Author: Agent Hatake

Title: Lovin' Dogs

Summary: KakashiKagome shorts, because even Copy Cat Kakashi needs some lovin'. InuyashaNaruto xover

Disclaimer: As much as I want to, I don't own them.




"Hmm," Kakashi murmured beside the hospital bed. It was November 30th and since Kagome hadn't give birth yet, they were going to induce labor. It was too dangerous for a small woman like Kagome to carry twins to full term. It was too bad, too because they had wanted Christmas babies. Her due date had been December 18th or thereabout, but still . . .Christmas babies.

Currently, they were waiting for the contractions to start.

"We still haven't thought about possible baby names."

Everyone froze around the room.

"You mean to tell me that all this time that you've been pregnant, no names have come up for your twins?" Sakura asked with an incredulous voice and wide eyes, "Are you even sure you can even handle child rearing??" She finished with her eyes narrowed and an arm on her hip with one hip jutted out just a tad, pose filled with mass amounts of attitude. The question was more directed at Kakashi than at Kagome, but Kagome was just as guilty.

Kakashi and Kagome shared a glance. "Well, we've thought about it, but its more that we set boundaries for the names and crossed out a few names, but nothing . . ." Kagome trailed off shrugging her shoulders.

"Definite." Kakashi finished, grabbing one of Kagome's hands in his larger one and interlacing their fingers. He brought them up to his face so he could nuzzle the hand and give a chaste kiss on top of her knuckles. Kagome squeezed his hand with a warm smile.

"What kind of boundaries did you set?" Sasuke asked from his relaxed spot by the window, arms crossed and one foot over the other. He was still a genin and still on probation but it was said that he could participate in the upcoming chunnin exams and since Kakashi was an ex-ANBU he didn't have to have an escort so long as he hung around Kakashi or Yamato. As it was, Sasuke had gotten to know the Hatake matriarch quite a bit, and her constant food cravings.

But after all he'd done, betrayal and near killings of comrades, it was nice to be included. His saving grace was the fact that he'd killed Orochimaru and revealed some critical information on Akatsuki's members' fighting style and habits to Konoha.

'As the dobe says,' Sasuke thought, fluttering his eyes shut to hide the soft expression creeping into them, 'Team 7 is a family and we're expecting two more small additions to it.'

"We can't name them after weapons or food." Naruto pouted at this. "Or name them after people. We've already tried." Kakashi nodded with a serious look.

"Really?" Naruto said, bouncing back into a cheery expression, "Did you think about naming one after me??"

"Naoki or Naoto." Kakashi said and then continued nodding to the person they were basing the names off of, "Sanosuke and Sakurai."

"We thought Sanosuke was a pretty good one," Sasuke gave a superior smirk in Naruto's direction, "but since the combi of Sakura and Sai's name was more for babies born in spring, we decided no on that one."

"How about Yamamoto or Takashi?" Sai said from his position five feet away from the foot of the bed, he had his sketchbook open in front of him on his lap and a pencil in hand. He was determined this time to get a nice sketch of a pregnant Kagome. This could possibly his last chance until the next time Kakashi knocked her up.

There was a general hum as Team 7 thought about those names.

"Oh! Oh!" Kagome gasped with an excited expression, "How about Takeshi?"

There was another, louder hum of approval.

"Hatake Takeshi." Sakura said aloud, "I think it's pretty cute."

"Hatake Takeshi it is." Kakashi said with finality. "Now the other one."

"I think Sanosuke is a good name." Sasuke put in.

Naruto rolled his eyes, "You would."

"No, I have to agree." Sakura put in, "it is a good strong name. It's fitting for a shinobi."

"Ehhh?!" Naruto shouted in alarm; he just knew that Sasuke-teme would be gloating over it for months, possibly even years! He flapped his arms in a panic, "B-but I thought we could base it off winter or somethin'. Ya' know how Sakurai was no good on account of it being a spring baby name?"

"Well . . . the first name that comes to mind is Yuki." Kagome said with fingers on her chin and looking up at the ceiling.

"Weak." Three voices said at once.

"Yuki is a nice name." Sakura defended, crossing her arms.

"You would." Naruto said with a roll of his eyes, "Your current boyfriend's name is Yuki. Which supports our case since your Yuki is an analyst and does nothing but stay in a desk all day. Sasuke, who is a genin, could beat your chunnin-Yuki any day of the week." Naruto snorted shaking his head in pity.

"Sasuke's a genin in name only! That hardly counts."

"Alright, alright." Naruto conceded with a nod of his head.

"Thank you." Sakura said appeased.

"Konohamaru, who is a genin, could beat Yuki any day of the week."

Sasuke snorted and Kakashi's shoulders shook at Naruto's remark.

"How about Fuyu?" Sai added in. He had finally finished the sketch and while it had everyone in the room, it had Kagome and Kakashi as the main focus. With a big emphasizes on Kagome's stomach.

Sakura and Kagome inhaled at once and they turned to give each other a look before simultaneously uttering a long, "Awwww. . ."

"How about we name a boy after Kakashi's lightening affinity and call him Raiden." Sasuke said, thinking about Kakashi's chidori.

"Ooouuu!" Naruto and Kakashi said simultaneously slamming their fists into their own open palms, excited. "That is a good name!"

"But I really like the name of Hatake Fuyu." Kagome said with a pleading look in her eyes.

Kakashi bit his lip before he compromised, "How about when we have a girl, we can name her Fuyu? Or we could name her Fuu."

A hard glint entered Kagome's eye and she smirked, "If you can beat Sakura in a game of Jan Ken Po (Rock-Paper-Scissors) then we'll call him Raiden and our next child Fuyu. If Sakura wins, this child will be called Fuyu and the next Raiden."

"Alright." Kakashi said with a smirk.

"While blindfolded." Kagome added, who knew how many ways a ninja could cheat, especially Kakashi with his Sharingan.

"Woah," Naruto said in a voice filled with awe, "Do you guys realize that we're naming the next generation of kick-ass shinobi? Do you realize that we're naming Kaka-sensei's kids? Do you realize that"- and he was cut off as Sasuke smacked him on the back of the head to stop his tirade.

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Of course we realize that Kaka-sensei is having kids. It's kind of hard not to notice Kagome-chan's stomach." Sakura cracked her knuckles and for intimidation purposes only, slipped on her black leather gloves.

As if remembering painful times, Sai grimaced and shifted in his seat.



It was mutually decided that all the boys would wait outside the room while Kagome went through labor. The only one allowed inside was Sakura and that was because Tsunade was giving her student hands on experience in the maternity ward.

Kakashi's stomach was rolling and his palms were a bit sweaty but otherwise no one would be able to tell of his distress with his relaxed pose against the wall across the room and his regular indifferent gaze, fixed mutely on the door.

He'd read up on how many things could go wrong during childbirth and the increased risks of having twins, but he wasn't going to think about that now.

He placed a hand on Naruto's head, ruffling the blonde locks a bit. Naruto's legs were jumping with anxiousness, excitement, and fear. Taping the floor in a fast paced rhythm.

You'd figure what with all the jittery movements and anxiety Naruto's body was doing and going through, he was the father expecting his sons to be born. Kakashi gave a rueful smile.

But what really bothered Kakashi was the soundproofed walls, preventing them all from hearing what went on in there and that made his whole back tense like a board. The silence was killing him.

Even if Kagome was cursing his name to the seven depths of hell or if she was threatening his manhood, he wanted to hear it; he wanted to know that she was okay, because while he was determined not to think about all the things that could happen, they were nudging there way through his mind as the hours and minutes dragged on.

It was currently 12:01 am.

"It's December 1st." Sai said, cool as a cucumber looking at the clock. He didn't quite understand why there was so much tension in the air. He understood that Kagome-san was having children but women had them all the time. What made these births different from the rest?

"Ah! If it isn't the boys from Team 7 . . ." A feminine voice drawled and Ino came into view, sauntering up to the boys, "Is Kagome-chan in labor?" She asked as she looked around the hall of the maternity ward.

Naruto, relieved to have someone that was able to hold a conversation for longer than a second, stood up quick from his seat and met her half-way. "Ino-chan!" His voice sounded strained, even to his own ears.

As much as his teammates were good shinobi, they sucked major monkey balls when it came to socializing. And thus, sucked at keeping up a conversation.

And Ino was like the other side of his blondness, but with female bits instead.

"Yeah, the twins are about to pop out." Naruto said with a wide smile, "I'm gonna be a big brother soon!"

Ino patted him on the shoulder with a smile.

"Why are you here, Ino-chan?" Sai asked, as if finally realizing that the blonde kunoichi was there.

"Well, Tomo-chan broke his leg trying to imitate Shikamaru's jump from the window and onto the next roof so we're in the pediatric ward waiting for the doc to come and assist." Ino said with a shrug. "Apparently today the hospital is understaffed and so we have to wait for Tsunade or Sakura to come drug up the kid . . .I mean, prescribe the child some medicine."

She plopped down in Naruto's seat with a sigh, "Looks like we'll have to wait until Kagome-chan pops out her kids. This is actually pretty exciting," She said and sat up straighter in her seat.

"Isn't it though?" Naruto said breathless. "It still kind of mystifies me on how woman can be people makers, ya' know? It's pretty cool."

Sasuke rolled his eyes and rested his head on the wall behind the chairs, closing his eyes soon after.

Kakashi smiled, only peripherally aware of their conversation. He was still focused on the door.

Ino perked up, slamming a closed fist into her palm, "I'll go get the others; they should be here for this."



It was already one o'clock and the hall was tense and quiet. Shikamaru, Ino and Chouji had joined Team 7 in the wait. Kurenai and Tomo were still in the pediatric ward, Tomo loaded up with sedatives to keep him asleep for a while. Tomo didn't quite understand that the more he moved the more pain he would be in.

Shikamaru rolled his neck to ease the tenseness in his body.

He'd realized three roofs away that he'd left the window open and turned back to close it only to stop cold as he saw Tomo on the ledge and preparing to jump.

His stomach had dropped and he'd moved as quickly as possible but he was a roof away when Tomo slipped between the two houses and into the alley below.

The thud of the body hitting the ground had made him gasp and an uneasy feeling roll through his stomach.

But all his anxiety had whooshed away when he saw the quietly groaning and twitching body, that he'd scooped the three year old up in his arms and high-tailed it to the hospital.

And now he was waiting for the arrival of Kakashi's twins. 'What a troublesome day.'

"Oh!" Chouji perked up, drawing the attention of everyone in the hall, "Have you given any thought as to what you're going to name the twins?" He asked, looking over at Kakashi.

Kakashi blinked and looked up at the ceiling, "Well, I'll personally call them 'Thing 1' and 'Thing 2' but . . ."

Sweat drops built at the back of quite a few heads and there were audible disappointed sighs all around.

"But their legal names are going to be Hatake Takeshi and Hatake Raiden." He ended with a wide smile.

"Aww," Ino uttered, "Those are cute names!"

"Mm." Shikamaru added, "Is the first one going to be named Takeshi? Or the second?"

Kakashi froze, staring blankly at Shikamaru as if that thought hadn't crossed his mind before, which knowing Kakashi, was probably true.

Kakashi shuffled into action, riffling through his pockets and pulled out a coin. He flipped it, making sure not to look so he wouldn't spoil the surprise for himself and deftly caught the coin on his hand and slapped it on the back of his other palm.

He slowly revealed the coin, looking as if he was playing poker and trying to keep them out of view from everyone else. "Ah, okay."

He stuffed the coin back in his pocket and smiled, "The first one. The first one's going to be Hatake Takeshi."

"Did anyone else feel that sense of doom rolling in? Or was that just me?" Someone said.

The door to the room opened and immediately everyone could hear the lustful cries of newborn babies. Everyone stood to attention, Kakashi nearly wanting to burst into the room but restrained himself with hard will alone.

Sakura came out, her hair pulled back in a ponytail and clips holding the hairs that weren't long enough to stay in place. A surgical mask was pulled down under her chin; she had a dopey smile in place with pink flushed cheeks and a light sheen of sweat on her forehead, she looked like she was on cloud nine and looked like nothing would be able to pull her out of it.

"Congratulations, Kaka-sensei." Sakura beamed, her cheeks darkening just a tad and unable to hold her happiness in, slapped her hands over he cheeks and cooed, "I have never seen such cuter babies, ever. Awww!"

"Can I go in, Sakura?" He asked, his stomach and heart flip-flopping.

"Oh, umm yeah, just wash up and put on some scrubs." She said and stepped to the side and followed Kakashi inside.

Sakura turned around to give the other guys in the hall two thumbs up and a big goofy grin before closing the door behind her.



Kakashi's stomach was rolling; twisting itself into knots and on the whole was making Kakashi near queasy. He was swathed in scrubs and just outside the door that lead to Kagome and his sons.

His sons . . .

A new wave of nerves rolled over him and a weird sensation was building up on his right leg.

'Don't tell me you're going to give out on me.' He thought, staring accusingly at his leg. He placed a hand on the doorframe and took a deep breath, gingerly testing his leg by tapping it on the floor and pushing more and more weight onto it.

He felt a little overwhelmed. More than a little overwhelmed. He'd never been a father before and he didn't have much to go by, how was he expected to-?!

Behind him, Sakura was re-washing her hands. Apparently she needed to re-clean and re-prepare herself to enter the room and he was more than happy to wait on her to enter the room.

His life was going to change as soon as he entered that room; and he was scared. He'd admit that to himself freely; he was scared.

This was a big change that would require a major adjustment to his life. Panic was creeping in and he breathed in shallowly, placing his forehead on the hand over the doorframe and closed his eyes.

Just months ago, Kagome was pregnant and his sons' arrival had been seemingly in the distant future. He clearly remembered being bewildered the time that Kagome had bursted into tears at the sight of newly bought baby socks. And it didn't feel all that long ago.

And now, here they were, waiting just behind the door and he was stiff all over. What was the world coming to?

"Ready to meet your sons, sensei?" Sakura asked with a cheery grin. Kakashi righted himself and unconsciously slumped into his indifferent stance.

"Geeze, sensei, you always look unfazed by things . . ."

Kakashi gave her a twinkling eye smile, her words amusing him to no end.

He would take things day by day and deal with things as they came to him. Plus, it wasn't like he was going to be doing it alone.

With new resolve he opened the door and allowed Sakura to go in first before closing the door behind him.

"Yo." He said, before even looking up from the floor.

It was a good thing too otherwise his word would've been caught in his throat if he had looked up any sooner.

There was a glow surrounding Kagome that he hadn't noticed until just now, her cheeks were flushed with excitement and triumph, and her hair was pushed back with a simple white headband. She was so beautiful.

She looked up at him with an impish smile, "Yo yourself."

There was a shadow of exhaustion in her blue eyes that was overshadowed with so much more emotions than he was prepared to catalogue at the moment. There was one bundle of blue blankets in her arms and his chest stilled, before resuming the tempo twice as fast.

His gray eye stayed locked on the soft blue blanket as he came up beside her bed, leaning over and resting a hand across her shoulders to draw her and his son closer.

There was a flap of blanket covering his sons face from view and Kagome moved it obligingly and Kakashi smiled.

Since that mission one and a half months ago he had been secretly hoping that none of his sons had taken after Kagome; with the black hair and blue eyes so similar to the boy he'd killed.

He ran a hesitant finger through the small tuft of silver hair, quirking his lip as he ran his eyes over his sons face, noting the pink chubby cheeks, eyes closed in sleep and tiny little hands clenched in fists just underneath its chin. Silver hair . . .that was possibly the furthest hair color from Kagome's own black locks.

"And here's the other twin." Tsunade said as she sauntered up with a swaddle of blue blankets in her arms.

Kakashi straightened and a little wide-eyed held the tiny baby within his own arms.

This one was more alert: unfocused blue-gray eyes seemingly looking around the room, small soft chin quivering. Same silver hair, looking hastily cleaned from the birth fluids, and same small cute button nose.

'So tiny . . .' he thought, running a curious finger across the baby soft skin of his son's cheek.

There were so many thoughts running through his mind: the thought that his family was vulnerable. Kagome wasn't a ninja, so if he were sent on a mission no one would be around to protect them from vengeful ninja he'd crossed in previous missions. That was a terrifying thought. He'd have to remedy that somehow, maybe call in Kurenai to sleep over or assign a group of ANBU to guard his home while he was away.

While that sounded ridiculous in his logical mind- a team of ANBU guarding one family?!- he really wanted that peace of mind. Maybe Yamato would help out by babysitting his family while he was away? Or maybe he'd get his own students to do it?

Another thought was how vulnerable his tiny little sons were. Anything could happen to them!

He honestly wished they'd grow up quicker so he could teach them a couple incapacitating moves, maybe some jutsu so they wouldn't be so darn small and helpless.

"Which one was born first?" Kakashi asked, his voice reverent and breathless, captivated by his thoughts and his sons.

Sakura answered with a simple, "Kagome's holding the eldest one."

"Ah, so I'm holding Raiden." He said, holding in a wide smile as Raiden latched onto his fingertip and sucked with such vigor, looking for a midnight snack only to be disappointed as his efforts only yielded the lingering taste of soap. Raiden's face was quickly looking like a storm cloud was coming in: with furrowed silver eyebrows, frustrated tears at the corner of the dewy blue-gray eyes and small mouth pulled into a deep pout.

Kakashi only smiled wider as he heard his son's low breathy cry, bringing the bundle up closer to his face so he could give Raiden an Eskimo kiss with his cloth covered nose.

"Bring him here." Kagome said and held her arms up to reach for her other son, Takeshi sleeping quietly in the hospital crib beside her bed.

Kakashi's heart thumped hard against his chest as he thought of and turned to the woman that made this all possible.

As soon as Kagome had settled their son against her breast for a feeding session, he surprised her by giving her a firm mask less kiss and pulled away softly to look at her startled blue eyes- he never kissed her in front of an audience!-, "I love you."

He said it with so much emotion both in his voice and in his eye that Kagome got embarrassed. She looked down and covered her nursing son with a blanket and muttered, "You better because I'm feeling betrayed that my children decided to take after you and not me; me! The woman that bore them for nine months and couldn't repay me by at least taking after my blue eyes. What a betrayal . . ."

Kakashi laughed and offered, "Their eyes are half blue."

"Yeah, but they'll probably darken and turn into your gray colored eyes soon." She argued, not willing to give up her grudge.

"Probably." Kakashi relented, his mask stretching to indicate the smirk on his lips underneath the fabric. "But we could always try for blue-eyed children. And hopefully for some Christmas babies?"

Kagome rolled her eyes but giggled, "You just you wanna bundle up all their birthdays for one big party during Christmas and just give them one present. You cheapskate."

Kakashi only grinned, refusing to comment.

A/C: The end.

Yup, this is the LAST chapter for LD. So yeah, officially The End. It's a little annoying 'cuz I wrote out what I was going to say already to you guys, but something happened and it didn't save it. I'm annoyed. Meh.

Anyway, each time I though of Kakashi's kids I thought, "Mini Kakashi!!" Immediately followed by a squeal, the likes of which only an ultimate fangirl can accomplish and then promptly followed by, "Cuutteee!!"

Honestly, I could picture Kakashi's four year old twins in my mind. I only wish I had the talent to draw it for ya'll but it's something like this:

Wide gray eyes, stubborn pouts, silver hair in a similar hairstyle like their father (and one like their grandfather: i.e. Sakumo's hairstyle), flushed round cheeks, threadbare rumpled white tanks with blue shorts and shinobi sandals. It'd be during the summer so they'd be outside in the backyard; one sharpening a kunai and the other polishing a katana while he was seated on the porch and sword imbedded in the wood and between his legs while he polished it. The stubborn pouts would be because that's how I imagined a four year old looking like while focused on a task.

Honestly, this reminded so much of a scene in PeaceMaker Kurogane where Ayumu has that flashback of a younger Suzumu. Actually, that's probably what inspired the image.

But cute, 'cuz Kakashi and Kagome's kids could be nothing BUT cute. And seriously, when I say twins, they're like what I imagined Fred and George from Harry Potter are like. No one could tell the difference between the two appearance-wise but I'd imagine they'd have either complimenting personalities or contrasting but nothing in between. I think it'd be pretty interesting 'cuz they'd be able to fool enemy ninja into thinking one of them was using Bunshin or Kage Bunshin as the case may be.

Yeah, I seriously (in depth) thought about this. Hahaha!