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Chapter 18

I threw my almost empty pillow case onto the bed. "Aro, you will not hurt my family. It was not their fault; I killed Caius. I take the blame."

"There's no need to be noble, Bella." Aro laughed coldly. "You'll all get the same punishment, regardless."

I clenched my jaw shut, and tried to fight the growing power within me. I wanted to slap the arrogant face right off its shoulders. With lightning.

Aro turned to the guards hovering behind him. "Go," he shooed them with his hands. "Stay in the car, I'll be down in a minute."

"But-" One began, his forehead creasing.

"No." Aro cut across him. "Do as I say, Louis."

Emmett stared at me incredulously; Aro was ordering his guards to leave when he was against eight angry vampires? Suicidal or what?

We watched patiently as Aro waited until his guard were out of hearing range and then turned on us with a huge smile plastered on his face.

To say we were all confused was an understatement.

"I'm so sorry about that incredibly rude welcome. I felt so intrusive. You all looked like you were having a lot of fun." He smiled round at us all and then laughed loudly at our expressions. "You look as if my dear brother has come back from the grave!"

I flinched and it didn't escape his notice. "My dear Bella, don't worry about it all. I forgive you."

I finally found my tongue and shrieked, "What?"

"I forgive you," Aro repeated simply, holding out his arms.

I didn't move but stood rooted to the spot. "How can you say that?" I whispered. "I killed him yesterday. Have you grown so heartless over the years?"

Edward crouched nearer to me in case Aro decided to turn on us. He had been having a lot of mood swings lately, I'd noticed.

Aro chuckled at my slight cheek. "No, my dear, I have just learned to forgive and forget."

"In a day?" Edward asked sceptically.

"Well," Aro paused for a moment to think. "I am still a touch annoyed but still, shouldn't you be receiving my forgiveness with open arms?"

Carlisle stepped forward from our little half circle around Aro. "What is going on, my friend? Shouldn't you be mourning with Marcus? Shouldn't you be so outraged you would send hordes of vampires to kill us?"


"Oh for crying out loud," I said angrily, stepping forward right up to Aro. "Are you going to torture us or not? You're being so bloody weird and it's doing my head in."

Aro threw back his head and laughed heartily. Seriously, was he on drugs or something? I saw Jasper who was fighting a smile off his face and trying to remain serious. Alice was almost jumping up and down with excitement and gave me the thumbs up. "It's going to be fine," she mouthed.

I breathed a silent sigh of relief and then waited for Aro to finish laughing. "Done?" I asked after he regained his composure.

"Certainly. In answer to your question, no, I am not going to torture you or your family. In fact, I shall make you a deal."

He looked at us all individually before continuing. We stared back with the same blank face. "You walk away and carry on with your life, if I get to see Bella every six months."

"That seems quite fair," I nodded my head slowly.

"No," growled Edward. He was glaring at Aro and threw me behind him.

"Hey!" I exclaimed, outraged. "I am part of this conversation, Edward!" I shoved past him.

"Either that, or you die."

"Hardly fair!" Emmett cried. "That's not a deal at all!"

Aro didn't say anything but stared at Edward who was fighting his own mental battles. To be honest, the answer was clear, but knowing Edward, he had to analyse every single possibility from his actions.

I laid a hand on his clenched shoulder. "Edward, its fine. It's not much; only twice a year."

He turned his beautiful eyes towards me and kissed me on my forehead. "I know, it's just hard for me."

I nodded to Aro who relaxed. "Well, I shall leave you to your fun and games, and I shall see you in six months Bella."

"Wait, how long is each visit?" I asked quickly.

"Oh, only a weekend. Well, I'll be generous, you can stay as long or as little as you like."

"Thank you." I hugged him. I admit, it was a bit silly doing that but I didn't know how else to express my gratitude.

"If you kiss my hand, you can take Edward with you." Aro said, his eyes twinkling.

"You promise?" I asked and he nodded. I grabbed his hand immediately and pressed my lips quickly to it.

"I'll be off now." Aro said as if he had just popped in for a cup of tea. In a way, he had.

"Goodbye and thank you." Carlisle shook his hand. "Send our condolences and apologies to Marcus." Esme nodded her head vigorously from behind Carlisle.

"Oh, he doesn't care." Aro waved his hand dismissively. "He and Caius never got on well. I have to admit, he was a bit of a nuisance; always so violent in his actions."

And with that last remark, he left with a swish of his black robe.

"Well, that was interesting." Rosalie grinned.

"Hmm, I agree." Emmett suddenly turned on me with a vicious smile on his face. "I believe you have a hat to eat?"


One hat later, I was walking along hand in hand with Edward in the thawing snow by the small, frozen spring at the end of our huge garden.

"Do you realise," he began, breaking peaceful silence, "that we never finished our honeymoon?"

"Oh yes," I mused, stopping to try and remember the hazy images of skiing. "Well, we could always carry it on sometime. After all, I never managed to get down a red run in skiing, let alone a black."

"You'll be fine now," Edward said looking me up and down and then giving a little wolf-whistle.

I chuckled and then threw a slushy snowball in his face. "Ha!"

In return, he shook his wet hair in my face. "Edward!" I screeched.

He laughed and then kissed me fiercely. "Oh Isabella Cullen, how happy and fortunate I am to be your husband."

"And I to be your wife." I kissed him gently. "Jeez, we're so soppy."

Edward didn't say anything but was staring at the white sky. "I've been thinking a lot over the past weeks."

"As usual. About what?"

"Whether you could do other things than bring down lightning and make it sunny or whatever. Maybe you could cause hurricanes and blizzards!" He added excitedly.

I thought about it. He was right. If I could bring down lightning, why not start a blizzard? I concentrated on the snow, not really sure about what I would do, and then gave up after a bit when nothing happened.

"Maybe I should get Carlisle." Edward suggested after watching me struggle.

"No," I said sharply. "I want to do this on my own."

He shrugged and then stood back a little to watch me again. Now, what had I done when bringing down lightning? I tried thinking of something which had made me angry; Edward and Alice being attacked by the two vampires. I felt the energy stir within me and then reach into my fingertips. I raised my hands quickly and then waved them about a little, but only succeeded in setting a tree on fire with another bolt of lightning. "Oops."

"Never mind, try again." Edward urged gently.

Maybe that wasn't the way to go about it. I thought about how blizzards start and a strong wind suddenly began from behind me. I smiled happily and then urged the wind with my mind to get stronger. I didn't know how I was doing this, I just was. It was strange, yet wonderful. I started using my hands in a circular motion to stir up the remainder of the snow. Before I knew it, a wall of snow was circulating around my body. I felt extremely powerful. I looked around for Edward, but couldn't see him so a ceased all motions with my hands and focused my thoughts on something entirely different. We vampires can get easily distracted. The mini blizzard faded into nothing and I just noticed the rest of my family standing next to Edward, grinning.

"That was so awesome, Bella!" Emmett roared jumping into me.

"Thanks," I smiled, embarrassed at all the attention.

Edward grabbed me tightly and kissed me on my neck. "You are amazing."

I didn't know what to say there. "I'm thirsty." Very appropriate.

"Let's go hunt, then."

"Let's go hunt."


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