Delicate Betrayal

Delicate Betrayal

Pre-Epilogue Type Thing

Harry Potter, resident virgin. Draco Malfoy, known ladies (and men) man. Not one person, not even their closest friends, had seen them getting together. Not only were they polar opposites, but also they were big enemies, and had insinuated that they hated each other more then the foulest thing on Earth. So when they had walked into the great Hall one morning, Harry blushing furiously, Draco trying unsuccessfully to seem unaffected that everyone in the hall was staring at them, the gossipy girls quickly put two and two together. There was chaos. Girls moaned about the two hottest guys in school both turning out to be gay, and together, guys glared furiously at them for their blatant disrespect for their gender, but Hermione and Ron were a different story. Hermione was ecstatic, claiming she had known all along, and had been wondering when they would get together, and Ron was shocked, not sure if he should punch the blonde Slytherin, or shake hands with him. He and Hermione had often worried about Harry, knowing he hadn't had a single romantic moment in his life, other then the kiss with Cho Chang the previous year. So everyone in the Hall froze when Ron stood slowly, expecting a fight. In stead he held out a firm hand.

"You so much as think about hurting him, I will kill you. Congratulations." Draco's eyes widened comically, and Hermione and Harry were watching, unable to believe their eyes. Draco cautiously took the offered hand and shook it. And that was the beginning of the oddest, most unexpected friendship to grace Hogwarts.

Chapter One

"You guys go on ahead, I need to use the bathroom. I'll catch up to you in DADA." Harry said, hoisting his backpack into a more comfortable position on his back and brushing the dark hair out of his bright green eyes. Ron and Hermione nodded, and left. Harry half ran to the bathroom only to run into a large body on the way through the door.

"Sorry. Didn't see you there." He said as he stood. He came face to face with a broad chest, donning a Ravenclaw badge. He looked up, suddenly nervous. Any and all thoughts of going to the bathroom fled his mind when he saw the predatorial gleam in the tall man's icy eyes. He shivered when the man slowly raked his eyes over Harry's body.

"Well, well, what have we here? Looks to me like a pretty little lion's lost his way. So very pretty…" Harry backed away from the man, shaking his head. The man ignored Harry's fearful, pleading look, and grabbed him by the collar of his robes. He dragged Harry into the closest stall, and flung him inside. The man eagerly stared at Harry, while pulling his robes off.

"W-what are you going to do to me?" Harry asked, still on the floor. The Ravenclaw didn't answer, instead conjuring a blindfold on Harry's eyes and a gag around his mouth.

"Not a sound from you, whore. You're mine, now, and whatever I choose to do to you is none of your concern. And anyways, I haven't decided. I might have you watch while I jerk off. I might do you right now. Hell, I might just leave you here, have some second year find you or something." Harry started sobbing, only gasping noises escaping the gag. The man gently stroked Harry's face.

"Now, now. No crying, lovely. I don't want to have to fuck some blotchy faced boy. I want this to be something you'll never forget." Then he started undressing Harry; unaware a Slytherin first year had heard everything.

"Draco! Draco, come here!" a first year gasped, clutching his side. With a roll of his eyes, he threw on a sneer and followed the boy.

"What is it, kid?" the boy frowned.

"I was in the bathroom, up on the second floor, and I heard someone talking. He was saying really bad stuff, and someone was crying. I didn't know what some of the words meant, but they sounded bad." Draco frowned.

"What were they saying?" he asked, masking his curiosity.

"The voice said he was going to do someone right now. What does 'do someone' mean?" the boy asked, head cocked. Draco shook his head, and left the common room, leaving the boy to stand-alone.

Draco scowled all the way to the bathroom. If it weren't for the fact that he could take points now, he would have ignored the annoying kid. But big points could be deducted for sex during school hours. So he pushed the bathroom door open, expecting some irresponsible Hufflepuffs, or idiotic Gryffindors. What he didn't expect was a seventh year Ravenclaw jerking off in front of a sobbing Harry Potter, who was currently curled up naked in a ball on the floor. After taking a second to appreciate Harry's perfectly sculpted ass, he pointed his wand at the man who had yet to notice him. The Ravenclaw flew across the room from the power of Draco's Stunner, slamming into the wall with a sickening crunch. He then turned to Harry, who hadn't moved from his position on the floor. Draco kneeled next to him and carefully undid the blindfold and the gag, uncertain how the boy would react. But Harry's eyes were closed, and he didn't seem too intent on opening them anytime soon. Draco took the time to observe the boy. With his black hair, and pale skin, he seemed almost unearthly, and his green eyes that seemed to penetrate one's very soul betrayed his every emotion. Before Draco had always ignored Harry's appearance, but now, being so close, he could see the delicate sprinkling of freckles across his nose, the ever-present dimples that showed no matter what his emotion, the way his full, red lips tilted up at the corners.

"Harry. Harry, open your eyes. You're safe, now." He said. He had no idea where those soothing words came from, but they seemed to work, as Harry was now slowly coming to. Eyes opened slowly and blinked owlishly, taking in his surroundings. They swiveled around the room, before locking with Draco's. Quickly the green eyes fell to the stone tiling.

"Malfoy? What are you doing here?" he asked. His voice was feeble, and his eyes never left the ground. Draco wasn't sure he liked this new Harry. He conjured a blanket and covered Harry's naked body. When Harry realized he was naked, he blushed a burning red.

" You should probably go see Pomfrey. I'll take care of this guy." Draco nodded to the knocked out Ravenclaw by the door. But when he reached out to pull Harry to his feet, the boy jerked away.

"Don't touch me! Please, just…don't." he whispered, closing his eyes. Draco was torn. He didn't know what the Ravenclaw had done to Harry, but if the boy didn't let anyone near him, there would be no way to help him.

"Would you feel better if I put you to sleep first?" The boy opened his eyes and stared at Draco intently, before nodding carefully. Draco raised his wand and cast a light-sleeping spell on the boy. Then he levitated the Ravenclaw man to the doorway. A couple of Hufflepuffs happened to walk by and he told them to take him to the Headmaster. Then he bent and lifted the extremely light body of Harry. Harry's soft black hair was splayed against his chest and his small hands came to rest lightly on his arms. Draco would later deny it to the point of suffocation, but he enjoyed the fact that he had been the one to save Harry, and carried him securely in his arms. When they reached the Hospital wing, he regretfully laid the sleeping boy on one of the beds and called for Pomfrey.

"What is it, mister Malfoy?" she asked, pulling her wand from her pocket. He nodded to the boy on the bed.

"Found him in the second floor bathroom, being assaulted by some seventh year Ravenclaw. The other kid's with Dumbledore now, and I brought him here." The nurse nodded knowingly before sending him to the other side of the bed.

"I'm going to need your help. Now, take this blanket, it's getting in the way of my view." He scowled, before complying. "Good. Now help me roll him over on his back. I need to check his pulse." He ended up lifting and rolling the boy carefully. Harry was still unclothed, and one could plainly see the faded scars and bruises in various states of healing that stood out from his pale skin.

"What are all these from?" he asked, looking to the nurse. Without so much as glancing at them she answered.

"Abusive uncle. Can you get him to take this? It'll help with the shock." He looked down. He hadn't noticed Harry waking up slowly, and beginning to struggle slightly.

"Harry. Harry, you need to take this, it's supposed to help." When Harry showed no signs of responding, he took a chance.

"If you take it, no one will touch you." With lightning fast reflexes the boy snatched the vial of calming drought and downed it. He handed the empty vial back and watched the two of them warily. Pomfrey sat down in the chair farthest away and began to question him.

"Do you know who the Seventh year who attacked you is?" She got no response other then an involuntary flinch. She asked a few more questions about the attack, but got nowhere. She sighed, and decided to change directions.

"Where did the bruises come from this time, Harry?" he glanced at her.

"Fell. My fault." He said hoarsely, avoiding eye contact. Draco snorted unbelievingly.

"You fell? Did you fall down ten flights of stairs? Because that's the only way you could have gotten so many bruises." Pomfrey glared at him, and Harry guiltily ducked his head.

"I- I trip a lot. Clumsy." He mumbled, nervously plucking at a stray thread on the hospital gown Pomfrey had generously allowed him to don.

"You're a Seeker. It's not in you to be clumsy. Why don't you tell the nice nurse what really happened?" Draco said, silently hoping he didn't scare the boy into silence. His pushing was rewarded with a weak glare from Harry before he grudgingly submitted.

" He didn't want me to forget." For Pomfrey, it seemed to be an acceptable answer, and she turned to her work. But for Draco, it only inspired more questions. Who didn't want him to forget? What was it that he was forced to remember? And most of all, why did no one have a clue how their Savior was treated? Poppy continued her work, but froze a few minutes later, her wand producing a long sheet of paper. She read it quickly, eyes widening and gasping.

"Mr. Potter! Would you care to tell me just how far he went this time?" she was so shocked that she forgot to lower her voice, and Harry flinched away from her shrill shriek. But she didn't back down, and Harry grudgingly answered her.

"Aunt left him, last summer. He was so mad… he told me that since I had chased away the one woman who would have him, he was free to take whatever he wanted from me. H-he told me that that was all I'd ever be good for, and when I came back to school, I thought it would change. I thought I was safe here. But now I know I'm not and I don't know what to do! I can't tell anyone, or they'll hate me and think I'm weak." Harry was now sobbing full on, and Draco, no matter how sorry he was for the boy, had to resist the urge to hand him a towel or something.

"But you didn't answer my question, Harry. How far did he go?" Pomfrey asked softly, as if she already knew the answer.

Harry looked up for the first time, white teeth nibbling on his soft lips. His eyes were wide and the pain he'd been forced through shined clearly in them.

"He raped me. Every night for three months." He looked up when Draco all but growled in fury. Then he did something amazing. Harry Potter, known Malfoy hater, turned to him for comfort. His wet face was pressed into Draco's robes, and his small hands had again found their way to his arms. Draco stroked the soft hair.

"It's okay, Harry. You're never going back there again. I'll protect you, no matter what happens." He felt his anger blossom at the sick muggle who had dared to touch someone as pure, as sweet, or as innocent as Harry. If it weren't for the small body currently huddled into his side, he wasn't sure how he would be able to restrain himself from going after the man himself.

"Aren't you going to be in trouble for helping me? You hate me." He felt more then he heard Harry's mumbled question, and shook his head. "There's no way I could hate you, Harry. Even though you are getting tears all over my best school robes." He heard Harry's teary giggle, and smiled. Draco gently and slowly ran the tip of his finger down Harry's cheek. He ignored the thump as Pomfrey promptly fainted.

Author's notes- Well, I think this story will sufficient to keep everyone preoccupied while I fine tune Lovely hatred, don't you? And this is a story I've done before, so there won't be such a long waiting period between posts. And on a completely different note, I just finished reading the incomplete 'midnight sun' draft, and it was so good! I know people are freaking out because she decided to restart, but I think that if they can't wait a little for the next one, they aren't mature enough to read the books! If anyone wants it, just PM me and I'll send it to you.

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