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Chapter II: Meeting a Demon and Becoming One.

Five Months later...

HYDRA HQ somewhere in Europe

Holding Cell A8B12 Level C3

Kitsune was in a room with machine guns mounted on the walls. They were fixated on him, as he looked at the man across the room chained to the wall. He looked battered and broken. The man as Kitsune could tell, was in his late thirties. His dark hair now matted with his own dry blood. Kitsune looked at the man with eyes that showed shock and disbelieving reality. Then Kitsune heard a voice come in over the intercom located inside the walls. "Kitsune, your next training is to kill this man...He is a S.H.I.E.L.D spy. He needs to die, before they find out he's been captured so we can misdirect their Intel. So, it is either you kill him...or the machine guns mounted on the walls kill you." Kitsune looked wide eyed as he recognized the voice. It was Lady Hydra he had seen her on occasion. Just then, the mounted guns begin to take aim at his vital areas...namely his head and heart. "If you don't kill the man in thirty seconds, the guns will open fire on you. While I know you can read the trajectory of the bullets from some or most of mounted guns, I don't know how long you can dodged them." Lady Hydra's voice through the intercom warned. Kitsune just stood there not knowing what to do, until the thirty seconds were up... Then the bullets began to fly.

HYDRA HQ somewhere in Europe

Control Room Block C3

Lady Hydra frowned as she would have thought his indifference towards people wouldn't effect his decision to kill. It has been like that for two months ever since he refused to kill the man his trainers told him to kill. If he wouldn't kill by choice, then she would kill if he valued his life...and if he still hesitated she would just tell him that X-23 could kill relentlessly. She watched as he dodged the relentless barrage of bullets trying to hit her weapon. She then told the people programing the guns to aim at his chest and lower body and stop if he made any move to kill the prisoner. If she lost her perfect weapon...then what else would she make HYDRA great as it was meant to be. Now all she have to do was wait, soon his instincts will make him kill the man. It was human nature after all. She smiled as that thought surfaced in her mind.

HYDRA HQ somewhere in Europe

Holding Cell A8B12 Level C3

Kitsune kept up the dodging as the bullets began to speed up, or was it that he was tiring. It had been over three hours and his senses were in overdrive. His eyes flickered to every gun every time he dodged he would would look at another gun and dodge. He knew that he would get hit and riddled with bullets soon as he came close many times and the bullets would scratch him as he barely dodged at least half of them. He knew he was fast and had stamina, but he knew his limits. So, after he dodged one wave of the barrage of bullets he locked eyes with the man that was battered and broken. He slowly reached for his pair of ninjatō...and rushed with the rest of his strength and speed. Five meters...three meters...one foot...the sound of blades piercing flesh and multiple slashes were heard as it drowned out the cry of the man and the spray of blood. The man's head was now on the floor rolling across the cell to the other side. The blood spurted from the neck wound, going up and in an umbrella motion as it landed around the body. The blood rained down on Kitsune and onto his face. He slowly turned and looked at the camera. His eyes were cold, colder than any ice and could freeze hell over and make anything or anyone fear those eyes...these were the eyes of a demon. The coldest ice blue left eye and the cold crimson right eye, one to make you freeze in the gaze and the other that could kill you and take your soul in its gaze.

HYDRA HQ somewhere in Europe

Control Room Block C3

Everyone gasped as they seen the gaze of blond haired child. Many looked away, as for fear of their own life and sanity. The only one who didn't look away was Lady Hydra, she had felt fear in its rawest form through his eyes and she knew she had made the perfect weapon...and she feared it. She shook herself out of the shock and spoke. "Escort him back to his room with X-23." She then turned and left the control room.

HYDRA HQ somewhere in Europe

Room 45G2 Level X1

Kitsune walked inside the room he shared and glared at the guards, who in return backed away. They feared the look in his eyes, the only time they had seen a look that cold in anyone's eyes much less a boy. They quickly backed out the door as soon as they led him in, locking the door as they left. Kitsune went to the left side of the room quickly sat down and began to replay what he did and why he did it. He never noticed the look from X-23, which was confusion and concern. After going over the reasons for the actions, he became quickly enraged. Little did he know, this action led to a certain demon to start its scheme.

"They're using you...making you their weapon of death...making you and her nothing but tools..." Kitsune hear the faint whisper, he looked up and at X-23. He knew that the voice wasn't her, it had so much power and certainty to it. He then felt tired, as his eye lids began to fall he heard the whisper again.

"Now, come and see me...we will talk and plan our freedom from these powerless masters..."

Mind Scape

Domain of Demons

Kitsune stood in-front of a giant set of gates leading into a room calling out to him. He reached out and with a push the gates opened just enough to allow him entry. As he walked in, he noticed the walls were all a sleek crimson red with dark scarlet marble floor. He soon found himself in-front of a pair of jail bars the size of the gate he went through. As he looked up at the size of the bars, he soon found a pair of crimson eyes the same as his right eye meeting his eyes. He felt the power that radiated off the eyes, then soon found the rest of the body of the owner of the eyes. A giant fox with nine tails, crimson fur, giant paws with claws that could tear the earth and buildings apart if need be, teeth sharper than any blade, but what really had Kitsune amazed was how much experience and years the beast held in its eyes. They both stood and sat there staring in each other's eyes, before the beast gave a small laugh as it showed its teeth. "So, you heard my whispers of the truth? If, not then I guess you wouldn't be able to find this place within your mind and soul..." The fox gave another laugh before continuing. "The realization of what you have been taught came to light...even the little ningen you feed your blood craving off of figured it out. So, little one what is your choice? Enslavement like an obedient mutt or freedom like the kitsune oni we are?" The fox said before the blond haired human boy, its sly smile never leaving its face.

Kitsune stood there thinking with a look of anger and hate, before setting back to his usual look of indifference. "I am no one's slave, I don't bow down like a dog...so that means I am a free kitsune and if they want a weapon...they'll get a weapon until the weapon starts to cut the hand it holds like a double edged blade." Kitsune said, his eyes never leaving the giant fox before him.

"Good, even you little ningen knows the wanting of freedom. You will obey them for now, when the time presents itself you will hear my whispers. Now, what of this ningen you feed off of...what is she to you?" The fox had a look of mischief in its eyes as the subject came into the conversation.

"She means nothing to you, so why even bother yourself with her?" Now, Kitsune was interested on why this beast was interested with his relationship with X-23.

"She is powerful and strong, but her blood is tasteful is it not? She also doesn't want to be an obedient mutt...she wants to be a free bird and soar the skies on her own will. It would do well to find her after we escape from this place, weather we be first to escape or not it would do well for us." The fox said widening its grin.

"Why do you say us? When it is mostly me, you said this is my mind yes? Then that would mean you are just a figment of my mind is it not?" Kitsune said as he looked at the beast.

"Ningen, do not think for a second that I am something you thought up. I have made entire empires fall before my might and fury. If it weren't for that ape and shimigami, your place of origin would be nothing but ashes in the wind. We may now be one, but do not think for a second you are more powerful than I. If you do, I'll be gladly to die as I make you suffer a miserable death from the inside out. You only live if I will you to, otherwise we'll both be at death's doorstep in a microsecond. Now understand, that the Kyuubi no Kitsune king of all the Bijuu and foxes is inside you and should you do anything I disapprove of..." The Kyuubi left the threat hanging as its voice rose and boomed throughout the room.

Kitsune nodded and found himself amazed at the power of the fox, just as its anger rose. "So, we are tied to each other. So, you could lend me your power when I absolutely need it am I right?" Kitsune questioned trying to get from the beast.

"If I choose to lend my power ningen, do not think just because you are about to be killed that I will come to your aide. I will not lend you my power until I find that it is an enemy that deserves to be slaughtered with my aide. There is a price for my aide if you ever need it when the time comes." The Kyuubi then stared at the blond and exhaled. "Keep drinking blood from that ningen female you are with...her blood seems to have the only taste of all the blood you've had so far. Drink hers and only hers, don't try to feed me anything else. I don't care how long we have to wait after we escape to drink her blood again just make sure you do drink it again. Now leave me and obey those wretched fools. We will escape in due time ningen in due time..." The Kyuubi then blew Kitsune out of the room and mind with the gust from its tails, before laying on it's paws and closing its eyes for rest.

One Month later

Eastern China

Freighter Plane A2005C

Cargo Hold

Kitsune was checking his equipment as he and X-23 prepared their for their jump a few clicks from the target area. He wore a Japanese kitsune mask with built in night vision goggles that also function as a camera that recorded his every action. The mask also had a black cloth that clipped around the back of the mask. He wore a fitting black trench coat with dark green lining on the inside, that was made of Kevlar with metal lining. His fingerless black leather gloves and his metallic belt with an adamtium ring attached to a titanium wire. His sage green shirt underneath, with the hostlers for the custom made COLT SOCOM OHWS pistols equipped with silencers. The dual pistols had an extended magazine of thirteen rounds and was painted a dark scarlet with the grip being pained a crimson red. It weighed a bit more than a usual COLT SOCOM OHWS silencer in all, due to the customization of the rotating barrel and the built in laser. His pants were black, with extra easy open pockets that contained magazines and the explosives needed for the mission. On his right shin, there were a set of five new stun-exploding darts that were circular in shape. His black steel toed combat boots with an knife inside the sole of the boot. He cleaned the barrel of his custom COLT SOCOMs before putting the gun back together and getting ready to go to the drop off point. He remembered his orders exactly, "Infiltrate the Chinese base, plant the explosives on the points on this map and head for the extract point. Eliminate anyone who stands in the way of the mission and proceed with stealth." That woman's voice never leaving his mind as he felt anger raise, but quickly stopped it as it began. He looked over at X-23 and observed her attire. She wore a full body black suit, with slits for her claws and a mask with the eyes being the same as his kitsune mask. Her combat boots also had slits for the blades in her feet. Her long hair inside the mask as they prepared to make the jump. They were given a disposable glider to use when below three thousand feet. The cargo ramp slid open as they held on to the side of the entrance. Then at 2355 hours they jumped. Now for two seven year old children who were taught to jump out plans with parachutes, they did this jump relatively easily as Kitsune threw his cord on his belt to warp around X-23 and prepared the glider. As they neared the ground, he gave a slight tug on the cord and unhooked X-23 from it as she landed on a branch of a tree. Kitsune, dropped from the glider a bit from the ground and allowed it to land in the lake that was their drop point. As they met up after thirty seconds, they began to make their way north east to the Chinese military base.

Two Hours later

Chinese Military Base 'Mihogin Cho'

South West fence

Kitsune and X-23 as silent as an empty house, stalked out the forest south west of the base and came to their entry point. X-23 was about to cut the fence, when Kitsune stopped her. He nodded no and pointed at the motion sensor right in-front of the gate. He then backed up and threw his cord to the nearest branch and tested the strength of it before signaling X-23 to come to him. As they swung, he threw X-23 up and she flipped over the fence, as he tugged on the cord releasing it from the tree and flipped over the fence behind X-23. As they landed they quickly sprinted across the small field and slid up to the wall of the nearest building inside the base. They then split up and continued to plant explosives around the base, before heading to the main building where the most explosives had to be placed. They avoided the guards, and made their way to the armory by the main building. Kitsune then threw his cord up and had it link around the rail on the roof of the armory. He grabbed hold of X-23 and had the cord retract pulling both of them up, before two guards came around the corner. Kitsune unsheathed his blades as he jumped with X-23 and dug his blades in the wall of the main building, as she did the same with her claws. They then proceeded to climb the wall to the nearest window, before X-23 cut the glass with a big enough hole for entry.

Five minutes later

Chinese Military Base 'Mihogin Cho'

Main Operations Building

Fifth Floor Room V9

After entering the building, and planting the explosives around the rooms on the sixth floor the began their decent to the the basement. X-23 had just cut a hole in the floor leading into the room they were currently in, when the door began to open. Kitsune acting quickly, lunged at the person coming inside before they could have the door fully opened. He threw his cord aiming where the person's neck would be and successfully had it wrap around their throat and with his speed ran around the person with his gun drawn and looked left and right. Seeing two guards to his left, he let off three shots two hitting the guard on the left in the left side of the chest and the head. Once hitting the guard on the right, square in the forehead. He then with his free hand pulled on the wire strangling the person he caught with his cord and easily crushed their windpipe and snapping their neck at once. He pushed the closet corpse, which was a female scientist who tried to enter the room into it before dragging the other two into it. He then signaled X-23 that the hallway was clear, and for her to take to crawling on the ceiling as he made around on foot.

Thirty five minutes later

Chinese Military Base 'Mihogin Cho'

Main Operations Building

Basement Level A2

Kitsune and X-23 had just split up as she went to set the rest of the explosives, as he would eliminate the rest of the guards on the floor. Just when he stabbed the last guard he had known to be on the floor, he did a back flip to avoid a large stone like blade trying to server his head off his shoulders. He looked at the blade and it seemed to be made of a mix of stone and metal and was attached to a person's arm. He then rolled forward as another blade tried to pin him to the wall. He looked at the person attacking him, and noticed that the man was in his late twenties with short black hair and was Chinese from the way his eyes and face was shaped. He hear the man speak in Chinese. "Intruder...you won't make it out alive scum." Kitsune lashed out at one of the man's arms with his ninjatō, but before he could connect with the arm it reformed itself back to a regular arm and shorten itself as well. He then whipped out on of his pistols and shoot five bullets of the full clip at the man. The bullets were blocked by the man using both his arms to reform them into a shield the size of the man. Kitsune then charged holstering his pistol and unsheathing his other ninjatō with his free hand. The two then fought with their blades, two being the sword arms while the other two being adamtium ninjatō. But, the fight then became an evasion and strike game as the man figured out quickly it would be more damaging to block Kitsune's ninjatō. As Kitsune dodged one slash at his neck, the man reform the same arm into a hammer and connected his attack with Kitsune's mask sending him a short ways down the hallway. As he flew, the ninjatō in his right hand, landed further down the hallway. He quickly rolled aside as two blades were where he previously landed. He got up and drew the pistol he used earlier on the man, with his right hand. He then ducked under a swing at his mid section, and used the same arm that attacked as a pole to swing himself upward to evade the stab when he dodged. He let off three more shots, only to be blocked again by that shield the man created with his arms. He twisted his body while in mid air, to avoid a slash from a blade arm only to get battered into the floor from a hammer arm. Before he could get slashed by a blade arm, he let off four shots at the man's legs. The man just somersaulted to the right to evade the bullets. Kitsune then spurn himself up to his feet and lashed out with a combo of kicks and slashes from his ninjatō. The slashes were avoided, but the kicks hit their destinations. The man stumbled back a bit, and Kitsune put more pressure on him by starting another combo wanting to end it. The man lashed out to take the top of Kitsune's chest off, which was evaded by ducking. The man then sent a kick at Kitsune, who used the same blade arm as a pole again and swung himself up. However, the man was prepared and lashed out with another blade arm to server his head, but Kitsune twisted himself in the air and evaded the slash but got his mask where he hit it earlier and breaking the right eye and right side of the forehead off. Kitsune then pinned the man's arms together with his ninjatō and threw a dart, which fell from its slot on his right shin at the man's mouth where it connected. He then pushed off the man with his arms as the dark electrocuted him. As he landed, he took aim with his pistol and fired, hitting the dart triggering the explosives inside the dart. All the man saw, was the crimson eye from the broken mask and thought one thought before Kitsune pulled the trigger. 'A demon...' The explosion was small and blew the man's right off, the remains of the man's brains were littered on the hallway. Kitsune just walked up to the man, took his ninjatō from the man's pinned arms and turned around walking to collect his other weapon as he reloaded.

One hour and twenty-five minutes later

Eastern China

Five miles South of 'Mihogin Cho'

Extraction Point

Kitsune and X-23 sat up against a tree, as they waited for the small helicopter to pick them up. X-23 noticed how his mask was broken and decided to ask him about it later. Kitsune had to make sure he covered their tracks as they escaped the base. Then he heard a explosion in the distance and knew the explosives went off destroying the base and anyone in it. He then pointed his gun to the east and shot off a bullet, hitting a man in the heart that had found them. He then got to his feet as X-23 jumped up to a tree branch and jumped off to the south. Kitsune just threw his cord up to a tall branch and retracted himself up, before a group of seven Chinese soldiers entered the circular clearing. As they entered, they heard gunshots to the south where the other search group was located. As they were about to head for that position, they seen the other solider who had gone up ahead dead with a bullet in his chest. One of the men crotched down and felt for a pulse, and shook his head no to the leader. The seven soldiers in the group began to head south, only to had three of them next to each other start to choke and grab at their throats. As the other four turned around and about to help their comrades, the three had their necks snapped at the retracting line and force of the pull on the line. They then opened fired at the spot the wire came from with their Type 86 assault riffles. After about twenty bullets from each of them, they stopped firing only to see a black blur with a crimson red dot shot out from the forest. They began to fire again, as the blur was upon them it shot the soldier to the far right before hitting the one in the front with its knee. It then twisted the soldier in front's arm around to where his gun was point to the soldier to his left. The blur then twisted upward into the air over the soldier who's arm was twisted around and shot him in the side of the neck in his jugular vein, thus making him fire off his riffle shooting and killing his comrade with the rest of the clip before he himself spun and landed to the ground dead. The last soldier began to reload as the blur was over his comrade, only to have the gun knocked from his grasp and came face to face with the blur. His eyes widened, when he seen it was a child and his blood went cold as he stared into the crimson eye. He only thought one thing before the boy pulled the trigger and ending his life from a bullet to the head. 'A demon...'

Kitsune had his arm stretched out to where the soldier he had just killed head was. He then turned to where X-23 landed and spoke. "You okay?"

She nodded as she retracted her claws. She then touched the right side of her face under her right eye, signaling that she was curious on how it was broken.

"Mutant inside the base when I began to clean up Level A2. During the fight, caught him day dreaming so I blew his brains out. So, now his head is up in the clouds." She nodded, as she heard the helicopter fly towards their position. The helicopter then hovered about twenty feet overt their position, before they both jumped to a tall branch and used Kitsune's line to hook onto the landing bars of the helicopter. They then flew away as they got into the transport.

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Preview of the next chapter of Of Demons and Mutants

Chapter III: The Escape and Kitsune for Hire.

"Now is the time, this is our twentieth solo mission. It's time we make our escape look like we were killed. You know what to do..."

'Yeah, finally we go from obedient mutts to roaming foxes. Let's see how great the world feels from the other side.'