but she knew I'd never do anything to risk his life or mine and if anyone could pull him out if he were in too deep, it was me.

So, for now, she's stuck with Boulet, probably cursing me at this very moment, and trying not to kill him.

They moved my stuff into Trevor's place when no one was looking. Decision came down that I'm to live with him, keep an eye on him at all times. Well, as much as I can, as much as he'll let me. I'm ok with that, but I don't want him to get the idea that I don't trust him to do the job. He'll do it, I'm sure of it, right or wrong, he'll get the job done. Still, I know he was pissed as hell when he got word they were sending me in. I could tell by the looks they were giving me at my final briefing. They made sure I knew that officer Cobb felt that I was going to be more of an interference or distraction than anything. He'd now have to worry about my ass, like I couldn't take care of it myself.

Personally, I wondered at why he wanted to keep me out so desperately and that all circled around to his past and his name. I think he knew this life a long time ago. I think that's one of the reason's he fit right in so quickly, won their trust so easily. Cobb's a good cop, but that will only take you so far.

Even knowing how much he wanted to keep me out, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to be something I was sure I'd never get to experience in my real life. I get to be Trevor's woman. I get to sleep beside him, touch him, heaven help me, kiss him, all in the line of duty. Shit, I love my job.

Only problem I'm going to have is keeping it all separate. Remembering that this is just the job, that he doesn't really love me. I swallow down the lump that's trying to form in my throat. What if he's sleeping with another woman? What if he and his crew share or are expected to cheat? I'm not sure I can live with that, even if it is pretend.

I smile as I add a thick bracelet and some earrings. Trevor's only seen me in my uniform and an occasional pair of jeans, so I want to look extra nice for him. Just a hint of too much make-up around my blue eyes, brush my black hair out straight, wear it loose and long down my back.

I knew I could look the part, know I can play the part of a woman that came off as shallow but
under it all, has a spine of steel and is more dangerous than most men. I know my weapons and I know the game. This isn't my first undercover operation, but it's the most important. It's the most dangerous and, I hope, it'll be the most rewarding.

One last look around my new place, Trevor and Me's place and I close the door to find him.

Time to play.

I parked my slick little German import car, another present from the department, out front of the club, a place called Silk Stockings. Yeah I know, but no one ever said strip club owners had to be original. I step out and make sure that the doorman gets a good look. I smile at him and he shifts his cock to the left and leers back.

"Trev inside?" I ask, but it's more to let him know there's not a snowball's chance in hell he's gonna touch me. I'm not here for a job and I won't fuck a pissant of a doorman to get in.

His leer changes to a slightly nervous smile and I wink at him as he holds the door open for me. Seems Trevor's got himself a rep already. Good, we both can use that.

The first thing that hits me is the noise, then the cold, stale air of sweat, cigarettes, spilled whiskey and the faint bleachy scent of semen. Real classy place, Trevor, I think as I take another step into the room.

The black stage is lit up with red lights where a lone, fully naked woman is just about masturbating for the three or four men watching. Oh yeah, classy alright, but I got to look past that, got to act the part. Strip clubs shouldn't faze me, not skanky women and not men that think too much of themselves. I'm used to this kind of behavior, I tell myself. Used to the unabashed testosterone that's floating around in the air.

Men like this kind of thing from time to time. The slightly raunchy, uninhibited woman to enjoy before they go home to their wives and kids. I need to channel some of that, turn down the girl next door and turn up the sex kitten. Trevor Lorette wouldn't be with a skank, but he wouldn't be with a school girl either. Needs to be a happy medium.

I stand, hand on my hip as I scan the room. There's the four men enjoying the woman getting off on stage, two other men sitting and talking quietly at the bar. One is the owner, Jimmy Forone. He's a real slime bag, owns a few strip clubs and from what I hear, doesn't treat his women very nice but he pays well and that's the only reason they work for him.

Jimmy expects free hand outs for him and for his close buddies. I think of Trevor and wonder if he has ever fucked one of Jimmy's girls. Feel the slight surge of jealousy and push it back down. I'll need it at some point, to prove that I'm Trev's girl, but not now, not before I know what's going on.

The second guy is Linus Murrell and he's a real bad dude. He's suspect in three armed bank robberies across the state of Louisiana and is also wanted for questioning and a fraud investigation for misappropriation of funds that were raised to help Katrina victims. He's the main one we're after but his second in command would be a nice prize too.

I can see him in the corner, glowering at someone across the room. Frank Bowers. Mean, nasty and stupid. That's how best to describe him. He thinks he's God's gift to women and while he's not too bad to look at, he typically scares them. His blue eyes are cold and scary looking, his lips are usually pulled thin in a scowl and he likes to show his piece whenever possible and will whip his dick out to any woman unfortunate enough to pass close by him. His kind really make me ill.

I watch as his eyes slide off a man in the back corner to swing around and pin me. I can't suppress the shiver that races down my spine as he tries to smile at me. I turn away and look to where he was trying to smite someone down with his eyes only moments ago.

My breath hitches and my heart jumps. There, tucked away in the back, almost lost in the shadows, is Trevor Lorette. His completely black outfit only broken up by the red in the walls.

He seems unaffected by the malice Frank was shooting his way. He's just sitting there in a large, black leather chair, nursing a glass of whiskey. That's when I notice his .45 in his right hand. A silent threat to Frank to back the fuck off. I feel my lips turn up in a bit of a smile. That's so like him, it's the silent threat, the coolness of it makes it more serious than violent, angry shouts.

He hasn't noticed me yet as I begin to make my way over to him. With each step, I feel my heart pound faster. Fuck, he looks so fine.

Black shirt open to reveal his lean, muscular chest, sleeves rolled up to show off his expensive watch. I stop about three feet from him and he slowly turns his head my way and looks up at me.

His smile is slow in coming as he puts the gun in the small of his back and leans back on the chair, "Colette, when did you get back?"

Playing it cool, are we, Trevor? Seeing how I'm gonna react to you. "A couple of hours ago. I had to get cleaned up before I came here and saw you," I told him and then stepped closer until I had one leg between his and the other one on the outside. "I missed you," I tell him and hope he knows I mean I really did miss him.

He smiles, tosses back the rest of his drink before he drops the glass on the floor along with all the other paper and clutter that's scattered about. This place really needs a good cleaning service.

"Come here," he purrs and grabs me on the back of the thighs and pulls me onto his lap.

I go willingly, straddle him and put my hands on his shoulders and settle my weight against him and I can't help but rock my hips against his. I know there's nothing between us but his pants and my thong.

"How bad you miss me?" he asks and I lean in to him, let his scent soothe the worry I had over his safety. If only you knew, Trevor.

When our lips are an inch apart, I stop and pull off his glasses. I got to see his eyes, that intense blue that makes my mind fuzzy. I flick my tongue out, taste his lips for the first time. They taste like whiskey and a faint hint of something spicy. Another flick, rotate my hips against him and feel his cock start to harden.


"I missed you something bad, baby," I tell him before I put my mouth on his. Lips part, tongues touch and dance and I moan. Oh dear God, yes. How many times have I dreamed of this? How many nights have I lain awake wondering what it would be like to touch him, have his hands on me?

Everything falls away but him as I toss my head back and allow him to kiss my neck when we come up for air. Trevor makes his way over to my ear and whispers so only I can hear.

"They're watching us."

"Let them," I tell him as I bury my hands in his hair and kiss him again with all I got. Deep, almost desperate kisses and he responds in kind. I can feel him now, hard under me and I ground slow onto him.

I want him, now, if I can have him. I've never had sex in front of anyone but this isn't me here, this is Colette Barret and she's desperate for her man. We've got to live the part fully and if that requires us fucking, well, I'm all for that.

Maybe that makes me a slut, perhaps a whore because I'm being paid for this, but I don't care. Not when Trevor is hard under me for the first time, not when his hands are cupping my ass as his mouth works his way down my jaw, back to my mouth.

I move over to his ear this time, "Ready for this to get complicated?" I whisper and nip at his ear. I hear a small gasp and grin. Like that do you, Trevor? "Have you been faithful to me while I was gone, Trev?" I ask for anyone that is in possible hearing range.

We should be safe, deep in the shadows, but there could be surveillance, I'm almost sure of it. Can't break character, not for a minute.

I hear him chuckle, feel it against my lips as I kiss his neck, "You're the only one for me, Colette."

"Good answer." I whisper huskily as I slid back a little bit and reach down to undo his belt buckle. He looks up at me and I can see the question in his eyes. Do I really want to do this, go his far? Here?

You bet your ass.

I unsnap his pants, slide the zipper down and reach in. No one else can see, not with the skirt of my dress hiding him from their eyes but I take a peek as I feel the weight of him in my palm.

He's big, thicker than I thought he'd be. Long, I'd say he's got a good eight maybe nine inches for me. I stroke him and hear his shuddering breath.

Wonder what he's thinking right now with his hard dick in my hand. Wonder if he's thinking about how it'll change things. How it's only a mission or how good it'll feel to slide inside of me. Is he thinking about his 'friends' watching or about how it will make me look in their eyes to fuck him in the back room of a strip club.

It would make me wonder too, if it wasn't Trevor under me, in my hand. I kiss him again, stroke him, feel him jerk and throb. I shift, raise my hips up above him and wait. Our eyes lock and I feel the heart squeeze painfully as my lungs cease to work. He looks deep into me for a brief second, can't linger too long, people would notice, before a hand slides off my ass and comes around my hip, between my legs and pushes my panties aside.

I feel a finger stoke me slow, feel it turn slick with my wetness and then glides easily over my hairless pussy. Something in him changes and the coolness fades as aggression takes its place. This is a side you rarely see out of him, the side that lets him take what he wants, how he wants it.

He gives my panties another tug and with his other hand, pushes my ass up further so I hover a scant inch above him. Bet he can feel my moist heat calling him. I angle his cock, place it at my opening and slowly lower myself on him.

We both hiss out a breath at the first contact. I can feel him filling me completely. It burns, stretches and feels so good. He pulls back slightly, as much as his hips and the chair will allow and then pushes deeper into my slickness.

I let out a small moan and close my eyes as I put my head against his forehead. I take a few beats to enjoy the feel of him enter, slide deep until our hips touch once again.

Thoughts jumble and speed through my mind. I think about how we shouldn't be doing this, how good it feels. How right. I think about what he'll think of me, if he'll look down at me. This wasn't in the mission outline, there was no clause for getting this close, for showing others that we're a couple in every sense of the word but here we are without so much as a hi, long time no see. Without any kind of build up or fancy dance of dinner and wine.

He's inside of me and I'm in heaven. I move, slide up on him and sigh at the feel of my muscles gripping him tight. They don't want to let go of him, not yet, maybe not ever.

He's got a hand on my ass again, the other is cupping my breast through my dress. I bury my fingers in his curly hair and kiss him deep as I find a slow and burning rhythm.

Up and down I ride him, feel him thrust up to meet me, just a bit, just enough to tease me, make me want more, want it harder. I can hear his moans, soft and deep and I love the sound of them.

I kiss my way over to his ear and whisper, "I love your cock, Trevor. You feel so good inside of me."

He turns and looks at me, his blue eyes blazing in the low light and I know I've never seen anything more sexy. He grabs my hips, holds me still as he thrusts up making me cry out. When he does it again, I know I'm gonna cum soon.

"Oh fuck," I gasp, "Again."

He does it again and again until I'm trembling and sweating above him. I'm so close and I can't breathe or think. Everything has narrowed down to him, his cock sliding in and out of me, dragging its head over my g-spot. On the last thrust, he pulls me down hard and he bucks up and the breath leaves my lungs.

"Again," I beg and when he does it once more, I still, squirm on him, grind and rotate, clench and let out a small cry as I cum.

His mouth's on mine, swallowing down my moans as he adds his own. I can feel him twitching inside of me, feel the heat of his cum fill me as his hips lose their smoothness and just push deeper and harder against me.

Trevor's movements slow and then finally stop as we pant against one another. I run a thumb over his brow as I look him in the eye. I want him to know that I don't regret what we just did, I don't hate him for having sex with me in the corner of a seedy club. I'd do it again in a heartbeat if he asked me too, but only for him. Only him.

As he slips out, I feel my underwear slid back over me, holding his fluid inside of me. He tucks himself back in and sighs as he runs his hands through his hair.

I grin and hand him back his shades, those eyes of his give too much away.

"Bathroom's over to the left. Why don't you get cleaned up while I get us a drink."

He's giving us space, time to get our bearing again and really, I guess I should clean up, my panties are soaked from me and from him. I don't think it's too sexy to have cum running down your leg in public. Of course, it's taboo to fuck in public too and well.. we just shot that one to shit.

I smile, "Alright," I kiss him one more time before I slide off his lap and walk, head held high, to the restroom.