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The mice knew something was wrong when they pulled up at the garage and it wasn't open. They tripped the system and let themselves in, their ears alert for any sound of movement in the quiet building. They visibly relaxed when they realised that they were the only ones there.

"No Charley." Throttle murmured, his brow creased in concern.

"You think she went out without telling us?" Vinnie asked, giving his bike a friendly caress as they headed for the kitchen.

"It's not the day for the fuel pick up." Modo replied, his voice tinged with worry. Vinnie shrugged.

"She'll be fine." He sounded more like he was trying to convince himself rather than the others. Throttle grabbed some root beers out of the fridge and they settled in the lounge to watch the game.

Half an hour later, the familiar sound of the pick up truck reached their ears, and the guys let out a collective breath. But the truck didn't drive round to the garage. Instead, it stopped at the barely used front door. A door slammed, and the front door opened as Charley came in, laden down with shopping. She didn't notice the guys as she dumped the bags unceremoniously on the kitchen table, and got the shock of her life when she saw them stood at the door.

"Hey Charley-girl." Throttle smiled as she tried to calm her racing heart. "Where you been?" Charley straightened and took a deep breath.

"Shopping with a girlfriend. Who is NOT single." She said, cutting Vinnie off as he started.

"Buzzkill." Vinnie muttered, subsiding.

"What for Charley-ma'am?" Modo asked as he came closer. Charley grabbed her bags and held them close to her.

"N-n-nothing." She managed, as her face turned bright red.

"Hey Charley?" Vinnie was staring at her jumble of bags. "What does Vic- -ret sell? Is it some kind of new age place?" He asked, innocently misinterpreting the jumbled letters that her arms couldn't hide. Charley flushed an even brighter red.

"I gotta go guys, gotta put this stuff away!" She bolted out the doors and disappeared into her room, leaving the mice very confused.

Charley slammed the trapdoor of her bedroom down and sagged against her bed. After a while of calming herself down, she put her purchases away, then sat down on her bed once more and opened her bedside drawer. Reaching right to the back, she pulled out a piece of thin ivory card, embossed in gold, and ran her fingers over the lettering.

You are cordially invited

Miss Charlene Davidson

To The

Chicago State College Class of '85 Reunion

Saturday 5th September 2000

Main Auditorium

7.30 pm

Partners Welcome

Dress Code: Evening gowns and Tails

Partners welcome. The phrase rang in her mind like a bell, over and over. She could think of one person that she would love to take, but she doubted he would say yes. The tall and handsome tan mouse smiled gently at her in her minds eye, and she felt a familiar ache between her legs as she thought about what it would be like to kiss those lazily grinning lips, and run her tongue along his sweet buck teeth. Shaking her head, she tried to get rid of the thoughts about one of her best friends. She hadn't planned to go, but when Lucy had rung her and begged her to come and keep her company, for some reason she had stopped as she was about to rip the invitation in half and agreed to go stag with her friend. They had agreed to meet up earlier that day and had had a long shopping trip and lunch together, and despite herself, Charley had enjoyed it. It had been good to have some female company for a while, as much as she loved her Martian bros, she sometimes felt like they ignored the fact that she was a woman. It had felt nice to be seen as a female again, and get in touch with all the girly habits that had slid by as she engrossed herself in being a mechanic and a friend to the three mice.

She carefully placed the invitation in her top drawer again and shook her head at how stupid this idea was, but she knew that she had made a promise and she wouldn't go back on it. She took a deep breath and descended her ladder, then made her way into the lounge again. The guys looked at her questioningly.

"Sorry guys." She sighed. "Tough day, and I really couldn't do with the twenty questions. I'm sorry I ran out like that."

"It's ok, Charley-ma'am." Modo's rich voice soothed her slightly. "We were just worried about you is all." Charley smiled at him.

"Thanks Modo. Now, how about some chilli dogs, huh?" The three guys cheered, and the evening continued.

A week later, Charley was closing up the garage after a hard day as the mice roared into the bays. Taking off their helmets, they laughed and grinned at their days work as the Limburger Tower had once again been reduced to rubble. Charley came towards them, her hands on her hips.

"Oh no you don't. You are gonna turn right back around and go to the scoreboard tonight." She ordered, pointing out of the still open garage door. The bros looked at her, confusion written across their faces.

"But Charley-girl, we always come here after a fight." Vinnie whined.

"Well you aren't tonight. I'm busy tonight."

"What's the matter, Charley-girl?" Throttle asked quietly as he stared at her. Even behind those green shades of his, Charley still felt like he could see into her soul.

"I have things to do..." She tailed off as his eyes burned into her. Her knees felt weak, and she struggled to remind herself why she didn't want them to stay. She took a deep breath. "Fine, you can stay. But like I said, I'm going to be busy so you know where the stuff is, help yourselves." The mice before her nodded and turned towards the kitchen. Charley shook her head, amused, and started up the stairs, not noticing that Throttle had hung back and was watching her go.

Once she got to her room, she stripped down and wrapped herself in her fluffy dressing gown. Soft and aquamarine, it matched her eyes, and she loved snuggling into it on cold nights. She made her way to the bathroom and began to run herself a nice hot bubble bath. The tub filled with water and she piled her hair on top of her head and jammed a clip into it, as the mirror on the wall in front of her slowly steamed up. Her bathrobe was hung on the back of the door, and she sighed as she stepped into the hot scented water, feeling her aching muscles relax instantaneously. She closed her eyes as she breathed in the calming fragrance of her bubbles, and lazily raised her leg, feeling the chilly air compared to the hot water. She quickly dropped it back into the water and basked in the warmth that the bath offered her.

An hour later, she got out of the bath. She had lazed for a while, and then decided it was time to start getting ready. Her legs and underarms had been carefully shaved, and her whole body scrubbed with an exfoliating wash, then scrubbed off with a scratchy loofa until her skin glowed. Her hair was dripping wet and smelled of honey and jasmine, the result of her shampoo and conditioner. She quickly dried herself off and wrapped her hair in a turban, then proceeded to moisturise every part of her body, running her hands over her toned stomach, long slim legs, and strong arms. She cleansed, toned, and moisturised her face and neck, and slipped her dressing gown on once more. She opened the door and came face to face with Throttle.

"You were a long time, Charley-girl. Everything ok?" He asked, his voice tinged with concern. Charley smiled slightly.

"Everything is fine, Throttle." She sidled around him and walked back to her room, closing the door firmly. Throttle stared after her, his sensitive ears picking up the increase in pace of her heartbeat. His nose twitched, and he stepped into the bathroom, shaking his head at the inexplicability of women.

Charley had once more disrobed, and turned her attention to the bags hidden at the bottom of the wardrobe. Taking out the one Vinnie had seen, she read the lettering on the side and tried to work up the courage to actually put on the things inside it. Victoria's Secret lingerie was all well and good, but Charley hadn't worn underwear like this since before her dad had died. She was startled out of her reverie by her mobile ringing loudly.


"Charley? You're still coming tonight, right?"

"Sure Lucy, I promised, didn't I?"

"Good, because you know I can't go on my own. What if David's there? I want to really impress him, show him what a good thing he's missing, but I need you for, you know, moral support?" Charley chuckled.

"No problem, I'll be there sweetie. See you later." Lucy hung up, and Charley returned to her contemplation of her bag. Taking a deep breath, she pulled out a strapless black lace bra with thin heliotrope ribbon accents. Placing her hand into the bag once more, she pulled out matching French knickers. She nodded, and, taking out a pair of scissors, cut the labels off and pulled them on, then turned to fix her hair and makeup.

Downstairs, the guys had got lost in the newest James Bomb movie. Modo had done the root beer run, Vinnie had ordered in the chilli dogs, and they lazed about the lounge, completely engrossed in the TV. Dimly, Throttle heard Charley finally coming down from upstairs and turned to ask her to bring through some more root beers. Modo chanced a glance at his bro and noticed him staring, his mouth hanging open. Grinning, he turned to see what he was looking at. Vinnie asked Modo to throw him another root beer, and got no answer. As he got ready to pummel him, he noticed his attention was taken by something behind him, and peeked over the top of the sofa. His jaw dropped, and he swore he was drooling.

"Sweetheart..." He murmured as the goddess in front of him looked up.

Throttle couldn't believe his eyes as she stepped off the stairs. A slim leg ending in a delicate blue heeled strappy sandal came to rest on the floor, followed by a figure hugging ice blue evening gown. It hugged her curves and flared out slightly at the hips, tapering down to the bridge of her tiny feet. A split up the side reached from the bottom of her gown to her mid-thigh, showing an expanse of creamy silken skin. The dress hugged her torso, held up by spaghetti straps, three to each side that twisted together to make one. The top of the dress slid across her chest in a straight line, and showed a tiny hint of a more than ample cleavage. Her nails were polished and manicured to perfection, and a simple white gold ring inlaid with sapphires adorned her third finger on her right hand. A single diamond drop nestled at the base of her slim neck, and matching drop earrings hung in her ears. Her auburn hair had been swept up into an elegant twist, and pinned with a diamante clip. Snuggled into her hair, tiny sparkles announced the existence of other tiny jewels, and soft kiss-curl tendrils framed her face. Her lips had been made up full and pink, and her eye make up was smoky and dark. Her head was bent as she rummaged in her matching beaded bag, but it snapped up as Vinnie's whispered word slipped out. She stared at them, a faint blush staining her cheeks as she realised that each of them looked like their eyes were going to pop out of their heads. She cleared her throat, and the mice swallowed as they realised they had been staring.

"Guys? Do I look ok?" She murmured.

"Ok..." Vinnie managed. Modo shook himself and drew a shuddering breath.

"Charley, you look beautiful. What's the occasion?" Charley broke into a smile that washed over them like sunlight through the clouds.

"A school reunion. I really wanna show up these girls that gave me a hard time back in school. You think I will do it?" Throttle cleared his throat, tried to stand up and realised he couldn't. Dude, this is Charley-girl! You can't think like that about her! He tried to cover his movement by reaching for a cushion and slamming it down the side of his chair.

"You look amazing Charley-girl. They're not gonna know what hit them." And neither do I. He thought ruefully as her smile grew bigger and lit the dark corners of his heart.