Ryou's Punishment – Author Note

Eheh, Gomen that it's not an update!!!

Okay…Sorry I haven't updated in soooooo long, I was busy doing Under the Circumstances and kind of forgot to do this story… Gomen.

SO here's the click; I've re-read the first chapter and I've now wrote this one out, but as I've been toying with ideas though I've decided to make this story a lot more complicated than it originally was planned.

So it's still humor/romance…but it's also going to be action/hurt/comfort. I'm about to make this a lot longer and with a better plot. Although the first few chapters are going to be what I originally planned; the ones after are going to bring it around to a whole new thing.

I know it sounds weird but I'm also planning on adding a few new mews. Eh heh, this is something I've never tried before and there will be a few cliché things in it too…demo I'll work to the best of my ability to make it good.

I'm adding four new mews; one of which is my own. That didn't make the cut for Zepher's fiction XD I needed to give her a purpose. And hopefully the other 3 will be my reader's characters.

Oh, and by any chance does any one know if Ryou's parents have names??? (See, I told you; cliché XD)

But first let's get on with the original plan so I don't get ahead of myself XD

Arigatou for putting up with this and the next chapter will be updated sometime soon. I'm getting on it right now!!

Thank you xx Please continue to support my stories nya xx