Author's Note: This story is a sequel to an earlier Bleach fanfic I wrote known as Run Ichigo Run. Reading the first story is not necessary to understand what is happening in this one, however a few events from it will be referenced.

A while back there was an incident within Soul Society.

Correction, several incidents happen in Soul Society all the time. Whether it was something to do with a traitor to Soul Society or Aizen's winter war or something involving violence and destruction from the 11th division (more often considered regular daily occurrences), the after life is a place of much insane chaos.

But this incident was different because it fell under the cover up category. A very special category where actions or events occurred but people pretended that it never happened. It was done to either keep vital information secret or to save face such as in this situation.

This incident was filed under the case number IKI347 which was short for Ichigo Kurosaki incident case file #347. The official transcript of the incident was as follows:

On one Thursday afternoon, Nemu Kurotsuchi lieutenant of the 12th division working under the direct orders of her captain and father Mayuri Kurotsuchi attempted an assassination of one Uryu Ishida, last of the Quincy. Said attempt involved shooting a dart at Ishida containing an experimental drug. The attempt did not go as plan as the dart hit Shinigami substitute Ichigo Kurosaki instead and had an unexpected chemical reaction. The chemicals in the dart reacted with the abnormally high spirit pressure of Kurosaki and created a pheromone effect on people of the female gender.

From observations of the affected people, two main effects of the pheromone could be determined. First and foremost was a romantic obsession with Ichigo Kurosaki in which the affected girls tried anything to be with him including hunting him down and taking him hostage. The second was an increase in violent activity alternating from violence against other girls who also wanted Ichigo and violence against males who got in the way of the females getting Ichigo.

The pheromone effect began in Karakura Town before Ichigo moved into Soul Society spreading the effect. The list of female victims is too long to list but included Nemu Kurotsuchi, Rukia Kuchiki, Yourouchi Shihoin, the ryoka Orihime Inoue, and all high ranking female members of Soul Society including all the members of the Shinigami Women Association.

Following a conflict involving the SWA against several high ranking male shinigami, Ichigo Kurosaki managed to reach Mayuri and through the use of violent threats and destruction of property persuaded him to create an antidote. Following everyone being returned to normal, the memory of people in Karakura town was adjusted and standard cover up procedures were put in place.

That was the official transcript but most people just went by the cliffs notes version of the incident:

A dart hit Ichigo Kurosaki turning him into a sex magnet and causing every girl around him to try to jump his bones and kill anybody that got in his way until he got cured.

Either way the event was over, it had been covered up saving the embarrassment of all female shinigami, and it was suppose to be never spoken of again.

Which is why when it was directly brought up by 1st division captain Shigekuni Yamamoto-Genryusai during, of all things, a women's association meeting, everyone was just a little bit surprised.

Yamamoto to scanned over the faces of the gathered female soul reapers. Soi Fon. Retsu Unohana. Isane and Kiyone Kotetsu. Nanao Ise. Rangiku Matsumoto, Yachiru Kusajishi, and Nemu Kurotsuchi. These were the best, the highest seated women from all thirteen squads.

"Thank you for allowing me to speak here today" Yamamoto said his old voice gruff but still filled with the confidence of a leader. "I need to discuss a certain delicate situation that involved all of you a few months prior. I trust you know of what I speak of"

Tenth division lieutenant Matsumoto quickly spoke up "Sir, I can assure you that I had no idea that the beverages I had were alcoholic nor how I ended up anywhere near your personal bedchambers"

"Not that incident" Yamamoto replied back sharply to the busty woman with a bit of a glare. "The one involving the substitute shinigami"

"Oh," Matsumoto said a little bit relived. Then her mind actually focused on what incident he actually meant "Oh…."

"I trust no one needs to be reminded of the specific details"

A quick look over the room gave him an answer as every female was now looking away with either embarrassment or anger on their faces. Well except for Yachiru as the pink haired girl had been to busy munching on a large pile of candy to pay attention. Even Nemu a person who had the emotional level of a computer had a small blush on her face.

Women's association vice president Nanao decided to speak up "Sir, we all know what happened then and it was proven that we were all under the effect of a chemical reaction and it was determined we were not to blame. So why do we need to discuss this?"

"Because I am asking all of you to pursue a romantic relation with Ichigo Kurosaki"



Silence flowed through the room as everyone looked at the general with shocked faces. Then suddenly everyone began speaking at once.


"Ichigo Kurosaki?"

"The substitute shinigami"

"Is this some kind of sick joke?!"

"You can't be serious"

"No way"


"Hey, I'm out of candy"

"Silence!" Yamamoto yelled out banging his walking stick for good measure. "Let me explain. I have been thinking"

'This can't be good' several of the women thought simultaneously.

Currently we are doing well in our preparations and battles against Aizen and his Arrcaner. But what shall we do about the future?"

"The future?" Kiyone asked confused.

"Yes. While there is no doubt we will defeat Aizen, doing so may cost us more in the long run. Already our forces have been severely depleted and we are no doubt going to lose more soldiers in the future. So what can we do to prepare for any threats in the future? That brought me to my second thought. Ichigo Kurosaki. Tell me, does anyone know what makes Ichigo Kurosaki different from other soul reapers?"

"He's human" Nanao suggested.

Matsumodo raised her hand excitedly "I know. He has orange hair"

"He's always breaking our laws" Soi Fon muttered sourly.

"His spirit energy and power are abnormally high making him stronger then most other shinigami"

"Very good Nemu" Yamamoto replied. "Yes, Ichigo's spiritual pressure is quite incredible. Why he has even managed to give powers to other people who just stand around him. He is a great asset to Soul Society but still he is only man. However if he were have any children, then they would most likely end up with his level of power as well"

Yamamoto paused as the gathered women started putting two and two together, for what their old leader was thinking of.

"You have all had somewhat romantic encounters with the substitute shinigami before even if not under normal circumstances. Not to mention, I believe that all of you ladies are single at the moment"

"Okay, let me get this straight" Soi Fon stated soundly very pissed off. "Because of that freakish incident before, you want us to pursue Ichigo Kurosaki in the hopes of having us eventually married to him and pregnant with his children as these children will hopefully be as powerful as their father and can help defend Soul Society in the future. Correct?"


Matsumodo leaned over and whispered to Unohana who was sitting next to her. "When was the last time he had a psychological evaluation?"

Soi Fon got up from her seat. She quickly picked up and began stroking her favorite stuffed black cat as a measure to remain calm.

"Sir, I respect you as a leader and know that you mean the best for Soul Society, but this plan, well it's insane. Beyond insane actually. Personally I think that my obese idiotic lieutenant could come with a better idea. Still I guess it doesn't matter since it doesn't apply to me. As captain of the 2nd division, I am obviously too important to participate in such foolishness. Correct?"


The black kitty suddenly found itself being strangled to death. "You senile old bastard! I'll kill you!"

Isane and Nanoe each quickly grabbed an arm preventing Soi Fon from accidentally committing treason in her rage. As they did, everyone began talking again.

"Is there anyway around this?" Isane asked as she struggled to keep Soi Fon in place.

Her sister looked over at her. "I know. We can submit an appeal to the Central 46 to get the decision overridden!"

"That's a good idea Kiyone" Isane muttered. "Except for the simple fact Aizen killed all of the Central 46!"

"Oh right"

"Well, I suppose it could be a worse assignment" Matsumodo said. "After all, Ichigo is pretty sexy"


The busty girl looked across the table at Nanao. "What's the matter? Are you afraid you won't be able to keep up with the competition?" she asked jokingly pushing her chest forward.

"….It's nothing like that"

"I will do it" Nemu said softly but no one actually heard her over everyone else speaking and Soi Fon continuing to throw out death threats.

"Hmm…Ichigo is almost as strong as Ken-chan so I guess he would be an okay boyfriend" Yachiru chirped out happily.

Yamamoto coughed lightly. "Actually lieutenant Yachiru, due to your younger age, you will actually not be required to partake in this mission"

"That's not fair. I want to be pregnant to!"

Isane looked down at her "But president, you are too young. It's not possible for you to get pregnant"

"Sure it is. I'm goanna go find Ken-chan and get him to help me find a way to get pregnant. You'll see"

With that Yachiru sped off. The rest of the women's association actually paused in their talks at this.

"Well that's going to be one interesting conversation" Matsumodo remarked.

"Indeed," Yamamoto muttered with a sigh realizing that he would probably have to deal with a very angry and bloodthirsty Kenpachi Zakari soon enough.

Up until now, Unohana had been silent listening to everyone's comments and thinking deeply on the issue. Suddenly she proposed a question to Yammato speaking for the first time.

"General, in that regard, shouldn't I also be excused from this mission?" she asked.

Yamamoto's gaze turned and looked over at her. "Hmm?"

"Well, sir seeing as I am well…you know…much older then the rest of the ladies present here"

"Nonsense Unohana," Yamamoto said, "You hardly look a day over 300. I'm sure Kurosaki will not even notice and you will do just fine"

"Thank you sir" Unohana replied back with a polite smile.

Had anyone looked a bit closer they would have seen that the 4th captain's smile seemed a little less genuine then usual and that both of her hands were clenched into fists at her sides.

"And before anyone else comes up with some kind of excuse, this mission is being filed under Act 2, Section 5 of wartime protocol"

Everyone froze at that statement. Act 2, Section 5 was a very common protocol. It basically meant that in the event of an ongoing war, Soul Society could modify any of its laws to best suits it needs for said war. In other words, there was no way out of this.

"Shit" Soi Fon cursed.

Right then and there amongst all the chatter, Isane suddenly posed a very interesting question. "What does Ichigo Kurosaki think about this?"

Yamamoto looked over at her. "At the moment, we have sent someone to retrieve him from the real world. I'm sure that once I explain my plan to him, he will go along with it"

At that exact moment, said shinigami sneezed very loud and very hard.

"Jeez, hurry up already Ichigo"

Ichigo Kurosaki struggled to stifle a yawn as he walked slowly along his school bag lazily slung over his shoulder. Last night had been long with having to be out all night dealing with random hollows followed by being woken up by an extra early 5am good morning dropkick from his father. The lack of sleep had made Ichigo a little extra grumpy today.

"Yeah, I'm coming Rukia. keep your shirt on"

Rukia glared at him and Ichigo gave her a look back annoyed that she didn't seem to be tired in the latest from last night.

"We're going to be late at this rate and its going to be your fault" she yelled out at him.

"I know. Just give it a rest already midget"

Rukia was about to go over and help wake Ichigo up via strangling when a voice interrupted her plans.

"Hey Rukia! Ichigo!"

The two of them turned to see the 6th division lieutenant Abarai Renji running towards the pair.

"Hey Renji" Ichigo muttered in greeting yawning again.

As Renji got closer Rukia blinked in surprise at the sight of her long time friend. "Err Renji, what are you wearing?"

Renji stopped and looked over his own outfit "Nice, isn't it?"

The shinigami was decked in a black suit with white dress shirt and a black tie. Black dress shoes were on his feet as well a pair of large black sunglasses that was currently on the top of his forehead just in front of where Renji had tied his hair into a ponytail.

"I'm trying to be incognito" he said in a whisper.

"Yeah, well you're doing a lousy job of it" Ichigo muttered.

"What was that?" Renji shot back with a glare as he got right in Ichigo's face.

"You heard me" Ichigo replied back with his patented scowl.




"Lousy dresser"

Rukia sighed and quickly whacked the two of them in the head. "Renji, what are you doing here?"

"Oh right" Renji took a moment to think. "Ichigo, Captain Yammato needs you to come to Soul Society for a meeting right away"


"Err, he didn't actually say"

"He didn't say?" Rukia refused confused. "How come?"

"No idea"

Ichigo sighed. "Fine, I'll go to Soul Society after school and see what he wants"

"No. You have to go now" Renji protested.

"I have school right now Renji"


"So, I need to go to it Renji"

"You can't just ignore a direct order from the head commander"

Ichigo took a deep breath to control his building anger. "Look Renji, is Aizen launching some sort of attack?"


"Is there some new threat or brand new filler arc villain attacking?"


"Have you guys wrongly accused me of something and are trying to arrest me again?"

Renji smirked a little bit. "Nope, not this week"

"Then I don't see any reason to go right now" Ichigo argued. "I'm tired, I have to go to school now, and I'm sure the old man can wait a few hours for me to show up. Come on Rukia, let's go"

An annoyed look formed on Renji's face as he watched them start walking away. "I figured you would be stubborn. Oh well time for plan B"

Renji brought his fingers to his lips and gave off a sharp whistle.

Ichigo and Rukia glanced back as suddenly an unmarked black van with tinted windows burst out from around the corner. The tires screeched to a halt as the van stopped in front of the group. The side door of the van opened revealing Ikkaku, Yumichika and Hisagi all dressed in the same style of Renji.

"Grab him"

Six arms reached out and grabbed a hold of the substitute shinigami yanking him into the van.

"What? Let go of me!" Ichigo roared out kicking and struggling the whole time.

"Renji" Rukia yelled out looking very ticked off right now, "You just said he wasn't being arrested"

"Hey, I was told to get him to come no matter what" Renji said as he lightly grabbed a hold of Rukia's hand. "You might as well come with us to"

"Wait…" Rukia started to protest but Renji had already pulled her along with him into the van and had shut the door.

"Step on it Kira"


The van's tires screeched once more as the vehicle took off at full speed going from 0 to 80 miles in a second and quickly disappearing down the street. As it left, a schoolbag dropped on to the sidewalk as its owner had just witnessed what had happened.

The normal upbeat and cheerful face of Orihime Inoue was now filled with a mixture of panic and fear as a few tears streamed down her face.

"Oh no. Kurosaki-kun has been abducted!"