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.xo.xo.Chapter One.ox.ox

The Beginning of a New Adventure?

.xo.xo.xo.Part 1 of 1ox.ox.ox.

Kisshu blinked as he sat up groggily, a hand clutching the side of his aching head as he wobbled. Inside, his head was spinning with colours swirling about the once perfectly normal mind as the teenage boy tried to remain calm and alert.

He couldn't stand up, for once he tried to do so, his wobbling legs, from knee down, would just give way causing him to lose his balance and plop hard back on the ground again. He felt his clothes; they were still on, and wet. Very wet.

Where am I?

His head, a constant throbbing pain refrained the emerald-haired teen to open his eyes and scanned his surroundings; so instead, the teen clutched his head, knees to chest. Burying his face in between his knees and chest, the boy groaned as a memory flashed in his mind; before he had landed up here.


"And have I commented on just how beautiful and alluring your lovely honey-coloured eyes are?" Two teenagers were near the rows of houses lining in a single file, the row of trees opposite, as a stretch of road lay in the middle; separating the apartment and sidewalks from grass and trees.

Each house was more or less painted white, while the roof was its usual brick-red with its ceramic tiles blending in to near-perfection.

Leaning with his elbow placed against the dark brown bark of the tree trunk for support, the emerald-haired teen leaned in towards the smiling brunette who was also leaning on the plant for support. A smug smile still playing on his lips, topaz eyes gleaming playfully, Kisshu, 15 this year, had leaned in for a kiss before...


The girl in front of him frowned, her shoulders slumped. Frowning along with her, Kisshu cocked his head to the direction in which the very familiar voice was coming from.

And there he was; a young boy about age 11, waving his hands about in annoyance.


Tart... Tart... Taruto!?

Kisshu shook his head slowly; nope, not that part.

His younger brother's name clouded his mind before Kisshu shifted his head again.


"Ahh, handsome young man, what do we have here?" Kisshu turned his attention to a small side-booth at the less crowded end of the pavement, away from flashing lights and advertisement boards with shops.

The booth was simple; a table, complete with a chair in which an old woman and a few ornaments and objects placed in front of her. The table was merely covered with dark blue fabric with a few imprinted starry stars and moons on it.

Kisshu inched closer to the booth, his gleaming topaz orbs fixed on the strange woman. Her wispy greyish-white hair was pulled back into a bun, her wrinkled face crinkled up as she smiled sweetly at the uncertain teen.

A headscarf adorned on her head, she wore a gypsy-like dress which appeared to be quite long as she mysteriously beckoned Kisshu, whose face showed nervousness, with her slightly bony fingers.

"Don't be scared young man, come," A smile still lingering on her lips, the woman nodded as Kisshu stopped right in front of the table and feasted his eyes on the different items placed on the dark piece of fabric.

Before he could stop to hesitate and ponder over his words, Kisshu blurted out, "Are you a gypsy?"

"Ahh, not quite young man, but I'm selling stuff... Look," As the woman grabbed a small crystal earring, she offered it to him. "Would you like to buy one?"

The teen cringed inwardly, hands up as he politely declined. Undaunted, the woman tried again. "What about this here? Would it spark interest in you?" Motioning to a silver amulet with mystic yet elegant carvings carved on it, she waited for the teen's response. "It's very pretty; perhaps you could give it to your girlfriend? A good choice; did you know that it's said to have strange yet wonderful powers?"

Kisshu didn't have a girlfriend; and it wasn't like he couldn't have, but more of a fact that he didn't want to since being without a girlfriend meant that the teen gets to hang-out with as many girls as he wanted. But perhaps this could be used as a splendid present for charming? Kisshu had nothing to lose; except a few dollar notes, but it was most probably worth it.

So, in the end, Kisshu purchased the amulet, along with a delicate silver chain that matched it perfectly.

Kisshu grinned.



Kisshu's hand wandered on his chest before he finally felt the amulet. Yes, it was still there hanging on his neck where he had last left it dangling.

Now, as his eyes cracked open a mere bit, the emerald-haired teen with topaz eyes glanced around.

Where am I?

All he could see were narrow walls, the sides of the caves forming some sort of narrow passageway. Kisshu threw a worried glance at the darkness of the other end of the passage; it was far too dark to know what lay beyond the dark abyss.

"Hello?" Kisshu topaz eyes darted around for any signs of movement; another sign of life apart from his nervous self. "Hellooooo?"

With his legs gaining their strength back, the emerald-haired male shook a little as he stood up, hand still clutching his head.


"Help," A young woman stood by the deck, tear-stricken as a few strong men caught hold of her, preventing the hysterical woman from jumping off into the dark swirling waters."No, let go off me!! My daughter, she's, she's-"

Many passer-bys were watching on to the little girl flailing her small limbs as she struggled, about to be swallowed up by the raging waters.

People were shouting instructions to her while some others screamed for someone, ANYONE, to jump in to save the child from her awaited fate. A massive grey raincloud, tainted dark grey almost to black, was hovering over the whole scene, apart from the whole of Tokyo.

Thunders boomed as the sky threatened to rain as some helpful passer-bys were running along on the deck, whipping out their hand-phones to call for help. But as a flash of lightning ripped through the abyss above, no one had been brave enough to leapt into the choppy waters to save the child.

"Wait madam, the police and emergency unit are on their way!" Kisshu heard a voice shouting above all the commotion as a passer-by announced loudly.

The woman shrieked desperately, still trying to pull free of the grip she was set upon. "WAIT!? MY DAUGHTER CAN'T WAIT! HELP, PLEASE, ANYONE!! Oh KAMI-SAMA, PLEASE SEE RISA THROUGH, I-I-"

Kisshu frowned, heart panicking. Now, a few dozen more people had already gathered at the deck, shoving their way through the already formed crowd which was still getting bigger, while trying to catch glimpse of the unfortunate child. From his angle, Kisshu could see the child; Risa was screaming for help as the waves attempted to swallow her up.

Already choking on water, the girl was just about to give up any minute before Kisshu wasted no more time and leapt into the sea...

Everything moved so fast. Astonished gasps could be heard as the whole crowd watched the unknown brave teenager leaping into the dark, stormy and choppy waters with little acre for his own life. The sobbing mother stopped wailing as she watched with wide eyes, the teen that was desperately, but confidently swimming for her daughter. Making choking noises, she closed her eyes for a few seconds, praying for both her precious Risa and the mysterious teen's safety.

Cutting through the swishy rough waters, Kisshu managed to swim to the girl and grab hold of her as she slipped into unconsciousness in his arms. Then, using his free hand to peddle himself back to shore, Kisshu panted in between breaths. The teen's arms were already aching beyond belief as he battled against the rough sea waves. But still, he gasped and clung on determinedly; determined to save the young child's life.

Almost reaching the deck, Kisshu strained as he strived onward. Words of encouragement were building up among the commotion as the people cheered for the young teen who was brave enough to endure the waters and endanger his life. When all was over, Kisshu was going to be a hero.

But he never made it. As Kisshu used all his remaining strength to heave the girl up so that she was just within reach of the helpful passer-bys who quickly grabbed hold of her and pulled her up, Kisshu let out a tired and relief sigh as he collapse under the waters due to exhaustion. The fact that his body didn't have the strength to pull himself up into the arms of the desperate people that were throwing their hands within reach were going to hit the news headline first thing tomorrow morning.


"Brave teen hero of Tokyo swallowed up by raging waters after saving drowning child"

Huge sensation uproars as news hit headlines everywhere...


The last thing that reached the teen's ears were cries and shouts of 'not giving up' before he gave in, causing the waters to swallow him up as he sank deeper and deeper...


That's right; Kisshu now winced at the memory as he whirled around, trying to catch better view of his surroundings.


Am I in heaven or hell, or somewhere in between now?

As he trudged on forward, edging through the passageway intent to get out of the rocky cave pathway, a small dim light radiated just a short distance away from him.

Eyes widening, Kisshu then squinted as he tried to make out the faint glow of a light green light in which caused the curtain of stalactites hanging down on the ceiling above. A few stalagmites casted small shadows on the on the rocky ground surface as Kisshu's voice echoed.

"Hellloooo? Is anyone there?"

Then, as the footsteps became louder, the green light became somewhat brighter, only to reveal a slim figure walking cautiously in his direction.

No sooner than when the figure was close enough, Kisshu could make out that it was indeed a young lady or female who was making quick steps towards him.

The light now casted on both their faces, Kisshu was met with a distained look as the young teen with blue hair glared daggers into him.

"Uhh, hello?"

"Stop saying 'hello', I can hear you!" She snapped angrily as Kisshu rolled his eyes. "Who are you, and what are you doing here?"

Raising the light up nearer to his face, the blue-haired girl squinted at the nervous teen. Kisshu could now see where the light was coming from; a pale blue dangling crystal lamp hung from her fingertips as her slim fingers wrapped over the string of pearls.

Light was emitting from the object even though there did not seem to be a flicker of flame anywhere; Kisshu gaped.

"Well, mind telling me where I am now?" Kisshu flashed a perfected smile in hope that the girl would fall for his charms but he received a sneer in reply.

"Well, where do you think you are? How did you come here anyways?"

This caused the emerald-haired teen to wince inside as he felt the urge to shout at the snobby teen who was about his age.

"I... Drowned after saving a young child," Kisshu frowned as he cursed silently under his breath. Maybe he shouldn't have leapt in to safe the girl if he couldn't even protect his own life; now, he was god-knows-where with a snobby young lady who doesn't seem to be in the best of mood. "What about you, Princess?" Kisshu let a sneer slip as he hissed at the girl's nickname.

Glaring at him, the blue-haired female replied. "My name is Aizawa Mint. Do not call me princess, for I am not one. If you wish to speak to our princess though, I'm afraid you wouldn't even get the chance."

Wait... I've got to get back; Pai's going to kill me if I don't reach home by eight!


Well, if he can't find me...

Ahh well, that can wait. I wonder where she's leading me to anyways!

The both of them reached a small opening at that instant, although it seemed to have a shiny rainbow reflection as light from the other end passed through, filtering through the yet unknown barrier.

"Bubble." Mint replied primly as if sensing the teen's thoughts. "Step in here, and follow me; don't worry, you won't die or anything. After that, you'll be able to meet the king and queen of our kingdom and they'll... know what to do with you, and see what you have to do next."

Kisshu shivered.

They'll know what to do with me?... See what I have to do next?

His heart raced faster as he cringed. Whatever it was, it didn't sound to be very pleasant for it to go smoothly.

"K-King and queen of your kingdom?" The teen snorted instead, as if mocking the Lapis Lazuli hair-coloured teen as he received a nonchalant huff back. "What, don't tell me that all these that you have just said are true?"

"And I would lie to you because?..."

Kisshu followed Mint as she placed her foot into the bubble barrier, only to come out from the other side unharmed with not so much as a scratch.

"Wowww..." Musing with delight and excitement, the teen smirked as he ran into the barrier. The bubble barrier really was like a bubble as it wobbled a little like jelly when Kisshu made his way through the barrier and into the bubble, a rainbow tint on its surface. All doubts the teen had before about the bubble were casted away as he smirked, eyes feasting on the new sight.

Outside the bubble on the other end was like a totally brand new world. Fishes could be seen swimming past in the blue abyss that filled the entire scenerary. It didn't take long for the quick-witted Kisshu to realise that they were somehow in an ocean, only that this was far more magical and enchanting. Further up was a large imaginary like castle that loomed over with its gracefulness that was like of a fairy tales'.

Kisshu blinked. He couldn't really believe what he was seeing. Just a few minutes ago, he was still left in the dark cave with no vague of idea of where he was, and even before that, he was drowning after having heaved a young girl, Risa, from safety.

But now, the teen was captured in what seems like an epic-fairy tale about a magical kingdom yet unknown to mankind, it somehow reminded him of the little fairy book he had read years ago when he was young about magical mermaids and mermen.

However, this was far more enchanting and alluring than that little piece of children's fairy tale; and it was very different –one could never guess that it was just a page out of the book.

No, this was far more exciting and mysterious as its charms slowly had to sink in for Kisshu to snap out of his thoughts.

"Come on, let's go. You'll have to meet our royal rulers and princess too." Mint informed him as she pointed to his amulet still hung around the teen's neck. "I think this would prevent you from drowning or suffocating due to the lack of air, no?"

Kisshu couldn't care less as he beamed widely, showing his unusually pointed fangs that were a tad 'strange' for humans. "Princess?"

"Princess Ichigo." Aizawa Mint replied. "Now come on, or should I just leave you here?"


Suddenly thrust into a world beyond with still not much of an idea how he managed to get here instead of dying, Kisshu was sure to have an adventure of his life; and the young teenager was eager and confident to sail through it all. Mermaids, a magical realm, and 'Princess Ichigo'?

What else was installed for the emerald-haired Kisshu- who had a secure smirk plastered on his face?

Only getting into the castle and letting his real adventure begin would tell...

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