Title: Sleeping With the Enemy

Chapter 5: Oh...

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The tingling sensation in her legs was not only making her nervous it was just plain annoying. She'd been crouched in this position for fat too long. At the sound of approaching footsteps she readied her gun. Who else would it be? And this was payback. She was a little old for revenge to be her driving force so she told herself it wasn't about that. She didn't want to kill him. Much. At the moment. That could all change in the blink of an eye or him opening his big mouth. Whichever came first. She could all but see his face in her mind and for a moment she almost felt guilty. She repressed the feeling and as he rounded the corner she muttered underneath her breath, "Say hello to my little friend."

He rounded the corner cautiously, his weapon ready in case she'd heard him coming. He really might be losing his touch as shed taunted him just hours before. He turned the corner quickly hoping to shoot first. Better the shooter than the shootee, Irina always said. There was something that would fire Sydney up for sure. He smiled as her face came into his mind's eye. And then from out of nowhere a shot rang out from somewhere behind him and red spattered the walls around him. There was pain in his abdomen. That he could handle. The pain in his heart at the sight of Sydney there on the other side of the barrel? That, he could not.


After their dinner that night, things had been so tense between them thanks to what she had said that morning. She hadn't meant to… alright, so she most certainly had meant to imply what she was trying to say, but she hadn't meant to put him so on edge. The dinner consisted of light chit chat and then he told her he was taking a leave for a few days but he would return soon and not to worry, it was nothing the CIA should know about. She seriously doubted that. But she had nodded like a good girl and called Weiss the way he knew she would and told him that Sark was leaving and needed to be tailed. She knew Weiss was in no danger and there was nothing to worry about putting him on Sark's trail. He had left without another word to her, leaving her alone with the help and her laptop trying desperately not to worry about two of the people who had become closest to her since Francie's death. Francie, how long has it been since you crossed my mind my sweet friend? And here I am… She sighed and shook her head. There was no stopping this train wreck from happening and he was nowhere to save her as per usual. Fine, she thought, I can save myself. And that's when she found the security measures he'd put in place.

She had counted ten cameras around the top floor alone, twelve on the second, and at least fifteen on the bottom floor. When she had taken most of them out she found a secret door leading down to what she assumed was a basement. She knew she shouldn't, she knew he would be mad. Very mad. But she just couldn't help herself. She picked the lock and let herself in. There wasn't much there to see but she could tell that this floor of the compound had been cleaned out, and recently. She followed some wires and found the central surveillance room with the monitors and no doubt where he kept the old tapes. She found the ones from the past week and found footage of them together and after watching eight hours straight, found not much else. Nothing to point to where he'd gone or what he was doing.

Faith. Faith and Trust. That's what relationships are all about. Sydney snorted. Relationship, yeah right. The man is practically incapable. There was nothing worse than finally realizing that the distrust that surrounded the rest of her life had finally reached her here. She was supposed to be safe here. And it was there that Sydney Bristow broke down.

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An hour later when her cell phone rang she realized that she was still there in the basement and she had no clue when Sark would be back. She jerked her phone out and flipped it open quietly. "Sydney, heads up. There's a big truck headed your way." Her brain was still muddled.

"Weiss? A truck? What?" Complete sentences apparently were escaping her.

"Focus damnit! A semi is headed your way. Wherever you are, get out!" There was panic in his voice and that she could respond to. She sprinted upstairs and locked the door back behind her. She turned the cameras back on and started going through a routine that she had seen herself perform on the cameras. It was kind of funny watching yourself sink into a comfort zone so quickly. There was movement downstairs and a lot of it, too much for her not to notice. Was she supposed to know something was going on? Surely not. She started to move back towards the door when she heard the front door open and her red flag went straight up. He wasn't supposed to be home yet. It hadn't even been 24 hours. Weiss should have seen someone coming. Weiss! He was trailing Sark! Oh God, Sydney, get it together! And she pulled out her weapon.