So awhile back, the lovely and talented Verb contacted me and asked if I wanted to collaborate with her on a story involving my character of Aeda Harrison and her character of Abbie Webber. Being a fan of Verb, I jumped at the chance and what resulted was not only a pretty great story but also a pretty great friendship.

We alternated chapters and while you read, each chapter will identify which of us wrote it.

DISCLAIMER: We don't have anything but our college loans and meager bank accounts to our names. Aeda is mine and Abbie is Verb's and the rest belong to MGM and SciFi...oh, and I claim ownership of Bear. :D

CHAPTER ONE - by Aedammair



Aeda Harrison had seen some strange things her relatively short lifespan. She'd visited different planets, had taken down a G'ould system lord with a shovel and just the right amount of rage, and had learned that not everything in Lt. Col. Samantha Carter's lab liked to be messed with. Her life had, at times, felt like a science fiction novel, complete with an alien friend and top secret government program. So it really shouldn't have come as a surprise to her when her kitchen filled with light one early June morning and she found herself standing on the bridge of the Odyssey, thousands of miles above Earth.

No, the only surprise was that she hadn't put pants on that morning and therefore she greeted her kidnappers in a robe, a tank top, and purple polka dot underwear. It didn't help that Lt. Col. Cameron Mitchell was standing behind the Captain's chair with a huge, head-splitting grin plastered on his face.

'You need to start wearing pants,' he said with a chuckle and she fought the urge to throw something at him.

'You need to start calling first,' she said and hastily tied her robe closed. She frowned at the Captain. 'Something I can help you with or are you just in the habit of hastily kidnapping early risers in the Boston area?'

The man sputtered, looked at Mitchell – whose grin was unwavering – and tried to backpedal. 'I'm sorry for the abrupt pick up, ma'am, but Colonel Mitchell insisted that it was important.'

She turned her steely gaze towards Cameron, whose grin finally wavered slightly. 'Perhaps Colonel Mitchell should pick up a phone the next time he thinks something is important.'

'Don't be so grouchy,' Cam said, coming around to take her arm and lead her off the bridge.

'You're not the one who just flashed an entire crew of people,' she said as they rounded a corner.

'If it's any consolation, you look good in your underwear.'

The both stopped dead in their tracks and Cam slowly pivoted on his heel to look her in the eye. She was trying not to smile at what he just said and she could see that he was trying to account for why he just said it.

'Did you just tell me that I look good in my underwear?' she asked, crossing her arms and adopting what Daniel always called her 'attitude stance'.

He matched it with his own, tilted his head to the side. 'Maybe.'

'You realize I'm perfectly capable of beating you?'

He struggled with a smile. 'Yes, ma'am.'

'Why am I here, Cameron, besides your blatant attempt to catch me half-naked?' she asked as they once again began their trek through the halls of the Odyssey.

'I did catch you half-naked.' She smacked him across the back of his head. 'Ow! Point taken. You're here because we picked up something I thought you needed to see.'

Her feet were beginning to hurt from walking on the cold, steel floor of the ship. They eventually stopped outside a pair of doors that said 'Medical Bay' and he turned to look at her once more. His expression was serious, more so than she'd seen it in a year, and suddenly her light-hearted mood was gone.

'Who's in there?' she asked. He took her hand, squeezed it, and opened the doors for her.

Across the room, propped up in a bed, and unrecognizable from the ascended version of him that she saw months earlier, was Daniel Jackson. In the flesh. With a full beard.

'Holy hell,' she said and crossed the room in a sprint. She stopped at the side of his bed, ignoring the nagging feeling that had just settled in her brain. He was asleep and she reached down, took his arm, and pinched him. Hard.

'Ow!' he hollered and yanked his arm away. His eyes flew open and he looked up at her. 'What did you do that for?' he asked, just a little angrily.

'To see if you were real.' She dropped his hand. 'Now you. Pinch me.'

He looked around her at Cameron and Cameron shrugged. Daniel sighed, took Aeda's hand, and pinched the back of it. Hard.

'Ow!' she said and smacked his shoulder.

'Hey. Don't beat up on the guy newly returned from the dead.'

Aeda looked at him, considered the six months worth of beard growth, and resisted the urge to kiss him senseless in a room full of witnesses. It was then that the nagging feeling surfaced. The last time he returned to Earth from being Ascended, he didn't remember anything or anyone. It took him almost a year to get everything back, at least according to Jack's version of events.

She'd only recently accepted the fact that he was Ascended. Accepting the fact that he doesn't remember her wasn't something she wanted to deal with – not now, not ever.

'Do you remember me?' she asked tentatively.

Daniel appraised her, his eyes following the lines of her body, a body he should know almost as well as his own. She blushed without meaning to and a smile tugged at the corners of his mouth. 'I can't be sure. I think you were naked the last time I saw you.' She frowned at him. 'Yes, Aeda, I remember you.'

Witnesses be damned.

She crawled into the bed, curled herself around him, and kissed him senseless. When she was satisfied that he was alive and real and that she wasn't dreaming, she pulled away just slightly and smiled at him. 'Well?' she asked. 'What do you have to say for yourself?'

He arched an eyebrow, regarded her with concentrated thought, and said, 'And to think, I thought the highlight of my day was when Mitchell hugged me.'