So this comes after some pleads by readers to relate my real life of living in India to our favorite vampires. After many refusals and explanation how India is literally 'vampire hell', I realized it might be fun to give it a shot.

I've combined that idea with some others that have been floating around in my head and what I came up with is what you see in front of you…

Hope you enjoy!!

A Break-Day 1

Josef sat at his desk, paper piled around him, but he was concentrating on his phone. He'd just had his first break in months and he was still in shock. When he'd started this crazy campaign he didn't think he really find anything, but now, six months and millions of dollars later he was holding the key in his hands.

Actually, it was less of a key and more of a clue. A vague clue at that, just a simple text message.

no what u r lukn 4. i hve. u find me.

That was it. It was almost code and Josef would have been lost without the lecture he had been given by one of his freshies on text message abbreviations a few months ago. He almost doubted its validity, but at this point he was willing to follow any lead, no matter how childish.

A knock came on the door. Josef snapped the phone shut and stood-up. "Come in."

One of his tech guys entered, hesitantly. "We got the trace on that number, sir."

"Yes, well, spit it out."

"It was made from a pre-paid cell phone…bought with cash." The man cringed, bracing himself for Josef's anger.

"WHAT!" Josef pinched the bridge of his nose in a vain attempt to subdue his anger. "Did you at least get a location trace on it?"

"Y-yes, sir. It was used at LAX…the airport."

"Yes, I know what LAX is," Josef said, exasperated. "Did you try calling back? Was there any response?"

"No, sir."

"Well, then have you downloaded the security video? Airports are full of cameras; one of them must have seen something?"

The man shook his head 'No.'

"Well then, get on it," Josef ordered.

"B-but, sir, that will take days."

"Then don't waste your time talking to me…" Josef shooed the man from the room.

After the man was gone, Josef collapsed back into his chair. He didn't have days. He needed to follow this lead now, before it went cold, it might be the only chance he got. Josef heaved a sigh and jumped up. He was on his phone before he hit the door.

"James, get the jet warmed up…I don't know where…just get the clearance, I'll be there in half an hour." Josef hung-up, grabbing his hat and coat and sunglasses as he headed for the garage. He'd take the Range Rover to avoid the mid-day sun.

Josef pulled up to the airport, but before he could reach the main doors his cell phone rang. He glanced at the caller ID before answering.

"What is it James? And don't tell me you couldn't get the clearance-"

"This is not James, Mr. Konstan…or should I say Konstantin."

Josef stopped in his tracks. "Who is this?"

"You can call me Masseur Bourbon. I was the one who contacted you earlier."

"What do you want?"

"I believe this is about what you want."

Josef swallowed silently. He was sure by the man's accent that he was both French and aristocratic…old aristocratic, which would make him a vampire…and that fit the description of who he was looking for.

"So it seems, but in my experience a good deed never goes unpaid."

"Too true, Mr. Konstantin. What a sad commentary on our world, but we can discuss the terms of our…arrangement on the plane."

"Why do we need the plane?"

"You didn't expect me to carry the compound with me did you? After what happened last time, I have to be more careful who has access to it. The plane will take us to it. Gate C10 and Mr. Konstantin…don't be late."

With that, the line went dead. Josef put the phone back in his pocket. He weighted his options, going to the gate might mean walking into a trap, but turning around would mean never getting another chance. This I why I hate being on the buying end of a deal…I'm desperate, and they know it!

Josef headed through the revolving doors and to the gate. If there was any chance he could get his hands on that compound he was going to try…

So there is the mysterious beguining. Please review, I live for them and it always inspires me to write more!