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"Iz, where are we going?" Alec mumbled. This was his fifteenth attempt in extracting the information out of his sister, and now they were jogging down Hester Street.

"The Hunter's Moon is down here," Clary chirped from the back of the group. She had been silent for the entire journey.

"Glad you know the place," Isabelle called back.

"We're not going there are we?" Clary had picked speed and was now racing towards the front of the group, worry on her face.

"That's exactly where we're going." And with that, Clary sprinted ahead. Isabelle raised an eyebrow; I never knew she could run that fast.

Clary stopped outside the Moon and looked around. There were scraps of material everywhere and the air had a bitter taste to it. Fear, she thought. She laid her hand on the door only to be pulled back by Isabelle.

"Not yet." She whispered. The rest of the group pulled up beside the two girls; Jace walked over to Clary and went to sling his arm across her shoulders, as he usually did; catching himself, he tried to make his movements as smooth as possible as he reached behind her as if to expect the door, internally kicking himself all the while.

"Right I was here this morning with a couple of friends. We walked inside and well, it's not your usual cheery pub atmosphere in there. I bolted it straight back to the institute immediately, I told Luke and Maia to wait but they seem to have gone." She licked her lips nervously and opened the door.

Jace pushed his way to the front of the group, signalling for the rest to stay outside.

"I'll check it out first." Before anyone could say anything, he disappeared through the doorframe. Alec slumped against the wall, scanning the area. Clary walked over to the scraps of the cloth that were strewn across the mouth of the alley way; she knelt down and picked one up, holding it up to the light. She looked down the alley, her eyes following the trail of cloth. Maybe…

"Isabelle what was Maia wearing when you left?" There was no reply. Clary turned to see that she was one her own. She scanned up and down the street but she was alone. She walked towards the Moon and peered in through the window; it was pitch black inside. She was about to open the door when she heard some movement come from the alley. She could see a shape, quite a big shape trying to hide behind a very small bin.

"What are doingT?" something hissed from the alley. Clary couldn't identify the voice, but the accent was English.

"Sorry, I fell." This was a different voice, bit of Russian accent.

"Well, stay down and stop moving or else we're in trouble." The English one hissed again. At this, the large shape stopped moving, completely.

Something about those whispers didn't seem right. Something about those whispers sent her instincts in to overdrive. Without thinking Clary quietly entered the Moon, never taking her eyes of the alley. As soon as the door closed, she grabbed the nearest chair and put it against the door, jamming the handle.

"Jace…?" she turned and collided into something hard. Taking a step backwards she tripped and landed on the chair she had just leant against the door, letting out a small whimper.

"I told you to stay out side," Jace honey smooth voice echoed in the empty room, making it ten times louder than it actually was.

"I know but everyone else has gone and I was on my own and then I heard some banging in the alley and then I saw something really big and then there was something that sounded like it came from Russia but it also sounded really angr-"

"Whoa, Clary sweetheart, breathe." Clary let out a breath that she didn't realise she was holding.

"Now," Jace knelt down so he was eye level with her, "Slowly, tell me what was in the alley…slowly."

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