Chapter 3 – Departure

It has been almost a week after the whole 'interaction' with Anko happened and now Naruto was seen slashing imaginary opponents with his now blazed katana. At first, he thought that the heat generated from the sword would hurt him rather profusely. However, Kyuubi assured him that when Naruto uses its chakra, the fire won't consume his body, simply because of how Kyuubi's control over the fire element is. Suffice to say, Naruto was impressed at know that Kyuubi was the true lord of fire. Furthermore, Naruto was quickly learning the Houka Yakushin (fire dash) kenjutsu style and thus being able to wield the Furiseirei (free spirit) with ease now. After all, he not only got accustomed to the weights on his body but the katana's weight as well.

"Naruto, now that your kenjutsu training is done; we'll improve your ninjutsu part. I know that you already learned all the fuuton jutsus and all of the katon jutsus that I told you so far. But since you're going to be pretty much alone out there, you'll need to save as much chakra as you could. Therefore, chakra control exercise is vital. Now, summon three hundred clones and divided them into two groups. One will practice tree walking and the other will go to the lake for water walking practice. You, on the other hand, will do a new exercise." – Said the fox to which Naruto nodded and turned to summon the two groups. After he divided them and set each group for their specific tasks, he turned to listen to the exercise that the fox would relate to him.

"Now, you'll be practicing meditation. The theory is simple, by closing your eyes and focus on your inside, you can manage to feel your chakra flowing through your chakra coils. The objective of this exercise is to be able to feel how much chakra you're using while on a technique or just channeling chakra to a specific part of your body. After this exercise, there is two high level katon jutsus that I will teach you. First one is a human one called Katon Karyuu Endan (Fire Style: Dragon Fire Missile Jutsu) and the other one is one of mine that I called Katon Makai no Kyouran (Fire Style: Hell's Fury Jutsu)." – Said Kyuubi to which Naruto sit and closed his eyes, true to Kyuubi's teachings so far.

Along the month period, Naruto was rather impressed by seeing this teacher side of the fox. While he was tough, actually more inclined to a slave-driver, Naruto was able to learn a lot from the kitsune, thus shortening the time needed for him to be able to take care of himself outside of Konoha. While he closed his eyes, he began what the fox said about, channeling chakra through specific parts of his body, thus trying to feel such a flow. After a while, Naruto had already tried every parts of his body in efforts of feeling the chakra flowing inside of him, but he wasn't lucky at all. So far, he couldn't see if he was channeling more or less of the chakra necessary and that was frustrating. Kyuubi once told him that this exercise was more to test his patience while channeling chakra, since it would get him to understand things more clearly, without being driven by negative emotions.

---With Anko---

Walking without a care in the world, among the streets of Konoha, Anko was heading towards her favorite restaurant in Konoha, the dango store. Along the way, she wondered how she would have survived without being able to taste such pleasure in life. While she was walking, however, she noticed someone familiar coming from the opposite side of her and sighed at the person's sad expression on her face. Anko kind of sympathized with Kurenai, not because she lost someone dear to her, but simply from pain in general. Kurenai was somewhat of a friend to Anko, since she was the few amongst the ones from their generation that never mistreated Anko because of what Orochimaru did to Konoha.

Deciding that a little comfort was in need, Anko approached the red-eyed jounin with a smile on her face. "Ohayo, Kurenai" – Shouted Anko, greeting to which the woman smiled and nodded in response. After a while of greetings, Anko offered an invitation to eat some dango to which Kurenai accepted. So right now, both of them, having already ordered their respective plates, settled down in a table. Kurenai was still looking down, clearly morning over her lover's death, while Anko was trying to come up with something for conversation purposes. "So, how is your team?" – Asked Anko, clearly throwing conversation away and even more clearly it was that Kurenai wasn't on the mood to be talking about team 8. "Sorry Anko, since it happened, I haven't seen them yet. Hokage-sama assigned a temporary replacement for me, so they are out on missions, other than that I don't know much." – Said Kurenai, without even bothering to look at Anko's face.

However as Anko was about to ask another question, Nara Shikamaru entered the place and spotted the two kunoichis and the look on Kurenai's face at the death of his sensei. Truth be told, Shikamaru still wasn't accustomed to not smelling the intoxicating smoke that usually came out of Asuma's death sticks, but he at least was in terms with what happened and was on the verge of moving on, but seeing Kurenai's saddened face, proved to him that in her case, it would take longer to heal. "Ohayo, Anko-san, Kurenai-sensei" – Said Shikamaru, not with the pretension of staying any longer than he has to, since he felt like interrupting their conversation and it would be much troublesome to do a thing like that.

"Hello there, Shikamaru. Join us if you want. I believe Kurenai here would appreciate that you stay at least for a little while" – Said Anko, most likely begging for him to stay and bring up a topic that was worthy, also one that wouldn't increase Kurenai's sadness even further. "Say, I was looking for Naruto, I wonder if any of you know where he is?" – Asked Shikamaru, making Anko sweat profusely and suddenly diminish the guy's intelligence rate. Here she was expecting him to at least bring up a harmless conversation and instead the man asks for the man who, according to Kurenai, was the one responsible for Asuma getting killed. True to her worries, Kurenai clenched her fists at the sudden name and would attack Shikamaru had his shadow wouldn't appear and hold the woman's punch.

After seeing what she would have done, Kurenai withdraw her arm and apologized to the chunnin. "Sorry Shikamaru, I didn't mean to lash out on you is just…." – Said Kurenai to which Shikamaru filled in the gaps for her. "Every time you hear Naruto's name, you get angry. There is no need for apologies Kurenai-sensei" – Said Shikamaru to which Kurenai nodded and looked down again. "It was his fault that Asuma is dead. If he wasn't here, Akatsuki wouldn't come here searching for him." – Said Kurenai, almost like expecting to be contradicted by any of the two, but strangely no one said a word, making the red-eyed kunoichi look at both shinobis on the table. First, she noticed that Shikamaru was sad as well, but she knew that the death of Asuma was the only reason; however Anko was with her eyes closed, presumably thinking.

True to Kurenai's wonderings, Anko was indeed thinking and the reason was Kurenai's comment regarding Naruto's staying here in the village. She wondered if Kurenai was saying that simply because of Asuma's death or that Kurenai really believed that Naruto staying in the village would only bring misfortune to the village in the future. Suddenly, she remembered the blonde saying something to her that.

Flashback on

"So, what are you going to do now? After what you've done, you can't stay here and wait for them to sudden praise you or something." – Asked Anko to which Naruto nodded. "I was never in need of recognition from them in the first place and you're right, I can't stay here, but not because this village would hunt me down or something like that. The longer I stay here, the more people will be hurt by Akatsuki just so that they can get to me."

Flashback off

Naruto, now matter how much suffering you've been through in your life, no matter how much adversity you overcame, still you have to bear the burden of forever being Konoha's scapegoat. Such as the life of a jinchuuriki such as yours; if I were to choose, I'd gladly committed suicide a long time ago. My congrats to your will for living and I hope that the villagers and Kurenai will eventually stop blaming you for what happened. – Thought Anko as she looked at Kurenai one more time, before saying all that she needed to say. "Do not worry anymore Kurenai, you'll never see his face ever again" – Said Anko before lifting from her chair and living Kurenai and Shikamaru looking at her trench coat.

Shikamaru for his part was intrigued by what Anko said. He knew that Naruto wouldn't abandon the village, simply because he wouldn't stand as low as the Uchiha traitor. However, why would no one ever see his face again. A mask perhaps? – Thought Shikamaru, wondering that Naruto's face would be forever hidden by him using a mask. So that meant that either he entered the Anbu program or he was listed as a Hunter-nin. Knowing that such doubt wouldn't solve the mystery that is Uzumaki Naruto, Shikamaru turned to address Kurenai that he was supposed to meet his father to which Kurenai nodded and bid him goodbye. After Shikamaru left, Kurenai got to think about what Anko said for a moment.

Since her interaction with Naruto at the funeral, Kurenai was getting more and more convinced that the blonde would be better off gone from Konoha even before he was born. Of course, she knew, deep inside, that she began to think about him as being the one to blame, because of Asuma getting killed. Kurenai never viewed the boy as being a demon. Actually, she even found her student Hinata's crush on Naruto to be actually cute. However, at the funeral, Kurenai was in turmoil over Asuma dying, so yet again Naruto was used as her scapegoat for her frustrations.

Kurenai remembered all of the interactions that she so far had with the boy. Out of few times she got in contact with him, however, what caused the most affect on her consideration of the boy, was the time he helped save Yakumo for her inner demon. At the time, Yakumo was trapped inside her own mind, trying to understand what really happened that killed her parents. In the end, Kurenai was able to wake Yakumo up, by using Naruto's life as an example. At the time, she actually respected the boy from keeping the fox demon at bay and even be able to endure the hatred of the villagers and even some shinobis who happened to lose their family, but now that Kurenai lost her family supposedly because of Naruto, Kurenai simply changed her whole idea of who was Uzumaki Naruto and blamed everything on him.

She remembered seeing Naruto's eyes that moment at the funeral and she was able to see guilt all over his face. Now that she recollected the events, she was able to see that the blonde was assuming all the blame for Asuma's death, without even worrying about the consequences of such act. After that, when he offered her the opportunity to take revenge from Asuma's death, he was simply abandoning his will to live only for her to take revenge from her husband's death. But why would he do something like that? If I decided to go through at the time, I would have killed him for sure…Would he let me do it? – Thought Kurenai as she was done eating and just playing with the remaining food.

Suddenly, thoughts of Anko saying that she wouldn't see Naruto's face ever again, made her wonder what would that supposed to mean. Kurenai knew that Anbu was recruiting talented individuals to join their forces, but as much as Naruto grew, she knew that he wasn't prepared to become an Anbu. Even more, since he was still a genin. So, that would remain the second ninja profession that required the usage of a mask. Oh no, he's going to become a Hunter-nin, isn't he? He is going to leave the village? My god, is this all my fault? - Thought Kurenai. Reaching to a conclusion, Kurenai got up from the restaurant, paid for the bill and went towards finding the blonde for a little conversation.

---With Naruto---

Looking at the mask that he was going to be wearing, Naruto was remembering when the leader of the Hunter-nin program, aka his new boss, appeared this morning.

Flashback on

A tall man wearing a hunter-nin mask and black over-coat approached the area where he was supposed to meet his new recruit. According to the Hokage, this person was talented and would be a fine addiction to his program. Therefore, he approached the training ground at first to gauge this Uzumaki Naruto's abilities. He wasn't surprised by seeing what appeared to be a hundred clones of the blonde, practicing katon ninjutsu while one of them was swinging a katana. After a while of watching and pretty satisfied, he approached the one holding the katana and presented himself.

"Hello there, Uzumaki Naruto?" – Greeted the man to whom the real Naruto stopped swinging the sword and turn to look at the tall man wearing a hunter-nin mask. Naruto knew that today he would be receiving his gears and Hunter-nin material; therefore he wasn't surprised to see a hunter-nin in front of him. "Hello, do I know you? How do you know my name?" – Asked Naruto just for the man to present himself without the need of saying anything wrong. "The name is of no relevance to you, soldier. Now, I got words from Hokage-sama, that you wish to become a hunter-nin and although she told me the reason as to why you want to become one, I for one don't care about it. Your reasons are your own. Now, I'm the Hunter-nin leader and as a hunter, you shall address me as leader-sama, got that soldier" – Said the leader, gaining a nod from the blonde.

"Okay, now here is your mask and an updated bingo-book of Konoha's missing-nin so far as well as a book consisting of missing ninjas across the elemental countries. Your job is to hunt only Konoha's missing nin, however should you eventually capture missing-nins from other countries, you'll need to go there and collect the bounty on said person. Now, regarding our missing-nins, since you can't come and go here every time you collect a head, we'll have to establish a connection between you and the Hunter-nin station here in Konoha" – Said the leader to which Naruto nodded and proceed with his idea for a link of communication. "Leader-sama, I already thought of a possible link between us. I'll summon toad summon Gamakichi and he'll be responsible for establishing a line of communication between us." – Said Naruto.

"That's fine. Now, you'll need to change your clothes if you want to survive out there. While you're wearing black, you're also wearing orange; therefore it's safe to say that you'd be a sitting duck out there. So, before you start tomorrow, shop for another piece of clothing, preferably black that won't give away your position. Now, good luck out there" – Said the man, before vanishing and leaving Naruto alone on the field to think about it.

Flashback off

Putting his mask on, Naruto got up and dispelled the clones one by one until memories of the last jutsu he would be learning entered his mind. The Hell's wrath jutsu was considered high level and Naruto would need at least two tails worth of Kyuubi to do this technique, so it would be like a last resort kind of jutsu. After that, Naruto left the training ground, heading for his house. On the way, Naruto was surprised to see that no one recognized him with the mask on. Therefore one and one from the rookie 9 passed through him and no one knew that it was him. Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten, Neji, Lee, Chouji, Kiba, Shino; no one could spot the blonde when the mask was on. Seeing this, Naruto sighed realizing that his path has began and thus, his past life ended. Upon arrival at his house, he saw the last person that would pay him a visit. Yuhhi Kurenai was there sitting in front of his door, waiting for him to arrive.

Naruto wondered if the woman would take his offer and strike his heart with a kunai. Getting ready, he approached the door with his mask still on, thus attracting the woman's attention. Kurenai for her part, saw the blonde already with the hunter-nin mask on and sighed, hoping that she wasn't too late to do what she intended to do. When Naruto stopped in front of her, Kurenai gasped at the sudden growth. She remembered at the funeral, that Naruto was barely bigger than Kiba's size, but now Naruto apparently was bigger by two sizes, thus showing that he must've been training non-stop to achieve this form. Also, Kurenai managed to see the Katana strapped on his back and also knew that he didn't use one until now. However, when it was supposed to open her mouth, she couldn't from the words, much less let a sound escape to which Naruto took as an his responsibility to start any sort of conversation.

"Kurenai-san, what can I do for you?" – Asked Naruto, earning her attention and silently thanking his initiative so as not to look foolish. "Naruto, first of all I wanted to apologize for what I said a month ago" – Said Kurenai and then waited for a reaction out of the now masked shinobi. "No need for apologies. What you said was nothing far from the truth and you as hell know that." – Spoke Naruto, making Kurenai look down in sadness, from seeing this boy was delusional as to his situation. "You can't seriously believe that. I shouldn't have spoken that to you, you're not the fox, Naruto" – Shouted Kurenai, however not even fazing the blonde. Whether you believe it or not, Kurenai-san; the truth is that Kyuubi and I share the same body, so he is me and I'm him. Now, I'll just go inside and grab some money for shopping, be right back" – Said Naruto, not even waiting for a response.

After he came back, he was surprised to see that she was still there waiting for him. "You're still here, I see?" – Asked Naruto to which Kurenai nodded and turned to ask him about where he was going to which Naruto responded by saying he needed to buy new clothes for the job. Naruto knew that Kurenai saw his mask, thus wouldn't try hiding his profession to her. "Can I come as well? I want to talk to you about your choice of being a hunter-nin" – Asked Kurenai to which Naruto lifted his shoulders as in telling her that he didn't care whatever happened.

On the way, Kurenai was apprehensive by looking at the masked blonde. As a child, she had lots of nightmares concerning that mask and now here she was seeing what looked like a bright young man, actually starting to scare her a lot. "Naruto, why did you become a hunter-nin?" – Asked Kurenai while walking side by side with the big blonde. Naruto for his part didn't trust her enough to relate his actual reasons as well as the fact that he didn't want anyone trying to dissuade him out of it, so he simply gave her a vague response. "Decided to give it a try; who knows maybe I can find my vocation" – Said Naruto, not even bothering to turn his head to face the woman, much to her annoyance. "You don't know what it means to be a hunter-nin, being a hunter-nin is tough" – Said Kurenai, trying to dissuade him out of it, much to Naruto's annoyance this time. "I didn't know you were a hunter-nin before Kurenai-san, since you know what it is to be one, then. Now, I'm going inside to buy some black clothes for me, you can come if you so wish to" – Said Naruto to which Kurenai was already fuming at the boy's ability to piss her off.

"Careful Naruto, you are pissing her off. While I enjoy seeing that face on people, you wouldn't like to be on her bad side"– Said Kyuubi to which Naruto started to talk inside his head. "My answers are serving a purpose; getting her pissed at me, will stop her from trying to dissuade me from leaving." – Thought Naruto as he entered the shop and went to the clothes section, while seeing the face of anger displayed by the jounin. Kurenai, for her part, decided to breathe a little bit and forget about the blonde's attempt of pissing her off. After that, she began to scan the blonde's choice of clothes. So far, Naruto picked up what appeared to be the a black coat; also he picked a fishnet shirt and went to the dresser to try it on, never once taking his mask off, making her wonder if he's doing this so as to remain inconspicuous amongst the crowd.

When he went out of the dresser, Kurenai had to give it to the guy. In a few minutes, he managed to find a style that well suited him and his new profession. Black cargo paints on the bottom and an open black coat on top of the fishnet shirt. Also, he found some fingerless gloves (also black),finishing with dark grey boots. Actually, if she wasn't a month ago, blaming him for the death of her husband, she would find this new Naruto to be quite the looker (of course without the mask on). After seeing him paying for the clothes and leave the store, she sighed knowing that his path was now chosen and no one would change that. Now leaving the store, she ran to his side and started to look at his new look. Quite an enigma this guy; he didn't even appear to be thinking about anything other than going forward. What is on his mind right now?" – Thought Kurenai.

Upon arriving at his apartment, he took off his mask and looked at Kurenai for a moment. After this, Kurenai forever felt like betraying her husband after seeing the blonde's face, however she was awoken from her wonderings, when Naruto turned to speak. "This will be last time we laid eyes with each other, Kurenai-san. Whether we meet after this, will be by pure coincidence; Take care of what and who's important to you." – Said Naruto, before giving his back to the woman and closing the door, leaving her outside without even waiting for a response. Truth be told, she was appalled by what she said, but then she knew that he was simply stating the truth of the matter. Hunter-nins were hard to be seen since they travelled constantly and when they were inside the village, they used masks so it was impossible for them to meet again outside of pure coincidence. Kurenai also was happy to hear what he said for last.

Needless to say the blonde managed to get Kurenai out of her misery from Asuma's death and helped her wake up for life. Naruto, I'll be waiting for your return, so that I can tell my son your story. I want him to meet the one who faced the adversities in life and strived to overcome them. Through your story, I hope to teach my son what it means to be a true shinobi that inherited the will of fire. Naruto, genin of Konoha, jinchuuriki of the Kyubi no Yoko and now Hunter-nin for Konohagakure. I'll do my best for the next generation to know of whom you are and who are you about to become in the future. Until then, please watch out for yourself.

---The next day---

The next day, Naruto woke up to what was his last night sleep inside the village walls. Strangely enough, he had the best sleep of his life. He dreamed about being able to see the world without worrying to come back or even having to fulfill a mission. Since he decided to leave the first thing in the morning, he woke up at 6 and was already heading towards the gate at seven. Looking around, he saw the shops beginning to open for business but very few citizens were on the streets, which was perfect for him. A couple of shinobis were visible, even two Anbus that were patrolling the area, but other than that, Naruto didn't recognize anyone.

Practically visualizing the huge gate in front of him, Naruto sighed since right in front of the gate, there were a few recognizable people. Jiraya, Tsunade, Kakashi, Anko and strangely Iruka were there to see him off. Somehow, they knew that Naruto would leave early and stood there waiting for his arrival. As to the group, they were waiting for Naruto to appear and leave to start his hunter-nin mission; however their sights were met by a big 6'2'' man wearing all black from head to toe; hunter-nin mask and blonde hair.

Anko was the one who recognized the blonde, which earned the attention of everyone for two reasons. One was Naruto's outfit and two was that Anko managed to recognize him, which made everyone grow suspicious of the snake mistress. Jiraya already figured that the girl and Naruto got 'comfortable' with one another and began to write some noted on his notebook, earning Kakashi's attention (from being the number 1 fan of Icha Icha) and Tsunade's fury. The result was Tsunade punching Jiraya and Kakashi to grab the notebook and read the material so far.

When Naruto stopped in front of the group, he was surprised to say that he didn't know what to say to them. Kurenai was easy because he wanted to piss her off, however this group was the only one to whom Naruto could trust, however he didn't want them feeling sad that he left or even trying to dissuade him of his decision. Luckily to Naruto, however, Kakashi chose to initiate the conversation. "Naruto, contrary to what you might be thinking, none of us wishes to dissuade you of anything. We just wanted to wish you best of luck out there." – Said Kakashi with a smile behind his mask to which Naruto just nodded and took off his mask, surprising everyone present.

This new Naruto was somewhat different. His eyes expression didn't have any doubts of what the blonde was about to do and by looking at him, everyone somehow felt it was right for him doing this. True to their analysis, Naruto was actually confident that this was the best vocation for him. Also, he would protect the village by leaving them. By now, news of his fake travel to visit Jiraya's network was already public, therefore Akatsuki would be out there trying to search for someone that doesn't exist anymore. "I appreciate it, Kakashi-sensei. Well, I don't know what to say other than thank all of you for being here to see me off. Some of you just now entered in my life, but others were there for me since the academy. Please take care of yourselves and I'll be in touch through letters or when I come back occasionally. Until, then, though it would be unlikely that any of you will be hearing from me" – Said Naruto, earning nods from the group.

Seeing that no one chose to speak any more, Naruto bid them all goodbye and proceeded to walk away from the village. Meanwhile, the group was talking between them about the blonde. "Do you think he'll be okay out there alone?" – Asked Tsunade to which Kakashi replied by saying that he could take care of himself. Iruka was amazed by the blonde's growth since the academy and concluded that the blonde would be every missing-nin's nightmare some time from now. Anko was seizing him up to bottom and remembering the 'interaction' they had together. Wow, he is even bigger than before…Good luck gaki and come back for more if you like– Thought Anko as she licked her lips.

---With Naruto---

After about an hour of walking, Naruto looked behind only to see that the village was barely visible anymore. Smiling, he turned again and went forward to his first target of the book. Last night, before going to sleep, Naruto studied the bingo book with care in order to gauge his opponents. Starting from the C level missing-nins, Naruto was stunned to see one man named Nara Shishio listed as C level missing-nin. According to the bingo book, the man was responsible for raping some Konoha civilians and then leaving the girls at the park naked and blood all over their bodies.

Thinking of the Nara clan, Naruto didn't actually know much about them outside their unrivalled skills on shadow manipulation. According to the bingo book, though, Shishio's abilities with the shadow manipulation was limited to the shadow binding, being that the clan's weakest technique ever. Also, it says the man barely received the promotion to chunnin from showing proficiency with suiton ninjutsu, so Naruto would have to be careful of the guy. Naruto was stunned to see that the bingo book wasn't only describing the man's abilities and reason for defection, but also his whereabouts. According to the book, Shishio was found near the border between Wave and Fire Country. Apparently, he was residing in a village close to the border and it wouldn't take long to find him.

Already on the move to Wave Country, Naruto remembered his first trip to Wave Country that took two days travelling. However, that time his team was walking since they were supposed to be escorting a civilian. Now jumping through trees, Naruto was remembering that particular mission and how ill his abilities were at the time. "Not to mention how much you pissed your pants when the demon brothers attacked you"– Said Kyuubi on the verge of exploding himself in laughter upon imagining the scene, much to Naruto's discomfort. 'Please refrain from remembering me of moments such as these, okay. At least when Orochimaru was against me, I happen to put a good fight - Thought Naruto, thus talking to the fox in his mind scape. "If it weren't for me, you would've become snake food, back then." – Said Kyuubi, laughing his off right now, making Naruto wish to come inside the cage and shove a rasenshuriken up Kyuubi's butt so as to teach a lesson.

It was moments like these that Kyuubi showed his 'fun' side, taunting Naruto and hearing his thoughts about it afterwards. Still, as Naruto travelled towards Wave Country, he couldn't help but think of the time ahead of him. He had Kyuubi to talk to, he could even summon Gamakichi for a little game, but other than that, he really didn't have anyone to talk to. Even worse was the fact that he couldn't mingle very much with others from fear that news of his whereabouts wouldn't be safe anymore. Putting his thought aside for the moment, Naruto focused on the battle ahead. Even though the man was considered a C level missing-nin, Naruto could very well get caught if he wasn't careful.

After a while of travelling, Naruto suddenly heard a sound of woman screaming. Therefore, he went towards the source to see what was happening. Upon arrival, he suddenly clenched his fists in anger at the sight. According to his view from the tree, he could see his target forcing his way into what appeared a brunette civilian, since he couldn't see any head band. Also, no kunoichi would get caught like this, unless it was a group that kidnapped her. Mentally kicking himself in the gut from taking advantage of the raping, Naruto took two kunais from his pouch and carefully aimed against the neck of the shadow user.

Little did Naruto know, however, that the girl was extremely familiar. Tsunami was visiting a couple of friends who were residing in the village closest to the border between Wave and Fire Country when this man captured her by using his shadow. No, she was forever cursing her existence as the man was literally taking advantage of her fragile strength. Tsunami was by no means naïve about such a thing happening to her eventually, however because of the peaceful times in Wave Country, now thanks to a team of Konoha ninjas, she thought she wouldn't have any trouble. However, when this Shishio character caught her, she was defenseless. As the man was sticking his dick inside of her hard, Tsunami was crying like she hadn't cried before in her life. Such an event would forever haunt her.

It didn't help that the guy was laughing at her desperate cries of pain and anger. Suddenly, Tsunami heard a sound of knife piercing flesh and turned to look at the aggressor who was already killed. Looking at the guy's neck, Tsunami almost shouted upon seeing two knifes embedded against the man's neck, almost cutting his head off. Instantly, Tsunami picked whatever clothes remained and cover her body. She was trembling now in unconditional fear. Whoever did this would surely kill her as well. Suddenly, a big man wearing all black and a white mask landed in front of her and looked at the Nara clan member dead. "Serves you right, moron" – Said Naruto as he began to study to see if the man was truly dead before cutting his head off and burn the body. Should anyone capture this man, the Nara clan would be in serious disadvantage. I have to destroy him. – Thought Naruto as he took his katana in order to cut his head, however he stopped upon hearing the woman breathing hard and trembling in fear.

Upon looking at the woman, Naruto was appalled to see that the girl was no other than Tsunami, Inari's mother and Tazuna's daughter. God damn it, what is she doing here? Wave is very far away from here. Was she kidnapped? I must take her to Tazuna, then. Off to Wave Country, then. "Tsunami-san, don't be scared of me. I was after this guy. Would you please close your eyes for a moment, what I about to do won't be pleasant to the untrained eye" – Said Naruto, calming the woman down a bit, since she kind of recognized the voice, but it seemed a more masculine voice than she remembered. Naruto, is that you? No it can't be, but how does he knows my name? – Thought Tsunami, but complied with the man's request.

After Tsunami closed her eyes, Naruto cut the man's head fast, managing to sever the man's head without spilling much blood. Afterwards, he channeled a bit of Kyuubi's chakra and proceeded with the hand seals for Katon Makai no Kaen (Fire Style: Hell Blaze Jutsu), exhaling a thin line of fire which upon contact with the body, engulfed it completely in flames. Afterwards, he kept the man's head inside a scroll and summons Gamakichi in order to take the scroll to Konoha for the bounty. After the toad left, Naruto authorized for Tsunami to open her eyes to which she did, only to blink in surprise that where the body of the rapist was located, now only flames could be seen. "Tsunami-san, are you alright?" – Asked Naruto, but was surprised that Tsunami flinched from the sudden touch of his hands. Nonetheless, he sighed and left the woman be for the moment.

He didn't know how to deal with post-traumatic disorder, but he needed to take Tsunami to Tazuna. After a while of waiting for the woman to stop shaking, he heard the faint whispering of his name from the woman and turned to look at her. "Yes it is me Tsunade-san. However, I can't take off my mask out here in the open. Here take my jacket and cover yourself. We'll need to take you back to your house" – Said Naruto before taking off his blouse and handling over to Tsunami who appreciated the gesture and dressed the black jacket. "Thank you Naruto-kun. Once again you come to the rescue, isn't it?" – Asked Tsunami, already breathing more relaxed to which Naruto just nodded.

---The Hokage's office---

Back in Konoha, Tsunade and the Leader of the Hunter-nin division was talking about the new recruit. Tsunade was surprised to see the man complimenting Naruto's abilities both with the sword and ninjutsu. Suddenly when Tsunade was about to open her mouth in agreement towards the man's assessment of Naruto's abilities when Gamakichi appeared in the office, carrying with himself a scroll that Naruto handed to him. "Message from Shi (death) for you Hunter-nin" – Said the toad, handing the scroll to which the man opened and started to read.

Leader-sama, I found C level missing-nin Nara Shishio on the way to Wave Country, continuing his favorite activity with a civilian. I took advantage of the situation and imbedded his neck with two kunais, thus killing him as per my assignment. Below this letter, lies the kanji for his head. It goes without saying that I already burned his body and by now his ashes must be reaching Iwa by now.

After reading, the leader smiled behind his mask and released the dead man's head, holding the man's hair with his hands. He began, then, to analyze the man's expression and smiled upon seeing that the man was caught by surprise. Also the leader was surprised by the clean cut near the man's neck, peculiar to a katana. Meanwhile, Tsunade was appalled by the man's smile over seeing a dead man's head, also wondering if Naruto was the one who actually did this. "Uzuki-san, I would appreciate if you didn't do that in front of me, it's rather appalling just to watch." – Said Tsunade to which the man known as Uzuki Gaeshi, Yuugao's uncle, offered his sincere apologies. "My apologies, Tsunade-sama; I was just admiring my new recruit's work some. Gamikichi, take this scroll and hand it to Shi, it will cover the amount for a C ranked missing-nin as well as beating an old record of mine, heehehe. This guy is interesting" – Said Gaeshi before vanishing, leaving Tsunade and Gamakichi alone in the room.

"Gamakichi, when you saw Naruto, did he look disgusted by doing this?" – Asked Tsunade, slightly afraid of seeing someone as Naruto lose his innocence for good. "No Tsunade-sama, bro was quite normal. Although, I'd refrain from judging him because of this; according to bro, this man was raping an old friend of his, so I believe what he did was just. Any way, he must be waiting for me to arrive with the payment." – Said Gamakichi to which Tsunade nodded and then the toad vanished, leaving the blonde hokage alone. Naruto, you have to attain your level of humanity in order to come alive from this job. The more you kill, the more you'll appreciate doing it again. Be careful out there. – Thought Tsunade.

---With Naruto---

While Gamakichi was getting his bounty regarding his first kill, Naruto was talking to the older woman now more comfortable to what happened. Since the guy wasn't able to finish the raping, Tsunami would eventually get over it. Would the man finish the job, Tsunami would be scarred for life. The woman was surprised to see this new Naruto in contrast to the one she met almost four years ago. The Naruto she knew had this spark within him that was able to make everyone smile. This one, though, was more reserved, collected and strangely more mature than normally a man would be at his age. Tsunami was also surprised about Naruto's choice of profession, seeing that Naruto would always travel alone, without a soul to talk to or release some stress. At some point, Tsunami asked about the other ones from Naruto's team to which Naruto promptly responded by saying that Sakura and Kakashi were the same as usual and Sasuke was training under a strong ninja. Tsunami wouldn't know of Orochimaru, thus telling her that Sasuke was now a missing-nin wouldn't be really relevant.

When Gamakichi arrived with the bounty and then disappeared, Naruto got up and ushered Tsunami to get up as well. Smiling at him, Tsunami felt a wave of safety and all of that was thanks to the blonde. Somehow, the whole story of being raped was the past and now she would come back to her house and everything would be okay. All thanks to the blonde who by now was her hero. "Are you some kind of angel, Naruto-kun?" – Asked Tsunami, surprising Naruto a lot, from hearing that term for the first time. "You can see the irony of this isn't it? The one with a demon inside of him being called an angel"– Said Kyuubi inside his mind. "Angel? I don't think so, just being the right place at the right time." – Said Naruto as he walked towards her house in Wave Country, making Tsunami giggle at the modest comment. "Well, I believe you're an angel that came to help Wave Country and now you saved me from being victim of rape." – Said Tsunami, grabbing Naruto's arm and leaning strangely closer to him.

"Shit, I was afraid of this happening." – Thought Naruto to which the fox concurred and manifested. "Since you're the one who saved her, she's showing feelings to her savior. You're in for quite a ride, there Naruto. However, this Tsunami is quite a looker, don't you think? Maybe you could get a rise at her before dumping her at her father's house" – Said Kyuubi to which Naruto sighed, seeing that the fox was helpless. "Pervert Kitsune. That would be wrong. I'll admit she is pretty and all, but she is vulnerable right now. Her head is a mess right now, I can't take advantage of her" – Thought Naruto, making Kyuubi growl and mumble about stupid blonde and his politically correct behavior.

However, the fox wasn't the problem this time. Naruto was afraid that she would get physical with him, if the whole feeling his arm was any indication. Tsunami for her part was indeed feeling the blonde's arms and was quite mesmerized by the size and shape of Naruto's biceps. Naruto could've sworn at some point, he heard a little moaning from the woman while groping his arms and now his chest. "Tsunami-san, what are you doing?" – Asked Naruto, now getting uncomfortable with the woman's hands caressing his chest. "Ah nothing Naruto-kun, I was just getting to feel your body a little bit. I was under the impression you were enjoying. You aren't dating anyone, are you?" – Asked Tsunami, now making Naruto really uncomfortable. Of course, he liked the feeling of a woman's touch just like any other man, especially one at his age. "Don't get me wrong here Tsunami-san, I was enjoying and no I'm not dating anyone. However you've just been through a traumatic event, therefore what you're doing is just because I was the one who saved you" – Said Naruto, almost on the verge of begging the girl to stop, so as to avoid having to reject her.

"Naruto, I appreciate the concern and all, but I assure you that no feelings will arise from me about you. I just wanted, you know, to release some stress. This was a much stressed situation for me and I'm now in need to blow off some steam. You don't have to worry about me having feelings for you, Naruto-kun. You're a great guy and some day, will make a girl really happy, but right now, I'm needy and I want right now" – Shouted Tsunami, almost on the verge of scandal to which Naruto sighed, seeing no other alternative (yeah, right). "Just admit that you wanted to have sex with her and you'll feel a lot better" – Said Kyuubi to which Naruto nodded. "Man, first Anko, now Tsunami" – Said Naruto to which the fox scowled at him from sounding like complaining. "Pure shinobi, I feel so sorry for you. That snake lady almost rocked your world and now this woman is in need for some hot sex. What do you think she'll do to you, hehehee?" – Asked Kyuubi while laughing like a perverted demon.

"Okay Tsunami-san. We'll be arriving at a village shortly, once there, we'll rent a room" – Said Naruto to which Tsunami nodded and began daydreaming about feeling a man's body for the first time since Kaiza.

---At the Hotel---

After the temporary couple rented a room, Naruto took off his mask for the first time since leaving Konoha. After that, he quickly closed the drapes and turned to see Tsunami approaching him. Naruto was getting excited just by seeing the way the older woman walked sexily at him, swinging her hips in a teasing manner, however Naruto was in control of his body, therefore he waited for Tsunami to come over to him so that they could begin. When the brunette stood face to face with Naruto, she reached his cheeks with her left hand and began caressing it as she landed a fierce kiss on his lips. Naruto, however, was already lost in control, simply because of Tsunami's soft hands caressing his weak spot. After the initiation of the make-out section, Naruto used his both hands and began to caress Tsunami's body by either embracing her or caressing her butt a little bit. Tsunami, upon feeling Naruto caressing her from behind, smiled at the boy…no…man's initiative.

"Aren't you hot inside all these clothes, Naruto-kun? How about we take it off so I can feel your whole body" – Whispered Tsunami in a sexual tone, making Naruto smile and enter the game of teasing he held dear so much. "Of course Tsunami, wouldn't like to keep you waiting, now would I?"- Said Naruto as he took off his jacket and his fishnet shirt, leaving his upper body visible to Tsunami who by chance, began caressing every inch of it with blood running down her noise a little bit. While Tsunami was passing her hand on Naruto's chest, Naruto's hand was already massaging the girl's breasts, making her moan quite a bit, arousing Naruto even more than he was before. Remembering on the whole blowing off some steam, Naruto bent towards her neck and began to lick, earning more moans from the brunette. Not one to lose a teasing battle, Tsunami grabbed Naruto's hair and pulled it, sending his head up, leaving his neck wide open for attack.

After she initiated the tongue sequence, Naruto pretty much lost control of his will. The way Tsunami was sucking his neck, Naruto was proud to say that he never felt better in his entire life. "You like this, don't you Naruto-kun? You like how my tongue licks your entire body." – Teased Tsunami, who in turn was thrilled to have such control on a man like Naruto. "You know, if you ask nicely, I can do the same thing down there for you" – Said Tsunami before her hand grabbed Naruto's dick from outside the pants and began to massage it smoothly, making Naruto shiver in excitement and anticipation. "That would be great, however I have something else to do first" – Whispered Naruto close to her ear and began to massage the area in which her pussy was located, making Tsunami moan in excitement and also smiling at Naruto's experience. "You know Tsunami; you are wearing way too many clothes. Care to take it all off" – Said Naruto to which the brunette complied and took her kimono off, leaving nothing on her body; making Naruto tremble in pleasure.

"Like what you say, I presume. So how about you, aren't you going to take it off" – Said Tsunami, quietly hoping to see Naruto's hard dick emerge from his pants; however Naruto said no with his finger and ushered the woman to lay down on the bed for what he was about to do to her. Not one to complain, Tsunami lay down and open her legs, letting Naruto's tongue enter her inner walls. The result was Tsunami moaning and moaning, being the sound of it louder and louder by the second. After a while, Tsunami was grabbing Naruto's hair, while screaming his name in pure pleasure. "Yes, continue…continue…Oh sweet kami this is wonderful" – Shouted Tsunami, however she was taken aback when Naruto lifted her from the bed and laid down where she was. Calling for her to rest her pussy at his mouth while sucking his cock at the same time, Tsunami was already touching herself in anticipation to Naruto's firm cock inside of her.

Naruto found that Tsunami's tongue abilities were amazing and while him was pleasuring her while licking her inner walls; Tsunami was doing a rather fine job sucking every inch of his cock. However, Naruto's licking proved to be too much for the older woman who took his dick off her mouth and started screaming in pure lust. "Oh my god…I'm cumming….Wow this is terrific…oh my god" – Mumbled Tsunami as she came at Naruto's face hard. "uhhh, Naruto-kun you made me cum and now it's my time to make you cum, isn't it? Now please tell me you've brought a condom along with you?" – Asked Tsunami to which Naruto smiled and handed the protective rubber to the girl who smiled deviously in response.

After opening with cautious, so as not to waste it, Tsunami grabbed Naruto's cock and put the condom in, guaranteeing their night for good. After that, Tsunami grabbed Naruto's cock and placed it inside her pussy before proceeding with the up and down movement. To say Tsunami was surprised with the feeling, it would be an understatement. When Naruto's cock filled every inch inside of her, Tsunami could only scream out of pleasure. It didn't help the fact that Naruto bent over and start sucking her nipples while he was humping the brunette. "Wow, Naruto-kun I never knew you're so experienced at this. You….already made me cum and now your cock will make me cum another time as well. Please go faster" – Mumbled Tsunami to which Naruto complied and speed things up a bit, making Tsunami shout even more in pure lust. "Kami, it's so amazing. This…feeling…is so amazing." – Shouted Tsunami as she was now holding her hair with her hands while feeling Naruto's cock filling her up inside.

After a long fucking section, Tsunami and Naruto switched positions and the brunette was on all fours this time. Getting the picture, Naruto kneeled behind the woman and thrust his cock slowly to which Tsunami moaned. "Oh my god, it's so good." – Mumbled Tsunami to which Naruto felt like saying a word or two. "Tsunami-chan, you're so tight inside. It's a wonderful sensation" – Said Naruto, earning Tsunami's nodding and proceed to watch Naruto's movements while taking her from behind. Tsunami, after a few of Naruto's insertions, was beginning to squeeze the sheets from barely able to hold her own against Naruto's cock. "Oh sweet kami, I'm cumming…I'm cumming again" – Shouted Tsunami as her inner walls squeezed Naruto's cock inside, making it difficult for him to hold his own, thus having to release the pressure inside the condom.

It went without saying that Tsunami was indeed able to blow off some steam.