Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

I watched Edward with amusement as he huffed impatiently at the phone ringing.

"Haven't even been here a week and someone's already phoning."

"Are you going to pick it up though? Or are you just going to stare at it?"

He rolled his eyes but didn't move, just stayed on the bed.

I sighed and reached forward to pick up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Bella! Ohmygoshyouhavetocomehomerightnowbecauseyouareinseriousserioustrouble!"

"Wo, Alice, slow down." My forehead creased as she repeated herself, only slightly slower.

"What's going on?" Edward mouthed. I flapped my hand in his face to tell him to shut up.

"The wolves are coming!" Alice yelled down the receiver. "For you! And Edward! So get your ass down here right now!"

"No," I whispered. "No, they can't be."

"Do you think I would lie about something like this, Bella?" Alice hissed.

"No, no of course not. We'll be there soon. Tonight."

"Make that in an hour." She hung up.

I placed the phone back down and sighed heavily. "We have to go back." I muttered in a low monotone.

"What!? Why?" Edward asked angrily. "We've just got here and Alice is telling us to go back, so you'll just drop everything and go?"

"The wolves are coming." I replied simply.

He fell into a stunned silence, and then quickly answered, "Okay, leave everything here, let's go."

We rushed out of our new house and kept to the shadows of the night. The journey was quick and silent; terror seemed to make you work so much faster.

Eventually we reached the house of the Denali's and burst through the front door into the arms of Alice.

"What are we going to do? Where shall we go? When will they be here?" Were the first questions that came pouring out of my mouth.

Everyone joined us at this moment, their faces all matching masks of fear.

"The wolves will find us, no matter where we are." Carlisle answered me dully.

"So we have to fight?" I asked quietly.

"It looks that way." Alice replied. "I do see glimpses of fighting, but I don't know what will definitely happen."

"But I don't understand, Carlisle." I wailed. "Why are they coming after Edward and me?"

"Edward killed one of their family; Jacob." Carlisle growled.

"He deserved it." Edward snarled.

"Yeah well, isn't there so-called rule not to let humans get hurt? Or did Jacob forget that?" I spat. Everyone knew I was recalling to that night where Jacob drunkenly came home and ruined my life even more than he already had.

"But they don't want us existing and now that you are a vampire too, Bella, they don't care whether Jacob raped you or not." Carlisle explained. He ran a hand through his gold hair and sighed heavily. "I really don't want to fight."

"Does it look like we have a choice?" Edward roared and he began to march up and down the hallway, clenching and unclenching his iron fists. "They'll go up to mine and Bella's house, find are trail, and see that we came back here! We can't run away. We have to fight."

"Excellent." Grinned Emmett.

Rosalie slapped him on the arm. "Now is not the time." She hissed.

His grin faded and he cleared his throat. "Sorry."

I couldn't help but smile and I wondered how this family would survive in situations like this without Emmett.

"Alice, have you seen anything new?" Jasper asked.

Alice shook her head and sighed. "If it is something, it's just glimpses of us fighting. That's all I can see."

Carlisle nodded glumly. I had never seen him like this. "Can't we do something with our powers?"

"Not really," Edward cried bitterly. "Unless you can bring down ten bolts of lightening to strike the wolves."

"Calm down, Edward." Esme hushed, gliding towards him and embracing him in a hug. "We can do this."

"Yes, but who's to say some of us won't die?" He whispered sadly, taking my hand.

We all fell silent, and Tanya spoke up. "Look, people. We're not going to get anywhere with this negative attitude. Yes alright, the wolves are coming, but instead of moping around sulking, think of ways to try and stop them!"

"That's what we are doing." Kate pointed out gently to her sister.

"Well you're not doing a great job of it." Tanya huffed and folded her arms.

"Now, who has the sulky attitude?" Irina teased poking Tanya in the arm.

"Go away." She growled, scowling.

Edward rolled his eyes and took a deep breath. "Right, Tanya is partly right. We should stop with the negative attitude-"

"-or rather you should," cut in Emmett with a grin. I smothered my laughter.

"-and get on with trying to figure out what strategies we can do."

"Simple, just do what we did four years ago against the Newborns." Tanya shrugged.

"No, we can't. The wolves were there and they saw our moves. We have to think of something new. And anyway, Bella has to learn too." Jasper shook his head. "This will be difficult."

"Bella can't fight. She's too young." Edward said immediately.

"Edward! I need to fight! I want to fight. You can't protect me forever, and this is my fight just as much as yours!" I hissed and I glared at him.

Edward stared at me for a moment and then whispered to me so tenderly I almost wrapped him up in a tight hug. "I just couldn't bear it if you got hurt, or even killed. I would be so distracted by your safety."

"Edward," I stated firmly. "Four years ago, we apparently had a fight. I can't remember, but obviously I was human. I guess I didn't fight for that reason you have just said. Now, I am extremely capable of looking after myself, no matter whether I am a newborn or not."

Edward took my hand and led me into the corner of the hall. I knew the others could hear us, but they began talking amongst themselves. Edward stared at me in the eyes and then pulled me into a hug. "Fine. But if you die, I am following you very close behind."

Before I could protest he raised a finger to my lips. "It's what I want. I can't live without you. The total of five years I spent away from you, were the hardest. I won't be able to cope with an eternity."

I kissed his hand and pulled away. "If that's what you want to do, then that's fine with me. But what about your family?"

He shrugged. "They know that if you died, I wouldn't want to live any longer."

I chuckled despite the glum mood. "That sounds cheesy."

"I know," he smiled crookedly and I kissed him gently on the mouth. "Let's go sort out some strategies.

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