I've been trying to think up a weird ass cliché for the Clones. This is all I've really come up with, since no one's ever continued a fic after the Naruto has kids. Though I have read a couple where it's all 'Naruto's Hokage and Sasuke's ANBU and the kids are down right brats about everything.' Though that's not really what I want to do, I want to keep this silly.

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"You both brought girls home for supper?" Naruto squeaked in happiness while Sasuke grunted, Uchiha speak for 'I'm so proud of you, my two strong sons.' Naruto pouted for a moment before smiling again.

"Introduce us." Naruto had somehow, in the fifteen years since we've last seen him, made Hokage, beat up Pein and all the remaining Akatsuki members, and fused with Kyuubi, thereby inheriting some strange traits.

His eyes were no longer blue, but a weird purple that kept changing like oil and water constantly mixing and unmixing. His canines were far longer then a normal human's, and as such Sasuke's neck was now littered with scars from the blonde Uke trying to muffle his vocals while in the sack. His tan ears were pointed and only slightly fuzzy, a trait that Sasuke found only the slightest endearing...in a totally manly way. He would never admit that his uke was adorable, except when sex was on the line; then he would say anything. Which only proves that men are lying pigs and should be....oops, sorry. Back to the story. ^-^;;

The more interesting sign that our favorite blonde had fused with out favorite fox demon was the slightly incorporeal tale made of purple chakra that was visible at all times. It didn't do much besides show Naruto's emotions and wag, though if the blonde concentrated hard enough he could use it to feel up Sasuke at social functions where he needed both hands in plain view.

But enough about Naruto and all his over-clichéd accomplishments, we're here about the twins and the girls they brought home. Now, now I know what you're all thinking. She's gone and done the horrible over-clichéd Sakura and Ino's kids...but you'd be wrong. Let's start this again, now that we've got the back story down. :D


"You both brought girls home for supper?" Naruto squeaked in happiness while Sasuke grunted, Uchiha speak for 'I'm so proud of you, my two strong sons.' Naruto pouted for a moment before smiling again. "I think I know these two, but introduce me anyway."

Nasuke, the boy who looked exactly like his blonde father, but with black hair and eyes, smiled shyly and nodded. His slightly uke personality was coming through; if the boy hadn't been straight he would have been snapped up in a second by any of the semes in the village.

"This is Kinata." The girl who stood beside the pale brunette smirked, giving a two fingered salute to the parents of her boyfriend. Red triangles on her cheeks gave away one half of her parenting, though the long black locks gave away her other half...as did her name.

Uchimaki, Uchi for short, looking exactly like his stoic seme father, save for the blonde hair and glinting blue eyes, smirked as he introduced his girlfriend.

"This is Shimari." The blonde nodded respectfully, though a faint light of challenge shone in her dark brown eyes.

"Pleased to meet you, Hokage-sama." Both girls bowed and spoke simultaneously. Then turned and glared at each other for daring to speak at the same time.

"Pleased to meet you back. Let's eat, I'm starving." The girls toed off their shoes as Naruto bounced into the kitchen, Sasuke gliding stoically behind him, eyes riveted on the blonde's posterior.


"So how did you meet?" Naruto's chipper voice nearly shouted as he served grilled fish and rice. Nasuke pouted a little at the fact that no ramen was present for the meal, and as he met his father's blue eyes he could see the sentiment reflected there and felt better. The fact that Kinata's foot was slowly sliding up his pant leg probably helped with his hurt feelings as well.

"Who?" Uchi and Nasuke asked at the same time.

"Both of you silly."

"Who goes first?" The twins once again spoke simultaneously, earning a glare from their ebony eyed father. It creeped him out when the twins talked at the same time, all weird and creepy...

Nasuke bowed his head while Uchi met Sasuke glare for glare, neither seme willing to back down in the struggle for alpha male. It was a contest as old as time, if either looked away, the food would be stolen as well as the women. Near growls were beginning to erupt from both males. Twin sighs could be heard from both Naruto and Kinata before two identical 'THWAPS' were heard.

"Dobe" Sasuke turned and glared at his uke who was steadfastly ignoring him in favor of dishing out rice. How DARE food take precedence over him? He'd show that rice who was boss when it came to blonde, tanned ukes.

The twins ignored their father glaring at the rice with such hatred that it was nearly sobbing and trying to crawl off the table and back into the rice cooker. They were used to such displays, though the girls they had brought home were entranced with the sight of the last Uchiha beginning to threaten dinner.

"Is he okay?" Kinata leaned over to whisper in Nasuke's ear. The boy nodded, scratching at his fox marks, something that never should have crossed over, yet still had.

"He does this sometimes, then again so does Uchi."

"It must be a seme thing." Kinata said with a nod, Nasuke thought it over, tilting his head to the side, his dark eyes sparkling in a way that made both girls leap towards him in an effort to cuddle the adorable brunette.

"What have I told you about stealing my girlfriends?" Uchi yelled, brandishing his chopsticks towards his twin, as if they were weapons.

"I don't mean tooooo." Nasuke yelped pitifully as he tried to extract himself from the pile of limbs. "Help me brother." Huge dark eyes shimmered and though they were twins, Uchi felt the pull of the Seme whenever an Uke was in danger. His father had explained it to him, also telling him that any feelings he had to his sibling were normal. Though to act on them would be a quick and painful death through possible castration. Naruto wouldn't stand for his babies to 'get-it-on,' a phrase he had borrowed from a western television show. It didn't matter that he was a secret fan of twincest. He could be a hypocrite if he wanted to.

Uchi sighed, pulling his brother to his feet and glaring down at the girls who had just noticed that their adorable uke was gone. Nasuke was tucked under Uchi's arm, pulled snug up against his brother's side, Uchi's arm tucked around his brother's adorably slim waist. Damn, all he had to do was flex his fingers and his palm would be all over his brother's tight as- better not finish that thought.

Sasuke's eyes narrowed and a growl left his throat at the sight in front of him. Uchi had received the talk: he could go after anyone in the village, male or female, but he had to keep his hands off of his brother. The boy had responded that Nasuke was too cute for his own good, and that he was just trying to protect him from the evils of the world. Sasuke could remember having that argument with himself over his Uke's naivety.

Uchi shoved his brother back into his seat, slumping off to his own chair and glaring at Shimari until she sat back down beside him.

"Sorry Uchi, I don't know what came over me. He's just so cute."

"I'M NOT CUTE!!" Came Nasuke's yell, his eyes scrunched up and his hands in fists as he tried to fight the oppressive word. He HATED being called cute, everyone called him that, from his dad to all the girls in the village, to most of the boys in the village.


Dinner was finished in relative silence, one of the girls making a comment on how good the food was and Naruto being his idiotic bubbly self and making everyone feel good about themselves. Though what Sasuke was REALLY feeling, was the urge to bend Naruto over the table and show Uchi the proper way to treat your uke, even if he was your brother.

After all, it did run in the family.


Ha, I had to include that last bit in there. I tried to make them straight, but hell, those boys take after their parents so much they started turning halfway through the fic.

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