AN: Heartland has officially become one of my favorite episdoes. Be prepared for bit of angst (big surprise) and a touch of humor and character introspection. Requests are welcome. Enjoy.


Tony: In all the time staring at computer screens you never once peeked in the mans file?


"When?" Gibbs appeared at the front of Tony's desk with a coffee cup in one hand and a file in the other.

Tony peered up at him a bit confused. "When?"

"When..." Gibbs repeated, his stare not giving much.

After seven years with his boss, Tony fancied himself pretty good at reading his stares. He deduced that he was in a trouble but not much else. After all, some stares were harder than others. "When did I get in today? I admit I was a couple minutes late, but I just couldn't get going this morning…and…" He listened to him clear his throat and re-examined him. "That's not even close to what you're referring to is it?"


"Throw me a bone here boss…"

Gibbs sipped his coffee but remained silent.

Tony squinted in response. "It was all very innocent. I was curious."

"You know what they say about curiosity DiNozzo…"

"You're not gonna kill me are ya boss?"

Gibbs contemplated for a moment before shaking his head. "No…but I want to know when?"

"After you quit…um…retired. Guess after finding out about your family…it got me wondering what else there was to know."

Gibbs set his coffee down momentarily. "And just why am I of so much interest to you?"

Tony was quiet for a few seconds as he considered his answer. "Doesn't hurt to know a little bit more about the guy leading you into battle…"

"You get that line from a movie?"

Tony shook his head. "Seriously, boss, I was just curious. I mean let's face it, you're an enigma." He watched Gibbs smile and hoped his scolding was coming to an end.

Gibbs picked his coffee back up. "Best wishes solving the puzzle DiNozzo."

Tony watched him walk away and leaned back in his chair. He was having a hard time believing that Gibbs would buy the 'just curious' excuse. Gibbs had to know how much of an impact he'd had on Tony over the years. How much he idolized him and in an odd sort of a way wanted to be him. He wasn't a hundred percent sure he'd ever solve the enigma that was Leroy Jethro Gibbs, but after yesterday he had one more piece to the puzzle.