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Chapter 4

The black bike purred as she pulled into the Last Chance Garage's service bays. Powering down, she waited patiently for her passengers to dismount.

Throttle sat for a long time, enjoying the feel of Charley's arms around his waist and the pressure of her body against his back. A shiver ran up his spine as Charley sighed, her warm breath tickling the fur on his back. Very gently, he raised his arms and removed his helmet, then looked over his shoulder at his girl, fast asleep against him. He chuckled low in his throat as he supported her weight with one hand and extricated himself from her, sliding off his bike slowly. Smiling gently, he lifted Charley in his arms, holding her close to him.

"Don't go." Charley murmured in her sleep, snuggling under his chin and sliding her hand under his bandana to rest on his collarbone.

"Never, baby-girl." Throttle rumbled, and held her closer. As he made for the stairs, a quiet beep came from behind him. He stopped and turned. "She's fine baby, just tired. You rest up now. G'night little lady." He could almost see his bike smile at him as he carried on up the stairs to Charley's room.

Throttle grinned as he returned to the lounge. Modo was snoring, his head lolling back over the arm of the chair. Vinnie had stretched out along the sofa, one arm dragging on the floor and one foot flat on the sofa seat. His blanket was flung across the back of the sofa, and there was popcorn all over the floor. Throttle slid into the waiting armchair and pulled his blanket over him, sleep claiming him within seconds.

It was late when Charley woke. The sun was already high in the sky over Chicago, and the light streamed through her window onto her face. Groggily, she rolled out of bed, wincing at the slight pain in her legs. She smiled contentedly, and padded down the hall to the bathroom for a shower.

Half an hour later, she descended into the lounge. Splayed across the seats, the mice slept soundly, gentle snores coming from all three. Charley sighed, knowing that she would never move them. Her look softened as she came to look at Throttle. Part of her was hurt that he hadn't stayed with her last night, but she realised it was his nature.

"A perfect gentleman." She whispered as she smoothed his hair from his eyes. Throttle shifted in his sleep, and Charley began to tidy around them.

When she had finished, and they still had not woken up, Charley picked up the phone, put some root beers on the table and went to work on a truck that had recently been giving her trouble. It wasn't long before she was back, the hot chilli dogs that had just been delivered in her arms. Very calmly, she sat on the couch, shoving Vinnie's leg out of the way. He didn't even stir. She moved the tray of dogs around in the air, letting the smell permeate through the room. Modo's nose twitched. Charley grinned. Putting the chilli dogs on the table, she picked up a can of root beer and opened it. In the silence of the room, the sound was deafening. Throttles ear flicked. Charley grinned even wider and picked up a chilli dog, settling back into the couch.

"Man those chilli dogs were good!" She exclaimed, and all three mice were up and awake.

"You saved some, right Charley-girl?" Vinnie asked, a slight note of panic in his voice. Charley chuckled.

"On the table. I wouldn't be very good if I let the baddest mammajammers in the universe go hungry now, would I?" Modo chuckled.

"Thanks Charley-ma'am."

"Fanks Carley." Vinnie managed through a mouthful of dog. Throttle reached for a dog, sending a flash of a smile Charley's way, and Charley felt her insides melt.

"Thanks Charley-girl." His voice washed over her like warm honey, and she shivered at the memories it evoked.

"Welcome." She managed, her cheeks turning flame red as her active imagination went into overdrive. Shaking her head, she cleared the images fast and cleared her throat. "Well you guys chow down, I got a faulty intake valve with my name on it. Clear up when you're done!" she called over her shoulder as she headed out to the garage.

Across town, Limburger surveyed the rubble that remained of his tower and groaned. More expense that he didn't want to spend, and it was all due to those miscreant mice.

"Karbunkle!" His shout echoed around the empty lot, the anger in his voice barely controlled.

"Yes, your supreme smelliness?" Wheezed the wizened blond scientist, appearing at his elbow as if from nowhere.

"I have a rodent problem, and so far, nothing has made any impact on it! Now what are you going to do about it?!" Limburger asked, his voice getting louder and louder.

"Well your pungent majesty, we could request the services of Corroder Cody..."

"That thick headed Texan?!" Limburger's face began to turn purple.

"Of course not, your most worshipful cheddar cheesiness....perhaps there is another way?" Limburger rolled his eyes.

"That's why I pay you Karbunkle... although I am wondering why I do that anymore, because you have not managed to do anything that I have requested of you. You've got rusty since we left Mars, I doubt you could even pull ..those bikes....apart........" Limburger tailed off as an idea began to form, his eyes lighting up.

"GREASEPIT!!!!!" The name bellowed out over the piles of rubble, and Limburger turned away. "Oh and Karbunkle?"

"Yes, my lugubrious lord?" The scientist shuffled over.

"Rebuild the tower." Limburger walked away.

Charley worked out some kinks in her neck as she lay under the body of a 1967 Chevy Impala, sighed and shuffled on her board.

"Need a hand Charley-girl?" Came Throttle's voice from above her.

"Sure." Throttle gave her leg a sharp tug and pulled her out, sweeping her off the board and into his waiting arms. Charley giggled. "My knight in shining armor." Throttle grinned, rubbed noses with her and set her down gently.

"Me and the bros are gonna head back to the scoreboard, there's a game we fancy seeing. See you in a couple of hours?" Vinnie and Modo came out of the kitchen, their helmets in their hands.

"Yeah, have a good time. I'm just gonna finish up this oil change and then I'm packing up for the night anyway, so you guys go have fun."

"We'll be back later Charley ma'am." Modo grinned, settling himself on Li'l Hoss and watching Throttle wrap his arms around his girl.

"Be safe." He murmured, his bionic eyes burning behind his shades.

"Always." Charley whispered, her hand on his face. Standing up on her tiptoes, she pressed a gentle kiss to his lips, and Throttle immediately deepened it, wrapping his tail around her waist and dragging her close. The sound of a mouse clearing his throat brought them back to earth with a bump.

"Not that I ain't glad that you guys are happy and whatever, but if we don't leave now, we are gonna miss the game!" Vinnie stated. Throttle reluctantly left Charley's arms and grinned sheepishly at his bros, who were both smirking. Charley grinned.

"Take it easy guys."

"Sure thing Charley. See you soon." Throttle promised, and with a loud roar, the three bikes left the garage in peace.

Charley finished working on the Impala and then turned her attention to the Chevrolet pickup that needed the oil change. Built in the 70's, the thing was running fine, but Charley still gave it a once over to make sure that it wasn't going to fall apart. Chef Andy wouldn't be happy if his gift for his friends daughter fell apart as soon as she got it. Finally, she finished around six and laid down the rag that she was wiping her hands on. The sound of engines made her turn around.

"Sorry guys, we're closed for the –" She stopped as she spotted her visitors, who gathered around her in a semi circle, chuckling menacingly and hefting weapons of some sort. Quickly, she reached out and grabbed a heavy looking wrench that was useful in a pinch, then raised it in defence. The fight was over before it even started. The thugs overpowered her through sheer numbers, their chains and bats swinging fast. Within minutes, Charley was pinned on the floor, her face to the concrete and her arms behind her back. Her lip was split and there was an ugly black bruise spreading along her cheek bone. A pair of work boots stepped into her line of vision and she winced as she looked up, giving the ugliest glare that she could muster.

"Bring her to de boss." Greasepit leered.