And my little baby's done. Hope you enjoyed it! If you want, you could even tell me how much you enjoyed it, or didn't. Either way, that'd be cool (deadpanning)

May 30th, Mexico City

Holly is sitting on the bed, pulling on her boots, preparing to go. Juliet leans against the windows, watching her.

'Won't you need your wings?' she asks at last, as Holly stands.

'Wi-what?' Holly does a double take that makes Juliet grin.

'I remember you, Holly Short. I knew I'd known you before,' she runs a finger down Holly's cheek, laughing, 'I can't believe you pulled that 'other life' bullshit on me.'

Holly grabs her by her hair and kisses her, unable to think for joy.

'' she asks, letting go at last, 'When? This whole time?'

Juliet gives a lopsided smile, 'No, this morning. Artemis emailed me an absolutely massive file. Took ages to come in, he always forgets my connection is way slower than his.'

At that moment, Holly would have kissed Artemis too, had he been there.

'Did you come all this way just to find me?' Juliet's tracing the tip of her pointed ear.

Holly nods.

'And will you really come back? I mean, can you...?'

Holly shrugs, 'I will if you want me to.'

There is so much more to it than that and they both know it, and are both just as willing to disregard it. Juliet wraps her arms around Holly's slight body, pulling her onto her hips. When they are face to face, she smiles, 'I do.'