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Chapter 1: The World Comes Crashing Down

Harry curled up into as small of a ball as possible, hiding under the smallest of beds in the cupboard under the stairs. From the kitchen he could hear his uncle yelling, and there was no doubt on what about…or more, who. Harry had not been able to finish his chores before his uncle had returned from work. It was nearly impossible for his small, five-year-old frame to complete the massive list of back-breaking chores.

Hearing the shouting stop, little Harry curled up even more under the bed, his eyes watching as a large shadow blocked out the little sunlight allowed in through the cupboard door. Vernon Dursley suddenly flung the cupboard door open, fully intent on beating his freak nephew to death's door.

He stopped dead in his tracks; from under the bed were two golden, glowing eyes looking up at him. Vernon's whole body froze, unable to look away. They seemed like molten lava rolling around golden irises. Feeling a shiver of dread, he quickly turned tail and slammed the door closed, locking his nephew back in the cupboard.

Harry never knew what saved him that day, but whatever it was never showed up again.

HP x HP x HP x Hp x HP x HP

Shaking his head, Harry looked out the window of his best friend's bedroom. He smiled softly, watching the Weasley twins harass the unsuspecting Percy.

Looking up slightly, he blinked, suddenly spying what appeared to be an owl flying towards the Burrow. It wouldn't have been unusual except that this owl was heading for the open bedroom window instead of the kitchen, where the mail was always delivered.

"Hey mate, what are you looking at?" Ron asked, moving up to his friend's side.

He was answered a moment later when the large, tawny owl flew into the room, landing gently on the bed. Attached to its leg was a thick package, yellowed with age.

"That's a delayed package," Ron said in awe, looking at the owl.

"A what?" Harry asked, never having heard about this type of mail before.

"It's a package or letter someone sent through the owl post, but sets a specific delivery date. Come on, open it," Ron said, bouncing on the bed like very small child at Christmas.

Harry rolled his eyes and untied the package, relieving the owl of its burden. The owl hooted and took off out the window, having completed its task. Turning the package over in his hands, Harry sat down on Ron's bed. "There's no return address," Harry said, looking over at Ron as he sat down beside him.

"Think we should give it to mum?" Ron asked "You know, with You-Know-Who running around and stuff?"

Harry shook his head; for some reason, whatever was in this package was making him feel calm and safe.

"I don't think it is anything that could hurt us."

Ron snickered and pulled at Harry's now long hair. "Maybe it is an explanation to what is making you look like a girl." Harry swatted his hand away, growling low.

Since his return from Hogwarts at the beginning of summer, Harry had began to change; during the month of July alone, he had a massive growth spurt and had gone from five feet and six inches to six feet exactly in only those few short weeks. Not only that, but his hair had become tamable and now lay in soft, feathered waves down his back and along his face – a face that had started to take on an almost feminine-like appearance. His voice had also finally dropped several octaves and had taken on a silkier tone, almost like the one Snape used when a student was about to get in some serious trouble.

"Shut up, Ron."

Looking to the door, Harry flicked his wand, locking it and putting a silencing charm around it.

"Ahh, it's so nice being able to hide our magic in with the adults," Ron snickered and poked at the package. "Come on already! Open it!"

Laughing, Harry tore the yellowed paper off, revealing a slightly beaten box. Taking a deep breath, he pulled the box open and blinked.

Inside was a deep crimson blanket with beautiful, gold embroidery. Setting the box down, he gently pulled the blanket out. Instantly, a feeling of security filled him, and he detected two scents that seemed distant, yet so familiar. Looking over the blanket, Harry saw a word embroidered in beautiful script along golden leaves and vines: ' Korirreth.' The word – or name - was foreign, but seemed so right at the same time.

"Hey, there is a letter in here as well."

Blinking, Harry looked back into the box; sitting at the bottom was a yellowed envelope that held a very familiar seal on it. "That's my Family crest." Keeping the blanket close, he pulled the letter out of box.

When he broke the aging seal, a thick sheet of parchment fell down on to the bed. Ron reached down and unfolded it. "By Merlin.. It's from your mum, Harry."

With slightly shaking hands, Harry took the letter from his best friend.

'Harry, my precious one. If you are reading this, then our worst fears have come to pass and we are no long among this world.'

Ron scooted in closer so he could read along with what Harry was saying.

'I am writing this in secrecy, for if this were to fall into the wrong hands, I am afraid of the outcome. There are many things you need to know, my precious one. The war is reaching the end; we can all feel it, but for that to happen, it must first reach its worst, and, my littlest dancer, I am afraid your life has been put in the middle of this great and terrible battle.

But first I must get this out, as you have probably been lied to for your entire life. We, that is myself and James, are not your biological parents.'

Harry stopped dead, his eyes becoming as wide as dinner plates. "I'm..."

Ron gently took the letter from his friend's hands and continued where he left off.

'I am sure, at this point, someone is reading this to you in your shock. Harry, please understand that this changes nothing in our heats - we love you as if you are our own.

Nearly a year prior to the date that I am writing this, Dumbledore approached James and I, requesting that we take on the care of the wizarding world's savior. He presented you to us, with glamour charms disguising you to look like James, saying that your real parents had been killed in a Death Eater raid. We were fools to believe him, but during this time, it was not an uncommon of a thing.

We agreed readily and took you into our lives, and it was instant love.

Dumbledore used a memory altering charm on everyone that was in close contact with us, making them believe I had been pregnant with you; you were only six days old, so it was not that hard to construct the lie and for people to fall it.

It was not until a week ago that we discovered the startling truth about your real origins. You, as curious as ever, had crawled in the room where I was practicing a new glamour removal charm. It misfired and struck you. I was so terrified…but in the moments after you were hit, I watched a very, very powerful glamour breaking from around you.

I cannot believe what Dumbledore has apparently done.

I was expecting to merely see a young baby with a different face…not the magical creature that you truly are.'

Ron stopped and stared with wide eyes at his best friend. Harry was looking back with just as much surprise and confusion.

"Magical creature?" they both said at the same time. Harry's mind was reeling, as was Ron's.

"There's more," Ron said with a loud swallow.

'There was no mistaking what you are - an Elf. Of what branch, we are uncertain, for your coloring is unlike anything James and I have ever heard of in any of the Elven races. But there is no mistaking those long, pointed ears.'

Harry instantly reached up and grabbed his ears. "They're still normal, mate," Ron said with a smirk, trying to lighten up the situation a bit.

'As I am sure you have read or learned if - as James is putting in now - you managed to stay awake during History of Magic class, Elves only live on a forbidden continent that humans have no contact with, and which the elves do not leave for any reason. There is no possible way that Dumbledore could have been entrusted with you by your supposedly deceased parents...he must have taken you from your real parents in order to fight a war he was not able or willing to fight.

I replaced the glamour charm on you so that Dumbledore will not learn that we have discovered the terrible act he has committed, but I am afraid that I am no match for him in power, and the charms should be wearing off as you reach your sixteenth birthday.

Harry...the blanket I am sending with you, James uncovered in a secret room in Hogwarts; there is no mistaking - it is the blanket you must have been taken with. Sirius even double checked our conclusions for us. It is apparent that there is very, very strong magic within that blanket, so keep it close to you. Maybe it will help you to find your birth family and take you away from this horrible world, and the people that wish to use you.

And remember - even if you are not ours by blood, James and I still love you with all of our hearts, and will die to protect you from both Voldemort and Dumbledore.'

The two boys sat in stunned silence, neither one knowing what to say. Harry was having the hardest time trying to digest all of this. Lily and James were not his real parents...hell, he wasn't even human!

"Wicked!" Ron suddenly yelled after a few minutes, turning to look at a bewildered Harry.

"Now you can really get Malfoy back!" A small smile broke out across Harry's face at this and he shook his head. Leave it to Ron to think of something like that during a life changing revelation.

Standing, Harry moved over to the mirror on the other side of the room and just gazed at his appearance.

"That explains everything," Harry said finally, after several minutes of silence. "How Voldemort," he ignored Ron's shudder, "failed to kill me...Hagrid once said some human magic cannot affect Elves."

Ron's jaw hit the ground, before a goofy grin spread across his face. "Wicked!"

Shaking his head, Harry's eyes suddenly darkened. "Dumbledore," he growled in a very dangerous voice.

"We need to let Herm know…"