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.xo.xo.Chapter Two.ox.ox.

The Princess and her Servant Friends

.xo.xo.xo.Part 1 of 2.ox.ox.ox

The servant girl Aizawa Mint had led Kisshu past the palace guards as she gave them a reason for the stranger to enter; along with her.

"He needs to see the King and Queen for some 'unfinished matters' that urgently requires immediate attention...-"

And it was with that statement that the guards who were guarding the palace entrance stood aside, reluctantly allowing both of the teenagers to take a step into the royal palace ground.

Now, after walking deeper into the palace and making several left and right turns, passing through countless rooms, hallways and corridors, they were finally here.


A giant yet elegantly silvery white clam shell was stationed in the middle of the great hall, although almost at the other end. Actually, it was more of a royal court as its designs were most beautiful and fine, like it was made by the world's finest craftsmen.

A wave of in disappointment, however, soon washed over the green-headed male as he noticed that none of the people who were standing in a straight vertical row by the sides of the shell were mermaids, or merman for that matter.

Each dressed in an almost similar flowing outfit; which Kisshu had guessed were their uniforms, they watched him with what seemed to be slight interest.

Just then, a few people entered from behind the pearl-coloured pillars that had gentle engravings that were spiralling down carved on them.

A petite female led the way; her dark green hair almost similar to Kisshu's, but somehow, they were noticably different at the same time. The presence of a crown adoring her head, the lady's long wavy locks swayed a little as she made her way to the giant pearl and sat down.

The few servants who were closely walking behind her all stopped to stand by the clam's side; only a slender female servant stood closely by the queen's side as her golden hair which had curled into beautiful at the ends were mostly scraped up into a bun. Wavy yet slightly curly golden brown bangs fell around her heart-shaped face neatly as she said not a word; like all the others.

The queen's piercing purplish orbs bored into Kisshu's topaz ones as the teen did nothing other than letting out a slight smile in reply.

Mint, who was at that time standing by the human boy's side, immediately bowed a little, lifting up her skirt by the side gracefully near the hems as a royal greeting.

"Your Majesty."

Quickly nudging Kisshu on his side, Mint glared a little at the teenage male before he in turn got the message, and bowed a little; waiter style.

Where's the king?

Kisshu couldn't help noticing that indeed, only the queen was present; the king himself was nowhere in sight.

"You may rise now," Surprisingly, her highness's voice was pleasantly smooth with hints of kindness lacing it.

Both teens rose.

"What brings you here?"

The green-haired boy rubbed the back of his head as he grinned sheepishly. "Well, I'm not so sure myself. Actually, I kind of drowned after saving a young child and ended up here... I guess."

Kisshu saw the queen's purple orbs widened slightly in surprise.

Mouth slightly agape, the royal lady found that her words died upon her lips. Brows slightly furrowed with shock, worry, and who knows what else clouded her once calm face, though only slightly visible.

C-Could it really be? Was he really-?

Then, snapping out of her thoughts, a kind smile replaced the blank expression the queen had on seconds ago. "Please, allow Mint to show you to your new room; I'll like you to meet my daughter soon. For everything else, we could find some time to explain and talk about sometime sooner, yes?"

She saw his lips curled into a smile.

"Hai, Your Majesty!" Kisshu beamed in agreement as Mint nodded and smiled in acknowledgment to her queen's orders.

"Mint, please take this kind young gentleman to the room in the A Wing."

"Yes Your Majejsty." With another respectful bow, the blue-haired servant girl then led the still-grinning human out of the royal court, the queen smiled as her eyes traced the new boy out.

With the doors gently shut, silence now filled the room as her royal majesty let out a thin smile.

"He's the one we've been looking for..." She whispered, barely audible. Her rosy-tinted lips curled up at the sides that were spread out wider, without showing her teeth.

Beside her, the lady servant with the crisp golden locks bent down with grace; slightly above the queen's eye level as her lips leaned slightly closer to the Royal Lady's ear.

A thin cunning smile danced on the servant's lips as she softly replied, "Indeed, Your Majesty, the day has finally come... Should we inform-"

A hand was raised as the queen with green locks indicated silence from the blond female who was in the midst of completing her sentence that very instant.

"Not yet... We'll inform him later; but for now, things may get a bit interesting for us... That boy's just a regular cocky teen; I can see -nothing much, nor new, or 'out of the ordinary' to pose as a 'real' threat to... He may not be destined to be their saviour after all..."

The rest of the court servants could hear nothing as they stood at attention, looking solely ahead as their queen then raised her voice aloud as instructions.

"Okay, Court's dismissed."


"Hey, I thought you said the king would be there too!" Kisshu pointed out a little accusingly at the other teen whose mouth formed a frown in reply.

"Well, he must be out of the palace due to some royal errands for the kingdom I guess."

Servant Aizawa Mint took a left turn down the wonderfully furnished hallway. It seemed very much like the whole place was made of pure pearls that had a nice pink yet wonderfully light elegant white shine to it, for the walls, pillars and ceiling were of that colour.

"What 'royal errands'?" The teen couldn't help asking, much to the servant's annoyance. "He's the king, surely he would not bother about these errands and would let others do the job for him?"

"Some errands are only available and worthy for the king, and only him to run alone." The girl replied curtly as she led him up yet another pearly-like magical flight of stairs.

A small platform was present where the stairs ended, only to have another one to go higher up by the side. A shiny gold desk that was most probably made from pearls and topaz gemstones leaned against the wall in the centre of the two flight of stairs as a beautifully painted painting of an underwater scenery hung a mere few inches above.

Kisshu was silent, for the male was taking in all sights with awe. Never in his life had he seen a place so enchanting before...

As they climbed the second flight of stairs, both Aizawa Mint and Kisshu reached a brand new floor as a long piece of red carpet laid in the middle, which was from their angle, horizontal.

Mint turned left down the hallway, it was empty, and yet there were countless rooms with shiny gold doorknobs. The female walked down a few hallways, turning left, right, and left again before she stopped in front of a door to a particular room.

The human boy stood behind her in silence as the blue-haired girl took a small bunch of shiny solid keys bounded together by a silver bangle. Then, without much difficulty, Mint picked the right key and placed it into the keyhole, turning it.

With her other hand, she helped turned the knob as the teen pushed the light golden door open only to reveal a gigantic room that was most probably reserved for royalty.

Kisshu's jaw dropped open as he entered, topaz eyes scanning his new surroundings.

A king-sized bed lay directly in front; at the other end of the room. It's gold tinted border frame leaning on the wall, neatly carved as the rims were wavy, as of more of a nice royal pattern added to it as a snowy yet crisp-white cushion designed in the middle.

The golden, pearl-like bedposts reached fairly high, forming some sort of a frame for the long white curtain drapes above as they hung down. Now pulled back and tied at each bedpost, they look most magnificent to release as Kisshu fought his urge to run forward and pull its silvery ribbons to untie them.

The teen finally found his voice as he let out an amazed, "Wow..."

Mint smirked.

"Is this really my room?" Kisshu asked in disbelief. Usually, he had to share his room with his younger brother Tart, when the little fella had gotten scared at night, but now? Kisshu had this WHOLE room to himself.

The male pinched his arm, to confirm the possibility that this was really happening; and it wasn't all just a dream.

"Ouch-" Kisshu winced as Mint yet out a light sneer.

"Thought you were dreaming?"

In contrary to the beautifully crafted table with a long, full length mirror not far away to the furry fur rug laying in the middle of the room, yes, Kisshu had thought that he was dreaming.

"I'll leave you to your own now...-" Mint blinked. She didn't know the teenage boy's name yet as she dragged her last word on, a small sign for him to introduce himself.

"Kish," The guy with emerald-coloured locks stated, grinning. "Kisshu."


"S-So he came from the top?" A green-haired servant pointed one of her fingers upwards as she asked Aizawa Mint about the stranger who nodded in reply.

The two were walking down the corridor in the E Wing; the wing in which most servants working in the castle were staying in right now. The conditions of the room and the wing however, were still grand and elegant; although the rooms weren't as magnificent nor big as the one Kisshu was chosen to stay in.

A few servants walked past the pair, making their way to certain places in the castle to go on doing about their chores as they more or less ignored both the blue and green-haired girls talking in low and somewhat shushed tones.

"T-Then, what is the queen going to do?" The taller female asked worriedly as her green plaits swayed behind her back.

"I'm not sure, but I don't think it be anything big -at least for now." Mint replied as she added with an assuring voice, "Don't worry too much Lettuce. Now let's go find Princess Ichigo first; then can we figure out what to do next."

Lettuce just nodded as they headed in direction back to A Wing again, walking through numerous halls, corridors and hallways, and making their way up and down different flights of stairs.


Princess Ichigo was seating at the vanity mirror as she brushed her beautiful red locks with a gold-crafted brush with soft yet firm pure white bristles that had a mellow shine to them. Wearing a fluffy pink dress with a heart shape for a brooch, Princess Ichigo's dress had white sleeves and certain white designs, giving her a somewhat cute and innocent look.

"-A hundred and one, a hundred and two... A hundred and three..." With each stroke, the redhead counted out loud as she gazed at herself in the mirror.

In the mirror, Princess Ichigo could see the reflection of her pink bed, which was more or less similar to the one Kisshu had in his room, except for the colour theme.

A translucent white curtain was closed as it covered the window. A filter of slight blue could be seen though, through the thin fabric; for outside the Princess's room was a calm and relaxing underwater scenery of the blue yet deep marine world.

Interrupted by two knocks on the door, the lady spun her body a little sideways, head in direction of the door from her seat.

"Come in!"

Mint and Lettuce entered upon the given permission as Lettuce clicked shut the door behind them.

"Ahh, please seat," The teen motioned a little too friendly to her bed near the mirror as both other girls took the offer and sat down on the edge, facing her. "So what is it?"

"A new boy has just entered the palace," Mint quickly replied. "I found him at the entrance of the bubble portal."

"The cave?"


A worried expression immediately revealed itself a little on the princess's face. "And does the- my mother know?"

Mint's face fell as she turned it down sideways, eyes fixed to the ground. It was as if the floor at her side had suddenly become very intriguing, for the servant could not keep her eyes off it. With a reluctant and bitter "Hai," the blue-haired girl's eyes shone shame or remorse, Princess Ichigo could not tell.

Swiftly, her princess grabbed Mint's hand as a bright smile suddenly lit her face. "Don't worry, Mint," The redhead reassured the downcasted servant girl. "Things will go out accordingly to plan, I promise."

Aizawa Mint smiled back weakly with gratitude, or just plain relief. "Arigatou, Ichigo-san..."

Lettuce smiled happily as she placed a hand over her friend's shoulder.

The royal princess said solemnly, "Princess, Princess Ichigo, Mint."

As a wink was sent to her blue-haired friend, the princess grabbed the hand of the girl with green locks and placed it on top of hers, together with Mint's.

"It'll all work out in the end; I promise. We'll work together ne?"

Lettuce laughed shyly. "Hai; best friends forever, Ichigo, Mint-san."

And with that, the three of them bore a determined grin in the royal –and very much- pink room of the princess...

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