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Of Demons and Mutants

Chapter I: Project Kitsune

Namikaze Minato looked on as he had just lost both his wife and son. His wife due to child birth, and his son due to the stunt pulled by the Kyuubi no Kitsune. He then watched as Sarutobi fell dead on top of Gamabuta, next to his sensei Jiraiya. The sealing went off without a hitch, until the Kyuubi ripped a hole in existence right above the child. Minato will never forget the words that the Kyuubi sent through its roar. "I maybe sealed inside a little ningen, but I will make sure this village will not get use of my power!" Minato was surprised that the Kyuubi could speak and that it ripped an opening in time and space, before he was able to do anything his son Naruto was gone. He started to think that he should have done the sealing so he didn't have to go through this pain. Just then his sensei Jiraiya landed next to him with the Third Hokage's body in his arms as Gamabuta desummoned himself. Minato looked at his sensei as he was lost for words and broken, this was the first time and only time the Elemental Countries would see 'The Yellow Flash of Konoha' or 'The Forth Hokage' utterly broken and lost of hope.

Jiraiya looked at his student and who he thought of a son and he wished that he would never see the state he was in ever again. His student had just lost the two things that were his life...his wife and just born son in two hours. Jiraiya felt compelled to say something, but he couldn't he just felt sadness and defeat just as his student. It felt as just they had just went through a battle of all battles just for the utter victory to be a defeat. As he himself, had just lost a godson, his sensei, and what would be a daughter like figure like Minato was his son like figure. They both stared at the spot where the had seen Naruto last and both cried silently and morned the three major people they had just lost.

This was the only time in the Elemental Countries, where the strongest and one of the strongest Hokage and shinobi felt defeat and both wanted nothing more than death for themselves.

Somewhere in the Amazon

A woman with dark green hair in her mid thirties walked on the path going back towards her base. She wore a dark brown almost black trench coat, with a brown long sleeve high collared shirt with a vest over that. She also wore form fitting pants and heeled boots. Her short dark green hair hung just a bit in-front of her face just over her right eye. Her green lipstick could be seen through the sun beams through the canopy of the rain forest. She was Lady Hydra leader of the HYDRA organization. She stopped as she heard crying near by. She walked about ten feet off the path, before she came to a baby only hours old wrapped up in a blanket. The baby had blond hair and looked to her either European or American, and then she spotted the whisker birthmarks on the child's face and the crimson eye in the right eye socket. At first she thought the baby was a mutant, but she would have to have tests prove it, until then she picked up the baby and noticed the tag on the boy's left foot. It was ripped and only had the baby's first name and date of birth without the year. She read it as it was in Japanese. It read: Name: Naruto...DOB: October, 10...

She cooed Naruto to sleep as she smiled, she had just found another test subject to make into the perfect weapon. She then turned and headed back to her base where she was going to check the progress of X-1 through X-23. 'If this boy is a mutant, he will be the best weapon next to that of X clones.' She thought as she entered the base.

Lady Hydra looked at the results of the test of Naruto and was both unhappy and amazed. The boy had no mutant DNA, but he did have an accelerated healing factor and growth rate of his brain. Also they had found that the child has more animal instincts, higher senses, and blood lust through his DNA. They had also found a strange tattoo on the boy's stomach, and were trying to translate the runes and strange symbols of the tattoo. 'No matter, he will still be great with that healing factor. We will teach him everything and mold him...yes he will be a great weapon for HYDRA.' She thought as finished reading the report of Naruto's tests. She then looked at the progress of the X clones and scowled. The only X clone that succeeded was X-23 because the healing factor only took to her. She continued to read the file on X-23. 'Sex: Female, DOB: September 21, 1983... ' She continued to read the file and an idea came into her head. 'Yes, the two perfect weapons will work together and grow together. Only a month apart from each other in age, they will bond and I will use that to keep them loyal.' She thought as she smiled and put the file down and looked back Naruto's and at his whisker birthmarks. 'They make him look like a cat or a fox...Yes, fox...and since that tag on his foot was in Japanese, I'll make him Project Kitsune...Yes, you will be Project Kitsune and will turn out to be the greatest weapon for HYDRA paired with X-23.' She looked up at the Doctor who gave her the two files and spoke. "Debra Riskmen, you will continue to over see X-23 and how she develops. Also I want you to monitor the new project I have in mind and how this new project and X-23 act towards each other. I want them to be paired and work together through the missions they will have both solo and co-op." Lady Hydra said as she looked at the woman in-front of her and smiled at the woman's shock.

Debra Riskmen was a Genetic Specialist, Lady Hydra knew she was one of the best and that she wanted to go outside the lines that governments put to keep things 'humane' and that's why HYDRA approached her with this one in a life time to go outside the lines of Genetics that governments placed. So Lady Hydra was not surprised when the Doctor spoke. "Yes, I'd be glad to over see another project and how well it works with X-23. But, what is the name of this new project?" The Doctor asked, and Lady Hydra just smiled.

"Project Kitsune...and this child Naruto, will be it. He will go through muscle, mind, and reflex enhancement programs. Also, weapons training for unarmed, bladed, and range weapons. With reconnaissance and spying training to gather Intel and use it while in the field." Lady Hydra said as she looked at the doctor. "Then there will be co-op training with X-23 as they will share the same room when old enough. Best teammate you can have if you can trust your life with said teammate." Lady Hydra said with a smirk on her face. The doctor nodded and exited the room with copies of the files. 'Project Kitsune and Project X-23...You two will bring great things for HYDRA.'

Five Years later

HYDRA HQ somewhere in the Amazon

Lady Hydra looked at the progress on Project Kitsune and smiled. It had been five years since she checked on the project and she was very happy with the progress. He had began to speak at the age of one year old he started to speak full sentences and was walking around like a toddler. Soon after he began to read and had great manners as he was taught. Then at the middle of his second year alive he became more like an animal with his senses and he started to yarn for blood at times. At that she was a bit taken back, she thought his blood lust would only appear in battle and training not an everyday occurrence. None the less he began to grow quite well, but the sharp and bigger than normal canines for his teeth was a bit scary and would prove to scare his opponents in a fight. He also had a huge appetite, which most figured had to to with his high metabolism, stamina, and healing factor. When she looked at the tests for his stamina she was shocked and pleased, he had more than a grown Olympic Athlete...a gold medal winning Athlete and still only be winded. They started to teach him what every child learned up until college, at the age of three. At the moment he was at a seventh grade level for everything by age five. Also at the age of three they put him through muscle enhancement programs with weapon and tactical lessons. To say the least, the child was born to be a solider. She then looked at the report on X-23, she was coming along nicely as she had progress a bit behind Project Kitsune but they would have to put her through the X program to have her surpass him and if not surpass then equal him. She noted in the report that X-23 had a bit of an aggressive nature, which was to be expected since all they had was the Y chromosome of the original weapon X project. She decided it was time that both Project Kitsune and X-23 to share living quarters. She walked into a room where both Doctor Riskmen and Kitsune were seated going over his studies. Both of them looked up at her, one surprised while the other had a look of indifference and near emotionless. She then looked at Kitsune's eyes and had a bit of fear went up her spine as she met that crimson eye. She then smiled, at how he could intimidate her just by his appearance. She then spoke as she stopped before Doctor Riskmen and Kitsune. "I am proud of your progress and growth, I think it is time for a change is it not?" She said to the Doctor.

Doctor Riskmen was a bit taken back when Lady Hydra came unexpected and then asked if it was time for a change. The only change she could think of was the move to have him interact with X-23. Her eyes then widened as she thought of the possibility. "No, Lady Hydra I think it is a bit too soon for that change. I mean, they both are progressing nicely but X-23 is a bit hostile when her space is invaded a bit too much." Doctor Riskmen said, as she tried to plead with Lady Hydra.

Naruto just looked on with indifference, until he heard about this X-23. He had heard from the guards outside his room that it was hectic when they had to deal with X-23 when she got over aggressive. He just thought that X-23 was an over reacting kid with issues, until he heard the word 'her' and had to rethink his first thought of her.

Lady Hydra just shook her head before speaking. "No, it's time for the change. It will also increase the way they handle missions together. So, they will share the same room for the remainder of the project." Lady Hydra said sternly as she spoke to the doctor.

"Understood Lady Hydra, we will begin the next phase ASAP." Doctor Riskmen said and then turned to Naruto. "Come on Naruto, you have someone to meet and the lesson is done for today." She then took him and lead him out the room.

HYDRA HQ some where in the Amazon

Room A31C

Naruto walked into the room behind Doctor Riskmen. He noticed that someone else was inside the room. The other person was a girl his age, she had long dark brown almost black hair. She wore a black t-shirt and black pants same as he wore. She looked at him with the same look as he looked at her, indifference. The Doctor then spoke. "X-23, I would like you to meet your new roommate Kitsune." Doctor Riskmen then pushed Naruto towards X-23 with a subtle nudge. He got the picture and walked over to the girl and held out his hand.

"Hello, nice to meet you I'm Kitsune and you are?" He said in his normal voice of indifference. She looked at him for a second then at his hand...Then she punched him right in the nose and breaking it. The punch also sent him flying through the air and landed hard against the wall across from the girl.

Naruto slid down the wall and landed on his rear on the ground. Now, it took a lot to both hurt and made Naruto angry. He was training in hand-to-hand combat and was taught to control his emotions and think clearly. But, when she hit him and broke his nose it felt like he was hit by a chair as he was hit by a chair before. It also didn't help that he never had his taste of blood as his body yarned for. So he got up slowly as his nose snapped back into place. He spit out the glob of blood that formed in his mouth and rushed the girl, before the Doctor could do anything. He was in-front of her with his fist revved back, and landed the fist home...right hook to the face. This time she went flying, spinning and landed face first into the wall. She pushed herself off the wall and stared at him for a good second and lunged at Naruto. Him expecting a sort of retaliation was prepared when she lunged at him and tackled him and started to throw punches to his exposed face...if he wasn't prepared. As soon as she tackled him, they started to roll until they hit the wall and she was over him. But her arms were being held at her side by his hands, so she did the next best thing...she head butted him. To say he was surprised would be one thing, but he was not only surprised he was down right furious. After he got out of being a bit dazed. Then he looked at her forehead, not for just looking at it no...he seen the crimson red blood that was sliding down her face and dripping off...He then lost it. His blue eye was now turning crimson red as his right eye and his fangs started to sharpen a bit, but what was most notable to the guards entering the room, Doctor Riskmen, X-23, and now entering Lady Hydra was the look of pure insanity on his face as he went on the offensive. He pushed her off of him and brought her to the was as he leaned over her his mouth over her neck and open wide and sunk his teeth into her. Everyone had a look of pure shock on their face, as Naruto stood there drinking the blood for X-23 for a good minute before he stopped and fell backwards unconscious as his left eye turned back to the unmatched shade of blue it was.

X-23 looked at the boy who just bit her and finally over the shock screamed, not of fear no of pain as she moved away from the blond and sat in the corner as her neck healed. She would glance at the blond every few seconds and then away as she held her neck.

The guards and Doctor Riskmen were still shocked at what the blond did...it made him look like the fabled vampire in the books. That is until one guard spoke what they had on their mind. "Holy shit..."

Lady Hydra looked at the scene after she got over her shock and frowned before smiling as she turned to leave after the guards remark of the scene. "Solved two problems with one solution. Just keep a close on the two and make sure they don't kill each other. Doctor Riskmen, I need a word." The Doctor then followed her leaving the unconscious Naruto and the dazed and hurting X-23.

One year and six months later

HYDRA HQ somewhere in Alaska

Weapon X HYDRA chamber

Lady Hydra looked on as they put X-23 through the Weapon X program, and was quite impressed at how she didn't go berserk. As she looked on, she opened the file in her hand. It was the status on the progress of Project Kitsune. She was a but put off at how he seemed to continue to grow in both intelligence and stamina. She knew he was special when she found him, but she never thought that he would never thought that she found something so extraordinary that it seemed like she was blessed with this child. His hand-to-hand combat skills were great, but they took the back seat as his marksmanship and his skills with blades though he preferred a ninjatō were feared for his accuracy and his speed with using said weapons. She would have thought he would use a trench knife or a dagger compeered to the rare and especially pair of ninjatō made to fit his need as he said that he would prefer that weapon than any other bladed weapon he had used before. When asked why, he would respond with a logical 'They are quick and used by shinobi who were assassins as I will be...am I right?' So after finding the materials and crafting the pair of blades, they awarded Kitsune with a pair of adamtium ninjatō. His marksmanship was impressive for someone his age, he could make a fully automatic AK-47 fire perfectly on a target with his strength to lessen the recoil to a a helpful advantage. It was surprising to see what the child could do with a pair of Usp's or Beretta's. Even some of the best marksmen in HYDRA could tell that the boy was gifted when they watched some of his training sessions. He was the most efficient solider she had, yet he had no experience in the field and she knew that she would change that soon. She then looked at the only problem she had found with him and was glad cleared up with both Kitsune and X-23 sharing a room. His blood lust was becoming a problem before he shared a room, he would bite or simply cut people to get a taste of blood for the day. They had tried to get him blood packs, but he demanded flesh warm blood. To say the least, as he and X-23 continued to fight but it would end up with both of them tired and Kitsune getting his taste of blood for the day for the first three months. After that, they seemed relatively calm and conformable with each other's presence. Or more like X-23 finally saw that fighting with said blond was a waste of energy and decided that she wouldn't fight with said blond anymore. Soon after, she would willingly let him bite her neck and drain her of blood for a moment before he would apologize and then remain quiet until they both fell asleep. She was quite surprised when X-23 started to cooperate with Kitsune and then actively try to prove that she was stronger than him. All it took was his presence to make her a bit less aggravated to everyone and thing. Lady Hydra smiled at the right decision she had made. All she had to do was make sure that they would be loyal and think every command by her was law and not to be broken. She then turned back to X-23 as she was finishing the Weapon X program. It had taken her a good three months, but X-23 was now a full fledged mutant and clone of Weapon X. Lady Hydra smiled at how well things were coming for her and HYDRA.

HYDRA HQ somewhere in Alaska

Room V25D level A2

Naruto sat in the room he shared, it was no different from the one he shared before. He just noted it was warmer as it was cold outside the base as the only time he had seen the outside was when he arrived. It was also three months since he had seen the girl X-23 and three months since he had a taste of blood...or more importantly her blood. He could control his behavior so much without a taste of blood, but it felt like the past three months were torture as he had to calm himself repeatedly during lessons and training as he wouldn't pull punches to not cause serve injury to the people teaching him. But as of late he was having trouble just to stop himself from using his teeth or ninjatō to cut someone and drink their blood. Just as he was unsheathing and sheathing his ninjatō since he entered the room, he was expecting to stay without blood for another day. That is until the door opened, and the two guards threw X-23 in the room in a rather unorthodox way. He was there to catch her before she hit the ground and sent a glare at the guards for their rudeness and noticed they were new and had a cocky look on their faces. They then closed the door and left the two alone. He held he up and began to walk over to her side of the room, which as empty as the two had nothing in the other from the room before. But before he could even take five steps from the door, he felt pain...intense pain and then heard flesh being cut. He didn't scream out in pain, he was taught not to but he did have a look of shock before he spit up blood. As he looked down, he found what was causing him the pain. A pair of metal blades in his gut, going in through his stomach and out his back. His blood dripped off from the blades and onto the floor. Then he noticed that his blood slid down the blade and onto the back of a hand...a hand that he looked on to have it connected to the girl he was holding. Then he felt pain again, this time in his side as another pair of blades was lodged in his side going through the other side. Before he knew it she was clawing him all over his body. All he felt was pain as he landed hard against the wall and slid down it leaving a trail of blood on the wall. He felt light, but at the same time he felt something boil inside of him...then he lost control again.

No one knew about the Kyuubi sealed inside of Naruto, as they were still trying to decode the tattoo on his stomach. The fox grimed an insane grim as its Youkai was being pulled to its jailer as its blood lust and constant injections of Youkai seemed to take their effect. "Soon, we will meet...soon we will be free and use what you've been taught to survive in this world...soon kit soon." The fox said as it closed its eyes and looked through the right eye of his jailer the grim never leaving its face.

By now X-23 was sitting across from Kitsune looking with indifference as she watched the blood from said boy pooled and he sat there motionless. She then started to close her eyes to feel the only thing she liked sleep, until she felt a warm wave take over her senses and screamed for her to run...little did she know her instincts were right. She had little to no time to look up as the blond she sliced and stabbed not only a moment ago stood over her completely healed and with a look of insanity on his face. She had seen this look on his face once before, when they first met. There was more to this look than him just wanting blood, it was like he wanted to do the same thing she just did to him...and he now smelled like an animal...a fox even. After three seconds, she was now soaring in the air over the blond and hit the ceiling. Before gravity could take its toll, Kitsune was in-front of her with one of his ninjatō prepared to skewer her to the ceiling with the blade. She swung at him with her now extended claws, which he blocked with his ninjatō. They were suspended in the air for a good four seconds before gravity took its course and sent the two to the floor. Even in his crazed state Naruto was still combat trained and flipped the two in mid air to make sure he landed on her. When they landed, he had her pinned against the floor with his insane grim never leaving his face. She was about to strike him with her blades in her feet, until he sunk his teeth in her neck drawing blood and the intense pain unlike the other times returning like the first time. This was the second time where she felt weak and helpless, Kitsune's eyes became normal and he saw the fear in her eyes and immediately felt the whole ordeal of what he had done even if he lost it. He felt something he had never felt before, but knew what it was due to the lessons on emotions he was put through... For the first time, the perfect HYDRA weapon had felt guilt for what he had done. He got away from her as soon as possible and looked at his reflection in the clean part of the floor and paled as he seen the amount of blood that he caused to someone who he had to share a room with. He couldn't control himself, he couldn't hold back his blood lust, and he couldn't face himself. "I'm...a complete and utter monster. A MONSTER!" He yelled as he seen his reflection smile at him. X-23 looked with wide eyes at the boy. She was taken back at the sight of him after just taking her blood. And she felt something she had never felt, it was...compassion. She was understanding how he felt about what he did. She knew what people thought of her and how they thought she was a monster.

Kitsune took his other ninjatō from the sheathe and prepared to stab himself in the heart. He was about to push the blade into him, but was stopped by X-23 and she shook her head no. He was wide eyed and tried to push the blade with more force, only to have it not move an inch. "Let me die, I'm a monster! I can't even control myself being without blood for a short amount of time! Please, let me die!" He yelled at her, only to get a sharp pain in his stomach like before. And before he knew it, the ninjatō was ripped from his grasp and tossed to the other side of the room. He looked at the blade in his stomach, and seen it was coming out from her hand like a pair of claws. But before he could think for another second she spoke.

"We're both monsters, then let's make sure we stay together as monsters." Her voice was soft, tough, and angel like. All he could do was stare and nod as he healed when her claw retracted. She then walked to a corner of the room and sat down leaning against the wall and silently wept as she was trying to fall asleep. After a few minutes, she felt a pair of arms warp around her and a warm liquid touch her clothing and saw that Kitsune was holding her. Before she could force him off of her, he said something.

"I've read that a hug can make a person 'cheer' up, and I can tell you're sad. So, here as a thanks for stopping me." He said as he leaned his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes. Kitsune would remember her voice since it was the first thing she did that made noise other than cry and walk inside they room they shared.

HYDRA HQ somewhere in Alaska

Command Room C Level A2

Lady Hydra smirked as she seen the ordeal between the two. 'Yes, the connection has begun...they will be the perfect team and bring more weapons in the next thirty years.' She thought and turned to Doctor Riskmen. "Six months, that's how long until their first mission. For now on, they will have team training together. Push them hard as I want results in three months." She got a nod from the Doctor and left the room the smirk never leaving her face. 'Seemed I have great luck to have stumbled upon that baby six and half years ago.' She thought as she prepared to leave the base and go to an other base to check the progress on the weapon manufacturing. This new electric stun and wired to explode dart they are working on. She would have the prototypes ready for the two's mission if possible.

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Next Time on 'Of Demons and Mutants'

"Finally we meet...my jailer...and the person who can get us freedom in due time."


"You don't know? You're no better than I am in your current situation. You're just a weapon...a slave for that woman...don't you want to be able to go any where you want? Do anything you want? Be with anyone you want?" The Kyuubi smirked as he seen the look on his jailer's face. 'Yes, take my words and get us freedom young kit. We and that mate of yours will run free and explore this world in due time...'

Chapter II: Meeting a Demon and Becoming One

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