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Women and Machinery Do Not Mix


April 10, 1912

"Alice! Oh, Aliiice!" I yelled to my pixie of a sister as I entered the sitting room of our grand suite.

"Edward! Keep it down! Mother and Father just went to bed," Alice shushed, dancing into the room in her silk nightgown. "What do you want?"

"I have a small favor to ask of you, but I highly doubt you'll call it a favor," I mused, taking off my dinner jacket and setting it on one of the couches.

"Oh, dear brother, you seem so sure of yourself!"

"Oh but I am. You see, I've invited a few friends that I've met to come along to dinner with us tomorrow night, but they don't have appropriate attire for the occasion…"

"Edward! You want me to dress them?!" The corners of her lips tilted up into a smile, and she ed one dainty eyebrow.

"Well, I would do it myself, but considering I have a fashion-guru as a sister, I figured I would give her the ultimate pleasure," I joked, making a grand bowing motion towards the floor.

"Of course! But I'll need them to come by here early so I can fit them! What are they like? Male or female? Tall? Oh dear, I hope none of them are too tall…"

"Don't worry, none of them are very tall. I met Isabella Swan not long ago up on deck… well, I saved her life, actually, but I'll get to that story later. Anyway, she's only a little bit taller than you, and not too much heavier either. Her brother, Emmett, is about my height, but very muscular. And their two friends, one , one boy, are about Esme and Carlisle's stature. I didn't get their names though…" I trailed off, remembering I had forgotten to ask.

"Wait….you saved her life?" Alice's eyes gew large as I quickly retold the story of what happened above deck. However, I left out the part about Isabella's blatant attempt at , and instead substituted her own "propeller" story.

"Hmmm…interesting," Alice's face contorted with a thoughtful expression. "Anyways, I think I'll like these people! They sound exciting!"

I laughed, "Well, thank you again. But I'm headed off to bed, it's getting late."

I turned, and began to make my way over to the doorway of my room. I had only managed to grasp the door handle when Alice spoke again.


"Yes?" I asked.

"It's interesting that Isabella slipped so all of a sudden and you

still had time to take off your jacket and shoes."

I turned my head, and I saw her face enveloped in a smile as she winked.

"Goodnight, little brother."


April 11, 1912

"Emmett, I can't do this."

"Yes you can Bella. And besides, it's only noon! We still have plenty of time before we have to meet them at their suite anyway," Emmett spoke from across the room. He was busy looking in his bag for something, and I was laying on his bunk, attempting to wheedle out the dirt from under my fingernails. Rosalie and Jasper, having joined us for breakfast, had decided to take a walk around the upper deck.

"I know, but I was up thinking about it all last night. We can't exactly waltz up to the first class level dressed like, well…this," I said, motioning towards our old and torn clothes.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it right there," Emmett snapped his head around, and his eyes made contact with mine. "Does Isabella Swan actually care about how she looks?"

He broke into a wide grin.

"Of course not! I could care less," I snorted, folding my arms securely across my chest. "I was simply saying we would be completely out of place. I highly doubt we're even allowed up there anyway."

"Uh huh, nice try. You forget that I've known you your whole life," Emmett laughed as he sat on the end of the bunk, causing the mattress to squeak under his weight. "You do care."

As I opened my mouth for a comeback, I quickly found that I had none. I shut my mouth immediately, and chose to stare at the wall.

"You like him." This time, Emmett was the one accusing me of being in love.

"Who, Edward? Of course not."

"Yes you do. I could tell by the way you were looking at him last night, and the way your eyes looked so frantic when I was about to pummel him to the ground."

My eyes hadn't moved from the wall.

"Bella. Bella." Emmett turned my face so it was facing his, and he took on a serious tone. "It's okay to love. And, believe me, I want you to love. I've seen you so sad and depressed for years and years, and it's time for a change. I want the old Bella back. You were happier last night after we left the deck. I couldn't quite place it, but something was different. Maybe it was the tiniest extra spring in your step, or the small flicker of a smile. But something was there that hasn't been there for years. I trust this guy, Bella. He seem's okay, which is why I agreed to going to dinner with him and his family. I think he'll be good for you. I think he can change you, which is why we're going."

Fighting back tears with everything I could muster up, I found myself at another loss for a comeback. Slowly, but very surely, I nodded.


"Alright, it's time to leave!" Rosalie announced, jumping off of the top of the bunk bed that she shared with Jasper.

Emmett and I got up, but Jasper remained sitting on the bottom bunk.

"Jasper? Ready to go?" Emmett asked, his hand on the doorknob.

"I don't think I'm going," Jasper answered, looking down at the floor.

"But why?" Rosalie asked.

"I don't know, maybe it's because we're third class, Rose. We don't belong up there, and I really don't think I'm going to enjoy getting stared and whispered at the entire time."

"But Edward said that he was sure his sister was going to give us some clothes…" I added meekly.

"What makes you so sure she will? I know Edward was nice, but most wealthy people aren't like that. Snobby, rich, arrogant jerks, the lot of them."

"Jasper!" Rosalie gasped, her head snapping in his direction.

"Oh, come off it, Rose, you know I'm speaking the truth. And even if they do lend us clothes, you don't think that the other wealthy people will accept us as their own? No. They can see right through the expensive silk and the fine leather. They'll think we're frauds."

Everyone was silent for a moment, contemplating what Jasper had just said. It was obvious Emmett and Rosalie were having second thoughts, too.

"We don't know that," I spoke softly, my eyes tracing the outline of my shoes against the white tile floor. "I say we go. What have we got to lose?"

"Our dignity."

I glanced at Jasper, but it wasn't him who spoke. This time, it was Rosalie.

"I say we go," I repeated again. And without another wayward glance, I turned and silently walked through the door.

I hadn't gone fifteen steps when I heard my name being called, three voices echoing through the empty hallway.

"We're coming," Emmett said seriously, Jasper and Rosalie on either side of him. "Like you said, what have we got to lose?"

We made our way up to the first-class level without a problem, and soon we found ourselves scanning every door for the Suites B52-56. Luckily, the hallways were empty, most people going through their routines for dinner preparation, assisted by their many maids.

"Here's Suite B-52." Rosalie spoke, standing in front of a doorway with beautiful gold lettering.

After we had joined her, Jasper took a deep breath and knocked on the door. It took only a few moments before we heard footsteps and quiet murmurs of voices.

We all held our breath as the knob turned, and the door opened.

"Hello! Oh, come in, come in!" We were greeted by an older, motherly looking woman, already "done-up" for dinner. She was wearing a beautiful brown silk evening gown, adorned with intricate beads and designs. Her hair had been crafted beautifully, sitting atop of her head in an arrangement of curls, and a sole brown feather had been added to the top. She was beautiful, and to my dismay, the picture perfect form of royalty. Everything I wasn't, and wanted to be.

"I'm Emmett Swan," Emmett was the first to speak. He held out his hand, and shook her white-gloved hand carefully, "And this is my younger sister, Isabella."

He smiled, glancing down in my direction. I blushed, and shook her hand also. "You can call me Bella."

"I'm Jasper Hale," Jasper spoke up second, "And this is my sister, Rosalie."

After shaking Jasper and Rosalie's hands, the woman smiled. As she opened her mouth to speak, Edward strolled into the room, wearing another dinner tuxedo. His hair, freshly washed, dropped down slightly over his eyes, and he brushed it back with a small twitch of his head. He looked utterly breathtaking.

"Mother! I see you've met my guests. Everyone, this is my mother, Esme." We all nodded, and I broke into a small smile at the sight of Edward with his arm draped over his mother.

After Jasper and Rosalie's introductions to Edward, and to Edward's father, Carlisle, we were ushered into the sitting room. Their maid, without command, immediately brought over a pot of tea, setting it on the table in front of us along with beautiful china teacups.

"Would you all like some tea?" Esme asked, her eyes gleaming as she gestured towards the teapot with her hand.

"Oh, no, thank you." We all answered, shaking our heads. Everything seemed surreal. Were we really just offered to have tea from first-class passengers? On their china? In their suite?

"So Edward told us of the incident on deck last night," Carlisle spoke from his seat on the couch opposite ours. I was immediately frantic. What had he told them? My eyes flickered over to Edward's. To my surprise, he was gazing right at me. Quickly, my eyes shifted towards my hands in my lap, wringing from nerves.

"Oh yes, the incident," Emmett laughed, shaking his head. "I tell you, women and machinery do not mix."

Carlisle laughed with him. "You wanted to see the propellers, Miss Swan?"

"Yes," I answered meekly, glancing back at Edward across from myself with appreciation. We made eye contact once again, but this time, I didn't break the connection. The conversation that was still going on beside us seemed miles away, just faint humming in undertones. He smiled, and I felt my heart skip a beat. I was lost in his smile, and I soon felt myself grinning back. For the first time, I saw how immensly handsome he was, with his somewhat-messy-but-still-tidy bronze hair, and his chisled jawline, his broad shoulders—

"Bella?" I was suddenly jolted out of my dreamlike stupor.

"Hmm?" I answered quickly, my eyes jerking away from Edward's with reluctance. "Pardon?"

"Esme was just asking if you had enjoyed your stay aboard the Titanic so far," Rosalie prompted, her eyes swimming with delight. It was obvious she had figured out why I wasn't paying attention.

"Oh, yes, it's quite nice," I answered, nodding my head.

The conversation continued on, and I found myself catching glances at Edward every chance I could. And everytime, he was gazing right back at me. I was more careful, however, with staying partially absorbed in the conversation.

"Well, I'm not sure what my little fairy of a sister is doing, but I think it's time you all met her," Edward chuckled, getting up to walk through a doorway.I heard the knocking of his knuckles on the wood of her door before he spoke.

"Alice? Are you decent?" I heard him ask.

I hadn't heard her answer, but it wasn't long before I figured out what she had said. Within seconds, she was dancing through the doorway, her face plastered with a huge grin and her eyes full of glee. I could tell right away why Edward had called her "fairy", she seemed to lightly dance wherever she moved, her feet hidden beneath her beautiful green evening gown. She was small and dainty, with short hair done up under a tiny tiara with diamonds.

After another round of introductions were made, Esme and Carlisle excused themselves to their room to finish preparing for dinner. Alice immediately ushered us all into her room, which was completely covered with different gowns, tuxedos, shoes, and jewelry. I had never seen anything like it in my entire life.

"Well, I'm pretty sure I have clothes for all of you in here! Emmett, I found one of Edward's dinner tuxedos that should fit you, and Jasper, you can borrow one of Carlisle's. Rosalie, I've picked out some of Esme's gowns that I just know you'll look beautiful in, and Bella, you can pick one of mine!" She squealed happily, clapping her hands together. Grabbing the boy's tuxes, she quickly ushered them out of the room with Edward, and shutting the door behind them, turned to Rose and I.

"Now, Rose, I really think this red gown would look absolutely breathtaking on you, but of course, you may pick whichever one you would like! And Bella, this blue would be gorgeous with your skin tone, but if you don't like it, then just say so! If you'll excuse me one minute, I must find Trudy, our maid, with your corsets…" She smiled, dancing off and out of the room.

Turning to Rosalie, I saw that she held a similar expression to my own.

"She expects us to choose?" Rosalie's eyes were miles wide. "But Bella, they're all so—"

"—beautiful." I finished, my eyes swimming. This family was more than I had hope for, and more.

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