This is a little something I've been playing around with for a couple days. Bella is a little OOC in this story. In my opinion she was a little too goody goody.

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This is starting at the beguinning of Twilight. Bella is still 17 and it is still January when she moves there. Jacob, Embry, Quil, Paul, Jared, Seth, Brady, and Collin are all a year older than they were at the start of Twilight. So that means that most of them are only a year younger than Bella. The Cullens are all the same age as they were, as is Sam and Leah. I needed it to be this was for my story to work. Bella did move to Florida with her mom, but then her mom made her move in with her dad for reasons unknown to Bella. Yes, Bella is a bitch, but hey so am I and this is my story. I need her to be more outspoken for my story to work.

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Chapter 1

Bella Swan didn't know what she was thinking when she agreed to go live with her father, Charlie Swan. Her mother Renee Dywer, who was remarried to Phil, has been pushing her away and towards her father since Bella visited her father for a week during the summer.

It was about the end of October when Renee freaked out and said Bella was going to see her father for Thanksgiving break. All because Bella had an attitude problem. So needless to say when Renee told her that she would be permanently moving to the tiny town of Forks, Washington, where it is overcast and rainy for 350 days a year, Bella was not happy.

The plane touched down and Bella got her baggage and walked out the front of the airport. There standing by a police car was the Chief of police, Charlie Swan.

"Bella! Your here." Charlie yelled.

"Yes, Charlie, I'm here. Damn, does it have to be so cold and wet?"

"Bella, it's January."

"Yes, Charlie, I know that, but I just came from ninety degree weather in Florida."

Charlie just gave her a look, shook his head and through her bags in the trunk. They got in the car and headed to Forks. Bella never got along with her father well. It's not as though he was mean, or didn't pay attention to her, it's that they had nothing in common. If Bella didn't know any better she would say they didn't even share the same DNA. But she seen her birth certificate, so that was out of the question.

As they were pulling in to the street where she would be living for the next year and a half, Charlie cleared his throat.

"I got you something."

"What'd you get, Charlie." Bella sighed. Usually when he got her something, it was something stupid and useless. Well, not useless to everyone just her. When she was little for one of her birthdays, he got her a Indian costume. Last year, when she turned 16, he got her a save the wolves t shirt and tried to take her on some kind of spirit quest with the local Indian tribe. Renee was furious, saying things like she was female and didn't need crazy ideas put into her head. Bella just said whatever. She was used to her parents talking about things that didn't make sense. Needless to say, when Charlie got her something, it usually wasn't something her mother was going to like, so she was instantly suspicious.

"It's a car. Well, a truck really."

"You got me a truck?" Bella said like she didn't believe the words that were coming out of his mouth. "What kind of truck?"

"Well, you remember that truck that Billy Black used to drive around?"

"Billy? That old man who is always staring at me like I'm some kind of prize? He's just creepy, dad. I mean when ever you would take me over there, he would always have his eye's on me. It's like he's some kind of pedophile or something."

"Bella! Billy's not like that. He raised two daughters and his son, all by himself. You wouldn't understand, it's complicated."

"What's so complicated about staring at some little girl who is your best friends daughter? He's your age, dad, all he would have to do is keep his eye's to himself."

"Anyway." Charlie said trying to change the subject. "He's in a wheelchair now and he needed to get rid of his truck. Jacob fixed it up for you, so you don't have to worry. Now you'll have a truck to get yourself back and forth to school. Oh, and Billy said that Forks High was kinda crowded so if you want he can get you enrolled in La Push High with Jacob and his friends."

By this time they were standing in front of the house. Bella turned to him and narrowed her eye's.

"Charlie, I'm not Quileute. It's impossible for me to go to the reservation school. The Elder's would never go for it. Besides, I'm used to crowded schools, remember I lived in Phoenix and then Florida. There's no place more crowded than that besides maybe LA or something."

Charlie unlocked the door and let her go in first. He put his key's on the counter and hung up his coat. Then he turned to Bella who was standing in the middle of the kitchen looking at him like he was about to sprout a third head.

"Charlie, why are you always pushing me towards La Push? You know that Jacob and me would never be able to date. He's younger than me and always treated me like I was some bug to squish."

Charlie laughed, "That was when you guys were little. He just treated you like he did his sister's. He's older now and a lot more mature. Taking care of his father made him grow up. And no, I am definitely not pushing you towards him."

"Whatever, I'm going to go unpack." Bella grabbed her bags and headed upstairs.

"Do you need help carrying your bags?"

"No, they're actually pretty light."

"Bella, those things weigh like 30 pounds each."

"Dad, really, I'm fine." She then ran up the stairs before he could comment on anything else that was weird about her. She knew she was weird. She never really fit in anywhere. Bella always felt a little out of place where ever she went. The only time she ever felt like she belonged was when she went camping. The woods were her home. It was the only reason she came to Washington in the first place. The only reason she agreed to this ridiculous notion that she should live with her dad.

When her mother first mentioned it, Bella looked at her like she was crazy. "Mom, I don't even get along with Charlie."

"Well, then it's about time you got to know your father."

"I've seen him almost ever holiday for the past two years. I think I know him pretty well." She heard her mom mumble something that sounded like 'that's what you think' but she ignored it and continued her rant. Her mother told her that she was going and that was that. Nothing Bella could say or do would change her mind.

Bella sighed and put her clothes away. Her room didn't change much in the past years. It's not like she was here to change anything. Like she said, Bella and Charlie were like two people from opposite sides of the world. They literally had nothing in common. Bella hated fishing, Charlie loved it. Charlie was obsessed with all things Indian, Bella found them to be stupid. She thought anyone who believed such crazy legends and stories deserved to be locked up in a mental institution. Of course Charlie had a love for the law. He never so much as Jay walked. Bella loved to break the rules. And last but not least, Charlie was a lover not a fighter. Bella had been in so many fights in her life, people used to think at her old school in Phoenix that she was in a gang or something. It didn't help that she had a very bad temper. Renee always told her that she got it from her father, but Bella had never ever seen Charlie lose it.

She had just collapsed on her bed when she heard voices from downstairs.

"Bella, come down and thank Billy for the truck." Charlie's voice wafted up the stairs. Bella swore and almost fell off the bed. Grace was not one of the things that, well, graced her. Yes, she loved to hike and camp. And when she was in the woods, she was very graceful, but if it required her to walk over a flat surface, she would fall flat on her face.

Bella got up and treaded carefully down the stairs holding on tightly to the banister for dear life. She made it to the bottom unscathed and walked into the kitchen where a man was sitting in a wheelchair with a very tall, very handsome young man behind him.

"Hello, Billy. Thank you for the truck." Bella said. She could have been talking to a stranger for how impersonal the thank you was. But she didn't care, she wasn't kidding when she said she didn't' feel comfortable around him. The man behind him was just staring at her. She through him a glare and he frowned. She turned to Charlie.

"Charlie, I'm a little tired from the flight and the time change. I'm going to bed." With that she turned and was halfway up the steps when her father's voice made her stop.

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. We've been invited to Billy's on Saturday for dinner so don't make any plans." Bella turned to glare at Charlie.

"Actually, I had plans for this weekend."

"What were they?"

"I was planning a little camping trip. I haven't been on a hike since this past summer. Living in a state whose idea of a forest is ten palm trees in a row was not nice. But it had sun, so it made up for something."

It was the strange man that spoke. And when he did, she knew instantly that she didn't like him. His voice held authority. He had this aura about him that made people want to listen to him. She didn't like it. "You shouldn't go in the woods by yourself. There are wild animals out there. It could be dangerous."

Bella snorted, "You think I'm afraid of a few wild animals? I grew up in Phoenix."

"People say there are giant wolves around these woods." Charlie said. Billy through him a glare.

"Wolves? I'm sorry to tell you, but the wolves would seem like puppies compared to what I'm used to."

"Bella, you are not going camping this weekend and that's final. Billy gave us his invitation and it would be rude to decline it."

"Charlie," Bella growled. "I am not going to La Push. I told you I don't like it there." Ok, that was a lie. She loved it there, she just wasn't going to give him the satisfaction. " I don't like it here. I'm only here till I can legally not be here. So let's not make this harder than it has to be."

She turned and ran back to her room and slammed the door.

Billy sighed and looked at Charlie. "I'm sorry, Charlie." Charlie shook his head.

"It's not your fault, Billy. It's Renee's. I'm afraid she's filled her head with all kind of nonsense. She didn't even want her to come up here for the summer. But Bella insisted she wanted a real forest for a change."

Billy looked at the man that was standing behind him. "Would you mind waiting in the car for a min? I'll have Charlie bring me out when we're done talking."

The man nodded and left. Billy looked at Charlie again. "You haven't told Bella yet have you." It wasn't a question, but a statement.

"Billy, she just got here. We also don't know for sure. She has always been somewhat of a problem child. You know that. I just don't want to go and throw her life for a loop if it's not going to happen."

Billy looked at the floor. He felt for his friend. They had been buddies since birth. They were practically raised together. They did everything for each other. When one of them got in trouble, the other was there. That's how it had always been. So when Billy came to him blubbering about how he was in too deep with a girl, while he was still married, Charlie took care of it. It didn't make him feel any better. And when Sarah died, he felt worse. Sarah had given him three wonderful children and what did he do in return. He cheated on her and never told her. No one knew of his infidelity except the woman and Charlie.

"I'm sorry, Charlie."

Charlie put his hand on Billy's shoulder. "It's ok." He knew what Billy was talking about. It was an unspoken agreement that they would never speak a word of what happened all those years ago. Charlie knew he felt bad. Billy felt like a failure of a friend, husband and father. Charlie pushed Billy out the door and helped him in the car. "We'll be there on Saturday. You can be sure of it."