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The Omen

She looked on the quiet village below…its inhabitants blissfully unaware of any change of the time or day. She saw the proud gates that she had so often passed through to and from during missions she undertook during her youth. The Stone faces of the previous Hokages with the new addition of the Fifth, looking down like quiet guardians keeping constant vigilance over all of Konoha.

'It's as though nothings changed…' she thought sadly

"So it must really be homecoming for you, un?"

The voice behind her belonged to one of the many psychopaths she had forced to bear during her time away in captivity.

"God this place looks so boring, un!" Deidara exclaimed,

She continued to look on at the village below. What did she expect after all? This fool was the sole person on perhaps the face of the earth who ended every sentence with 'Yeah', and believed that explosions could be considered as art…

"Well that's true…and its shinobi are far too soft…I'm surprised they've lasted as long as they have" Kisame said evenly.

And the other one, his blue skin and shark teeth made it seem he was anything but human…and his grotesque sword attached to his back which seemed to writhe when exposed to bloodshed. And along with this came his grinning and sadistic demeanour, and how he loved to gloat about having shaved this and shaved that…

She sighed; she had to endure this stupidity for more then 3 years…

"Stay quiet Deidara, the shinobi of the village are far too persistent, if they discover our presence it would most likely lead to unnecessary confrontation"

She felt burning hatred fill her at the presence of her 'Sensei'. He had kidnapped her, used those blasted red soulless eyes to manipulate and torture her…and above all else trained her, but that didn't mean she would not loath him for taking her away from her home.

She remembered it so well, being the shy, timid little Hyuuga girl who used to stutter in every sentence one moment whilst on a mission with her comrades…then lying on the ground, blood pouring from a dozen different wounds whilst silently praying that her friends would save her.

She remembered everything…every moment, every sensation…and every person involved…

Her fist clenched, digging her nails into her palm, the pain remind her of the person who was truly responsible for her torment and isolation.

She knew however, her vengeance was close…

"Listen well, Hyuuga" her eyes narrowed at the nickname he gave her "our little detour had best not attract any unwanted aggressors, nor should you desire to betray us…you owe the Akutsuki enough as it is...

She laughed "Owe you...and what is it I owe you exactly, Uchiha?"

Both Deidara and Kisame winced at that

"Rest assured I am loyal to the Akutsuki, but as far as I can see…"

She turned to look at her 'sensei', her hatred activating her Hyuuga blood line limit, giving her eyes a crazed bestial appearance.

"I don't owe you anything" she spat bitterly

With that she leapt of the branch towards her objective


Itachi looked at his little 'protégé leave whilst feeling a modicum of frustration for her disrespect towards him…he took solace in one thing however…

She wasn't a little girl any more…

"Wow she's amazing, un!"

Itachi slowly rounded on his blond companion, giving him a stare of utter contempt

"What, un?" Deidara asked innocently

'Fool' Itachi thought before turning his back to the village he had so long ago left behind to seek his own objectives

"Itachi-san, is there any chance of her betraying us?" Kisame asked

A reasonable question Itachi considered

"It's doubtful Kisame, but we simply must see where her loyalty lies" looking at his companion and leaping away without giving the village a second glance.


"Hey Kisame-San" Deidara asked

"What is it?"

"Did I say something to irritate Itachi-san?"

Kisame stared at his companion

'Kami he's an idiot' he thought with laugh

"Never mind Deidara" looking back at the village below, briefly remembering when he and Itachi-san had to flee from being captured. His hand moved to his jaw, he also remembered the Konoha animal had kicked him in the face…he suppressed the urge to go down, find him, and then smile as he slowly flayed the skin from his bones. His great sword Samehada seemed to agree with him as it shivered as it sought to be unleashed and fed…

Unfortunately he had his orders. Should anything happen to the Hyuuga during her little 'visit', he and Deidara were to act as either reinforcements, which he doubted she would, someone of her ability, or to alternatively act as, if the situation swayed towards that direction…

Her executioners…

Mind you, he thought uneasily, that wouldn't be easy.

Since the day Itachi had brought them the girl she had improved dramatically, and now…he pitied any poor soul that strayed into her path as an enemy.

"Hey Kisame-san?"


"What do you think got Itachi so interested in her anyway, un?"

Huh, a sensible question for once…that's a first. Come to think of it he didn't really know what it was which made Itachi-san so interested in the girl. He thought it was a mystery when he brought her in…a wounded girl about the age of 13, not a genius like her rumoured prodigy of a cousin, but regardless the heir of the feared Hyuuga clan of Konoha.

"I don't know, but I wouldn't go against any intention he may have had for her at the time" Kisame replied

"Oh well, un"

Deidara looked at the village again

"She's beautiful, un" Deidara said dreamily

Kisame looked at his companion with disgust before rolling his eyes

'Not this again' he thought to himself

"Give it up, she hates you"

Deidara gave him a look of shock and outrage


Kisame sighed

"Nah she's just playing hard to get, un" Deidara said with a laugh

"She threatened to castrate you" Kisame pointed out with a raised brow

"See there I told you, un!" Deidara exclaimed

"See what exactly?"

"Hard to get, un!"

Putting a hand to his temple, Kisame felt a Migraine slowly build…

Worst. Partner. Ever.


16 year old Uzumaki Naruto grunted as he leapt through the trees, seeing his target on the far right and above left in the direction he was heading.

Reaching into his pouch he withdrew four kunais and at breakneck speed throwing them at their intended targets. His aim was true as each blade smashed centre of the enemy's bodies

Two more of them leapt at him intending to halt his advance.

Pulling his fist back, smashed it into the face of the first, and using impact to propel him higher and bring his heel down onto the skull of the second resulting in both of his foes plummeting towards the forest floor below.

Landing on the tree branch, he heard the sharp screech of metal passing through air that alerted him to a cloud of shuriken aimed at his direction. He leapt off the branch and grabbed another of a different tree, twisting slightly he narrowly avoid the hail of blades as the cut into the tree he was sheltering behind.

'I'm taking too long, dattebayo' Naruto cursed silently

Leaping from his position he saw more of his assailants come at him, each armed with a kunai. The first flung his, aiming to strike Naruto's neck, which he only managed to avoid by doing a back flip last moment. Naruto feeling the kunai slightly scratch a part of his head directly above his Hitai-ate forehead protector, the blood trickling down his face.

The second came from behind attempting to stab him in the shoulder blade. Pulling his elbow back he struck his attacker in the stomach, winding him, before grabbing his arm and flinging him over his shoulder, and using him as a meat shield from further shuriken that the first enemy had thrown after realising his attack had failed.

Leaping from his branch, and pulling a kunai from his holster, he slashed the remaining foe across the neck and kicked his body aside over the edge.

'I'm not going to make it time!' he thought panicking.

Leaping from branch to branch, at the end of the tunnel of foliage and leaves he saw his goal

'Finally!' he thought triumphantly

Distracted, Naruto didn't see the kunai flung at him, and only noticed it last moment as it tore into the right shoulder, the same familiar warmth slowly travelling down his arm.

Gritting his teeth against the pain, he savagely ripped the kunai out. As more of his opponents began to approach from behind

'Damn it!' he said through bared teeth.

But he knew he couldn't stop to fight them, being as short on time as it is.

'Come on!' he thought, filled with a new vigour which aided to help him to both reach his goal and ignore the sharp pain in his arm

He leapt full speed towards his objective, narrowly dodging fatal injuries from the projectiles his enemies were throwing at him, determined to stop him from reaching the end.

He leapt off a branch, only to see the explosive tags attached to the bottom of the branch he was about to land on, the leaves obscuring them from view.

He jerked his out his left leg against a tree to push himself, breaking his jump in mid air and landing safely on a branch to the right.

His pursuers were not so fortunate, as one of them landed on the branch and simultaneously was engulfed in a fireball as the tags set off. Looking over his shoulder, Naruto saw as the explosion had taken out a majority of his enemies.

Grinning slightly, looked back to his objective

Doing one final leap and…

"TIME!" he yelled

He bent over slightly, putting his hands on his lap as beads of perspiration streamed down his face.

"5 minutes 35 seconds Naruto-kun, 10 seconds faster then your previous record"

Naruto looked at the little girl with the stop-watch with a triumphant look on his face

"YES!" he roared thrusting his fists into the air before swiftly putting them down with a quiet "ow"

"Naruto-kun, you're bleeding!" Eleven year old Hanabi Hyuuga pointed out worryingly

"Nah don't worry about it Hanabi-san I get hurt all the time, dattebayo" wincing slightly, whilst nursing his shoulder with his left hand before giving her a wide smile

"You know you really don't have to go through with all that, especially when your own shadow clones try to kill you" Hanabi pointed out

"Putting yourself in danger in a deep forest, surrounded by enemies trying to kill you is the only way to train!" Naruto said with a grin and thumbs up with his right hand

Hanabi laughed and folded her arms "Kami Naruto-kun you are without doubt the craziest shinobi I know"

"Even more then fuzzy brows sensei?" Naruto asked


"Nani!?" Naruto yelled

"That's not fair, dattebayo!" Naruto cried thrusting his arms out in front of him, before quickly retracting again

"Ow" Naruto said quietly

"Told you" Hinabi said grinning as they made their way back to the village


"See you tomorrow Naruto-kun" Hinabi said as they were in front of the Hyuuga compound

"Later" Naruto said waving as he headed back to town

"Naruto-kun!" Hanibi yelled

"Yeah?" turning slightly to look back

"Otou-sama says to come at 11:00 am sharp tomorrow" Hanabi said who couldn't help but smile slightly, knowing that Naruto is nearly always late to ANY set timing that her father made

"I'll be there on time, Dattebayo", knowing he was going to be late somehow…

"Ok, bye" Hinabi said with a wave before going inside the compound.

Naruto walked back to the main part of the village, needing a medic-ninja for his injuries

'Baachan is going to kick my butt if I show up with injuries for training again, dattebayo', he thought

His injuries were minor so he headed towards the only medic-nin he seemed to trust with this sort of thing and not blow her top:


Naruto opened the doors of the Yamanaka flower shop, the bell ringing to sound his arrival, with the usual attendant behind the register. 'Hello and welcome to the Yamanaka flow…." Ino trailed off as she noticed who it was and his reason for being there

Putting a hand to her forehead

"Not again…" she complained

Naruto rubbing the back of his head with his left hand

"Err…hi Ino…" Naruto said embarrassingly

"Yeah yeah, let's just get this over with" she said with a frustrated expression on her face, then seeing the extent of damage on the shoulder before slapping him on the back of the head

"Baka, do you train to get better or to become a corpse!?"

Naruto saw this coming, and thought it was better of to say nothing and just sigh

"Its kind of deep, but I'll see what I can do"

"Thanks Ino!"

"Shut up baka! I'm seriously planning to charge you for coming in here only so I can heal you!" Ino yelled hitting him over the head again, but flinched as she was getting blood from his head onto the floor of her family's shop.

"All right, all right, Ill pay" Naruto said tiredly, reaching for his wallet, Ino making him stop.

"This ones one the house, but the next one won't!" Ino warned

'Thanks…" Naruto said quietly to help avoid another hit to the head, slowly removing his jacket and fishnet under shirt

Ino focussed the necessary amount of chakra to her hand and attempted not to blush (at ultimately fail) at the sight of his well toned body, the obvious product of extensive and strenuous training

She slowly healed both injuries, Naruto watched as the wound on his shoulder knitted back together, Ino moved on to the cut on the front part of his head.

'Kami' (God) Ino thought, he only ever comes to me because Hokage-sama would kill him if he went to her and…' she thought uncomfortably 'he refuses to talk to forehead girl'…

Ino felt a slight tinge of sadness as she recalled the fact that Naruto and Sakura appeared to have some grudge against each other for some unknown reason, both refusing to shed any light on the matter other that it was during 'The Mission'…Hokage-sama having rendered the mission specs as an S-rank secret, no-one out side team 7 and the Hokage knew what happened that day. 'Oh well…perhaps it was for the best…maybe there are some things better left buried' Ino thought unhappily

"Yosh, all done" giving Naruto a small smile and a tap on the shoulder

'Huh that's weird…Ino isn't angry any more' Naruto thought with a great sense of confusion

'Thanks Ino' said Naruto rotating his shoulder to test its fitness

"Hey Naruto"


"Get some rest; you shouldn't put any strain on that arm for the rest of today or tomorrow"

'WHAT!?' Naruto said mortified, not wanting to waste a second of training, let alone two days. "Hey you want to lose your arm fine go ahead!" Ino said with a glare which Naruto wouldn't dare oppose even if he did release the Kyuubi inside him…

"Ok thanks again Ino" in a defeated tone before putting his jacket back on

"Sure no problem" Ino commented absent-mindedly as she returned to her shop duties and with no further word Naruto left the store, Ino giving one more backwards glance

'Their entire team seemed to be at each others throat…I really hope something happens soon to change that' she thought unhappily


His stomach happily full of Ichiraku ramen, Naruto lay down on his bed with his hand behind his head, looking to his left he stared out of the window at the stars.

'Her birthday's in two days…' he thought sadly as he recollected past memories, each giving him pain and guilt.

Balling his hand into a fist whilst on his chest

"I promise…I will find you…" Naruto whispered

Suddenly, he heard the sound of glass braking near the foot of his bed

Sitting up, with a kunai drawn from his holster near his pillow for easy reach he noticed a picture frame had fallen to the ground.

Naruto carefully got up and picked it up to examine the picture itself

His eyes widening as he remembered its origins

'Wow…This is really old…dattebayo' he thought with a slight grin

It was a picture of the Konoha Twelve, each with their Sensei, when they were all together and still ranked as genins. Looking back now he realised how stupid he must have looked, wearing bright orange clothes with a duty which demanded utmost stealth.

Looking at all the smiling faces he realised how much everyone had changed

Akamaru sitting on Kiba and not the opposite

Neji wearing his old jacket and not a skirt

Then of course the things that really haven't changed at all. Like Shikamaru with his Chuunin Jacket with an expression bordering between consciousness and comatose. Fuzzy Brows giving a thumb up identical to Gai Sensei, moving his left thumb slightly which was obscuring a face, he felt his stream of joyful memories begin to dissolve

Under his left thumb was Sasuke, before he had left the village, with the appearance he had during their first Chuunin exam together, and he was smiling…

'One day…' Naruto thought

He noticed that another member of the twelve was missing

Moving his right thumb, he saw another face….his most recent failed promise to protect those he cared about…

It was the smiling face of Hyuuga Hinata

What was so unnerving about this one is the point that the picture frame had broken, all the cracks seemed to point towards her

Moving his finger slightly more he didn't notice a small piece of glass sticking out and pierced his finger. Retracting it quickly, Naruto noticed that a small amount of blood seeped down the cracks on the picture and landed on to Hinata's picture.

During his training with Ero-sannin, he was taught all about omens and how they came in all shape and forms, some being less obvious and easy to miss...but this was in his face…

Looking out the window again, he thought with small amount of fear…

'This can't be good…'


She jumped from branch to branch and finally found what she wanted.

The burn marks on the trees and the devastation of the area could only point towards conflict

"So he was here…that's so like him" she said gently

Looking down on, she saw something which caught her attention, reaching down with her hand, she touched the mark with the tips of her fingers

On closer inspection, she realised it was blood

His blood

"Training to the point of severe injury, he hasn't changed at all" she noted quietly

She never thought he would, mind you, she had known him from the beginning of their days in the academy after all. She also briefly remembered several missions they had and also how he had defeated Kiba and Neji during their first Chuunin exams together.

Bringing out a small handkerchief, she whipped her fingers, making 4 clear red lines.

She then put the cherished thing back gently within her robs

A token of him, she would carry always…

She turned back to look at the Hokage monument

Her 'friends' unaware that she soon would make her re-entrance

If she still smiled, this would be one of those rare moments;

Hyuuga Hinata was home at last.