Title: Shelter Me 1/?

Pairings: None (Genfic)

Nothing major or recent but I'll post a warning at the beginning of a chapter if there are any potential spoilers. it's a preseries AU so there shouldn't me much.

At the time, Sam hadn't even wanted an older brother and John had wanted another son for all the wrong reasons. Over the years, Sam came to accept his unwanted, unloved big brother as one of the family and John...just didn't.

Child abuse, non-graphic references to past sexual abuse of a minor (not by John), lots of Dean whumping, language. John is not a good father to Dean in this fic so if that might upset you, please don't read it.

AN: Okay, this is a little self indulgent but, meh, we all deserve a little self-indugence once in a while right? As I said before, John is a bit of a bastard in this fic, that's not how I see him in the show but it's how he is here. It's unbetad for fear of completely overloading smokeyhorse so it might be a little ropier than my other fics. Anyway, this note is longer than everything else put together so it's probably time to crack on with the fic.

Chapter 1

Sam had never wanted an older brother – the four year old was perfectly happy having his Daddy all to himself. And so, no matter how exciting his Daddy pretended this trip was going to be, Sam knew it was not going to be fun since, when it ended, Sam would no longer be an only child, and anything that meant that could not be fun.

"Come on, Sam. You know Daddy gets money for taking one of these kids home, right?" Daddy asked they stood waiting at the red light.

Sam nodded sulkily in response, he knew, but he didn't care. He would rather have second hand clothes and toys than have some strange kid living in the house - in his house.

"We can get you some nice new toys, wouldn't you like that?" Dad asked as the light turned to green and they started driving again.

Sam would like that but the fact that they were moving again and that meant getting closer to the care home, to the new kid, was enough to have him pouting and shaking his head as he slumped further down his seat until he could hardly see out of the window; he didn't want to see that stupid care home anyway.

"No?" Daddy smiled, looking out of the corner of his crinkly brown eyes, "Not even…a new bicycle?"

Now that was something different altogether. Bikes weren't just 'toys', they were way cooler – so much better than Action Men and footballs. Sam hadn't known a whole real bicycle was up for grabs.

"A red one?" He asked hopefully, sitting back up in the car seat and fixing his Daddy with wide, helpful eyes. Daddy's nod had him grinning from ear to ear; a whole new bike all to himse-


"Yeah, sport?"

"Will the new kid get to ride my bike?" He asked warily. If the new kid got to ride it then it wouldn't just be Sam's bike and then it wasn't so cool.

"No son," Daddy assured him with a smile. "This money is just for you and Daddy, you understand?"

Sam nodded eagerly, anything that was 'just' for him and Daddy was awesome. It meant Daddy trusted him and no one else, and, since Daddy was the coolest person in the world, that meant that Sam was cool too.

"You know Daddy likes to have a drink sometimes and Daddy needs to pay the bills. You're starting school in a few months Sammy, we're going to need money for your books and things."

Sam nodded. He knew his Daddy couldn't have a normal job because he was so busy saving the world from monsters and ghosts and stuff. Sam thought his Daddy was so cool that people in the shops should give him things for free, but Daddy had explained that monsters and demons had to be a secret so that ordinary people didn't get scared; Daddy was so kind like that.

"This new kid will mean Daddy can do all that stuff and buy you nice new things."

"Will you buy Them new things too?" Sam asked, not bothering to disguise the resentment in his voice and hoping the answer would be no. Sam wanted his Daddy's special treatment just for himself; it wasn't special if some new kid got to share it. Especially not some new kid who wouldn't even be Daddy's proper son.

"No Sammy, you're Daddy's special boy, these things are just for you." John gave a wink as he pulled into a parking space and stopped the car.

Sam realised, as a nervous, jittery feeling came over him, that they were here and, in a matter of hours, he'd be walking out with a new big brother. Only now the idea didn't seem so bad after all.

John Winchester looked through the one-way window at the sullen kid leaning against the wall in the next room and sighed.

He's read the file; Dean Michaels, eight years old, in the system for four years since the death of his mother in a house fire, eight different foster families in half as many years - a 'troubled' child. The kid was thin, scruffy looking, moody and unsociable; he was the opposite of bright young Sammy in every way, and he was just what John needed.

"Now, Mr. Winchester, we understand that you are a…single parent."

The distaste in the social worker's tone caught John's attention and he nodded solemnly in response, disguising his annoyance under a genuine mask of pain as he remembered Mary's death.

"Yes, since the death of my wife, I have been bringing up Sammy alone. I haven't felt comfortable bringing another female influence into his life so soon,"

So that wasn't exactly truthful, Jim Murphy and Robert Singer had made sure he was never alone in bringing up his boy, but John needed to make a good impression here and he'd stopped feeling guilty about lying the first time one of his fake credit cards had come through.

"I see," the social worker, whose name John couldn't remember nodded again and glanced over her notes.

"You work at Robert Singer's Salvage Yard, is that correct?"

God this was boring, John wanted a drink.

"Yes ma'am," he lied politely, grateful for the fact that Bobby had simply obliged with John's request and not asked why he needed a CV faking. Robert Singer understood that gritty world of hunting well but John thought that this would be beyond even him. Still, Bobby's loss; with the money John would get from fostering this kid he'd be able to track down the thing that killed Mary much more effectively since he wouldn't be wasting his time running credit card scams and hustling pool of a night.

"It is very important that Dean isn't left unattended, you do understand that don't you?" The irritating woman asked patronisingly.

John had to make a conscious effort not to roll his eyes, he wasn't a patient man and this was already taking longer than he had expected. Hell, the home were practically begging someone to take the annoying kid off their hands, the money packet John would be getting each month was evidence enough of that, what was with the twenty questions?

"If for some reason I'm in the position where I need to leave Sammy unattended I leave him in the care of Pastor James Murphy, his contact number is there if you need clarification," John replied with indignance that was only half-faked.

He'd never leave Sammy alone, not for too long anyway, not long enough to put him in danger. Fair enough he didn't have any intentions of taking the same precautions with Dean but the annoying social worker couldn't know that and he'd appreciate the benefit of the doubt from her. Besides, Dean was eight years old now, old enough to take care of himself as far as John was concerned.

"I see," the social worker replied flatly and John watched as she tried to come up with another 'problem'. Well screw it, he'd been through all this crap already and they needed him to take this kid, time for him to get on the offensive.

"Look, I've been thoroughly screened by the staff here and I was told that I would be able to adopt Dean today. If that's not the case then I'd like to leave; Samuel will be getting restless out there without me." John stood up and pushed his chair under the desk as he spoke.

The social worker paused briefly and John smirked as he saw her eyes narrow in annoyance. He'd won this one, just like he'd known he would.

"No!" The social worker quickly stood up too, "As Dean's social worker I just like to make sure," She explained and John watched as some of the coldness left the woman's eyes.

"Of course you do," he nodded with false sincerity, walking to the side of the desk and placing a hand on the woman's shoulder.

"Dean's mother was very cruel to him and some of his foster placements have been...less than desirable," the woman admitted falteringly, her eyes shimmering with the beginnings of tears. "I just wanted to make sure he'll never be placed into that kind of environment again. I didn't mean to be accusatory, Mr. Winchester."

"I understand."

"Well, our screening is rigorous as you well know. The lack of a female presence will be of a comfort to Dean until he's ready to face the memories of his mother's abuse. I'm sure Dean is being placed into a very loving home."

John nodded wordlessly and didn't break into a smirk until the woman left to collect the boy. Rigorous screening? Dean Michaels was John's way out of poverty and that was all - a convenience achieved through aliases and lies.

John sat back down and sighed in satisfaction at the situation, everything was going to plan and nothing Dean Michaels or that social worker bitch could do was going to ruin it, John would make sure of that.

"That's Daddy's car, it's an Im-pa-la," Dean's new brother told him smugly as they walked through the car park.

"Well remembered, Sammy," the man, Dean's new Dad, smiled as he ruffled the kid's hair and Dean found himself almost smiling too. It was a cool looking car and he was gonna get to ride in it! None of his other families had had cars that looked this expensive before. As they approached car, Dean could tell it was even clean.

"I get to sit up front!" 'Sammy' blurted as soon as Newdad started rooting for his keys, "I still get to sit up front, don't I Daddy?"

"Of course you do, sport, who else would I want riding by my side?" Newdad grinned again as he unlocked the door and Sammy stuck his tongue out triumphantly at Dean before clambering into the front seat.

"You sit in the back and keep quiet." Well...Newdad sure wasn't smiling now. Dean wasn't sure if he'd done something wrong or if the Winchesters were just going to be one of those families.

Still he obeyed, slipping silently into the back seat. As he looked through the gap between the two front seats, Dean could see the care home through the windscreen; the front door was still open, he could just run back inside, tell Miss Wright he was scared and he didn't want to live with this man. But...as mean as Newdad had just been, he still wasn't anywhere as mean as Mr. Morton; Dean would rather take his chances with Newdad and Sammy than have to live with that guy again.

"This is Sammy, you call him Sam," Newdad peered over his shoulder at Dean and pointed to Sammy who was now just Sam.

"H-hi Sam," Dean said politely.

Sam ignored him.

"My name is John, youcall me 'Sir'."

"Yes Sir," Dean nodded fearfully, squirming nervously in his seat.

"Now sit still and shut up."

As the car reversed away from nearest thing he had to a home, Dean sat still and didn't say a word.