"INCOMING TRAVELLER!" Announced the loudspeakers as alarm beacons flooded the drab grey corridors with flashing red light. Colonel Jack O'Neill, wandering nonchalantly around the complex, bored, set off running down the corridor to the control room and arrived just in time to hear Sergeant Walter Davis – chief gate technician – report an iris malfunction to General Hammond. Jack stood next to the general and silently observed the Stargate spinning. Several chevrons had already engaged but there was a distinct lack of the metal iris. "What do you mean, it doesn't work?!" Hammond yelled at the cowering sergeant, "Security to the gate room!" He spat into the microphone as the sixth chevron engaged. The final chevron engaged and the wormhole established with its characteristic "kawoosh". "All teams report to the 'gate room in full assault gear! All non-military personnel are ordered to evacuate," He added hastily as a stream of Serpent Guards marched through the Stargate into the gate room staff weapons poised. In the middle of the advancing Jaffa stood a golden figure no one wanted to see - Apophis.

The rest of SG-1 - Captain Carter, Dr. Jackson and Teal'c - had joined Colonel O'Neill and General Hammond in the gate room a few moments earlier and Carter had the presence of mind to slam her hand onto the button controlling the blast doors moments before staff blasts struck the screen dividing the two rooms. "Initiate full lockdown!" Hammond instructed. He turned back to SG-1 only to find them already geared up and ready to go. "SG-1 you have a go!"

As they strode from the room, O'Neill encouraged his team, "Kids let's go kick some Goa'uld butts! Try and get to the surface and hold the fort there." They split wordlessly into two two-man teams – Carter and Daniel, O'Neill and Teal'c – before setting off down yet another nondescript corridor towards the sounds of gunfire and staff blasts.


Twenty minutes later and after intense fighting, the invading Goa'uld had captured three quarters of the SGC personnel, including Colonel O'Neill and Dr. Frasier, after twice as many Jaffa had surrounded them in the commissary. The group were now being held, disarmed, in the isolation rooms. Teal'c had narrowly avoided capture by hiding in a storage cupboard but was unable to prevent his friend's capture. He now stood motionless and silent waiting for the Jaffa to pass before making a swift exit.

Frasier stood next to O'Neill, who was cradling his right arm gingerly, and examined a charred wound on his arm where he had caught a staff blast. At that moment, one of the patrolling Jaffa passed the pair and, upon deciding he didn't like the gasps of pain as the doctor bandaged the injury, swung his staff at the colonel. There was an audible 'crack' as at least one of his ribs fractured. He attempted to stifle his cry and almost succeeded with only a hiss escaping his pursed lips and crumpled to the floor clutching his painful side. "Colonel, are you ok?" Frasier asked and, after receiving a muffled grunt which she took as a "Yeah, just peachy!" she stood up cautiously, looking for the Jaffa. Catching the eyes of several of the other Jaffa, she got the impression that they hadn't seen anything wrong with the attack and, after making sure there were no other Jaffa moving in to 'help', promptly sat down next to Jack again and began trying to discover the extent of the damage.