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"Fang!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Where is that boy?! "Fang!" I yelled again. No response. Oh my freakin' god! I had had enough. I ran upstairs and barged through Fang's door. All of a sudden I stopped right in my tracks and my heart stopped beating. My mouth fell open. I, Maximum Ride, was gaping. There was Fang, in black silk boxers.

I felt my eyes trace every part of his body, finally stopping at his toned abs. OMFG! This kid had a six-pack! I wish I could see Fang like this all the- No! Bad Max! Fang friend, Max no think Fang like that. Wow, I sounded like the Incredible Hulk. While sifting through all these weird, somewhat perverted thoughts about Fang, I hadn't realized that Fang had walked closer to me and was now about one inch away from me.

"Enjoying the view, Max?" he asked and smirked at me.

"I-I-I'm just checking on you," I incoherently said.

"How about you come in?" Fang asked in a seductive tone and pulled me into his room.

"Fang, what about the Flock?"

"Iggy can handle them," he said and closed the door behind us.

This was going to be one looong night.