Title: Rewind

Summary: A collection of vignettes, scenes, and drabbles that rewrite bits and pieces of Season 4 finale. Because fanfiction is cheaper than therapy, and sometimes what should happen and what does happen are entirely different things.

Rating: PG-13

Take 1 – Her Mother's Daughter

"Hold on, this is the parallel universe, right?" she asked, not wanting to trust her senses.

Rose couldn't believe her eyes. She was standing on that horrible beach she remembered so vividly from a year ago. He had to know that she spent the past year searching for ways to return to him, just like he had to know that the year she spent away from his side was a far cry from fantastic. Her heart had broken on this beach one year ago. Surely he was not so cruel as to leave without her once more.

"You're back home," said the Doctor.

Those three words nearly crushed her. She could see his intent written plainly on his face, and tears began to gather in the corners of her eyes. He was going to do it. He was going to leave her behind again, as if her struggles to reach him from an alternate universe meant nothing; as if her love was something easily cast aside.

Anger, red and hot surged in her veins and she leveled a glare at the Doctor. Hands propped themselves on her hips as she squared off with him preparing to fight.

"You are not leaving me behind," she said, her tone low and dangerous.

"Rose-" the Doctor started.

She rode over his explanations and excuses, not wanting to hear his justification. "No!" she yelled. "I did not just cross dimensions to get back to you so you could dump me on this beach." Her hands moved from her hips and tightened into fists. "My home is in the TARDIS with you!"

"But Rose-" the Doctor said, obviously trying to placate and persuade.

"Mum!" Rose shouted. "The Doctor is being a git. Go smack him!"

The Doctor paled visibly and looked over at Jackie. The expression on Jackie's face was enough to make him step back, his arms waving in front of him defensively.

"Now, now," said Donna, moving in front of the Doctor. "There's no need for that."

"What she said," offered the Doctor, hiding behind Donna while trying to appear as if that was not exactly what he was doing. "Listen to Donna."

Donna looked at Rose and then smiled at her like a conspirator. "This one's on me."


The sound of her hand connecting with the Doctor's cheek reverberated in the salty air. A deep silence followed.

For a moment.

And then there was the faint sound of a decidedly male chuckle. This was soon followed by another loud crack.

"Mum!" said Rose, unsure whether to be horrified or smug.

"What?" asked Jackie. "You said to smack the Doctor, and he," she gestured vaguely to the Doctor in the blue suit "is the Doctor." Jackie paused, and then added, "Isn't he?"

Rose eyed both Doctors critically. Same looks, same expressions of horror at being smacked, same hands massaging the same injured cheeks. On the face of it, the only difference was the color each was wearing.

She turned back to the Doctor in brown. The one she knew for sure was hers. "I dunno," she said nastily, "is he?"