Author: agentANBUhatake (Agent Hatake)

Summary: KakashiKagome Shorts, because even the Copy Cat Sharingan needs some lovin'. Inuyasha Naruto XOver

Disclaimer: I don't own either Inuyasha or Naruto, they belong Rumiko Takahashi and Masashi Kishimoto, respectively.

Author's Comments (A/C): I'm only writing to inspire more authors to write more xover stories. Especially, Kagome/whoever stories. I'd personally like to see a Kagome/Takami cross over (InuEyeshield21). One of my personal wishes.

Mama Knows Best

"What a' you throwing?"

Kakashi pouted behind his mask, this was the fifth time today that four-year-old Kagome had come to bother him! He turned to his left where she sat underneath the shade of the roof and glared the best he could. Kagome stared back non-plussed with her big blue eyes and turned her attention back to the puppy in her arms. He shifted his glare to the little fiend; the pug rolled onto its back, yawned, and licked its chops. So much for loyalty.

He huffed and turned back to the wooden post. 'It's only for a little while, then she'll be gone.'

'You be nice to her okay, Kakashi-kun.' His father told him this morning before he went off to finish another mission. At six years old Kakashi stared up at his father with a pout. He didn't like the fact that there was a girl in a boy's only home. Only he and his dad were allowed to live here, no one else!

'Taro-kun said that you shouldn't trust girls.' He grumbled in response. 'That they're mean.'

Sakumo sighed in exasperation and crouched down to his boys' level. 'Listen here Kakashi, it's only for a short while, okay? Then she'll be gone and besides, she just lost her parents, be nice.'

' . . .Okay.' He muttered.

'Good.' Sakumo ruffled his son's hair and stood to leave. 'I'll be back in the afternoon or early evening. Don't do anything dumb; I'm trusting you to take care of yourself and Kagome-chan, okay?'


"So . . .what are those?" Kagome asked without looking away from the content puppy in her lap, scratching its belly to hear more of that happy growl and watch his tail wag.

"Shuriken." He answered with as much patience as he could muster, which for a six year old, wasn't a lot.

Kakashi threw the shuriken in his hands with deadly accuracy; he was becoming the prodigy that Sakumo knew he would become. Little Kakashi absorbed information like a sponge and was very much a quick study with weapons and battle tactics. Last month he'd graduated from the academy.

"Why?" The question came from right behind him and he jumped, startled, nicking his finger with a shuriken as he threw it. It landed in the bushes behind the training stump. He hadn't even sensed her coming! He hissed as he stared at the two-inch slice on the side of his right pointer finger, little droplets of blood trailing down his finger and onto the grass below.

He heard a rip behind him and he turned, his hand taken hostage by a concentrated Kagome. She delicately wrapped it with a strip of her under kimono.

'It's a little sloppy but,' Kakashi thought, 'it would do.' He turned his head up and was about to say thanks but didn't get a chance as his mask was pulled down and soft lips met his in a kiss.

He stumbled back and tripped on his own feet and landed on his butt on the grass. "W-Why did you k-k-kiss me?" He squeaked out, his fist covering his lips and cheeks a bright cherry red; even he understood what a kiss meant! D-Did she like him? His eyes widened at the thought.

Kagome tilted her head and wrinkled her nose in confusion, why was he so red?

"Momma says kisses make everything better."


Kagome stared with sad blue eyes at the figure on the hospital bed.

His ANBU team had carried him back with extensive wounds on his right shoulder, upper chest, and the outside of his right thigh. With the way the wounds looked, it looked like he had been dragged through gravel or glass and the clip on his bed said that he was also suffering from chakra exhaustion.

"You should kiss me and make it all better." He teased; his tired gray hooded eye bore through her.

She smiled and then a diabolical idea passed through her mind.

She snorted and crossed her arms under her chest. She looked at the damage on his body and raised an eyebrow, "This will take more than just a kiss."

"Yeah?" Kakashi said interested, liking where this was going. He sat up the best he could with his left arm as she raised herself from the seat beside his bed and onto the bed.

"Mmhm." She murmured, leaning closer to him and trailing a hand up his uninjured arm and cupped the back of his head to tug him closer.

Their lips were centimeters apart and Kakashi was breathing a little heavier, "Like third base?" He asked.

"Homerun." She whispered, tugging down his mask and closing the gap between them and brushed her lips against his.

"Sex?" He asked between kisses.

"As many rounds as you can handle."

He groaned and she kissed him deeply, massaging the back of his head and pulled down the blanket down past his hips. 'Sex, sex, I'm going to get laid in a hospital bed,' he thought and nearly lost his thought as she brushed her hand across his lap, 'I love hospitals.'

Kagome kissed him one more time, nibbled on his bottom lip and pulled away with a mischievous twinkle in her eye, "Too bad your chart says you can't exert yourself."

'I hate hospitals.' Kakashi thought and pulled a pillow over his head to drown out Kagome's giggles as she trailed out of his room.


Every little kiss of theirs had their own special meaning.

After a particularly long and tiresome mission, their first kiss when they got back together again was soft and gentle; 'I'm glad to be back, I missed you.' It said.

When they were celebrating a holiday or birthday, their kisses that day were hard and passionate and the looks they'd share that day were mischievous and flirty; 'Heh, I wonder how long the night will be for us . . .?' It said.

When they had spent the whole day in bed in Kakashi's apartment, they'd share kisses on body parts instead, on a smooth feminine shoulder, on the rock hard plane of a chest just above the heart, or on the sensitive column of their necks; 'I just got to make sure you're really here with me.' It said.