Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today…

Those seven words echoed in the mind of Ted DiBiase, Jr. He should have heard those words that very day, in the very church he was currently sitting in.

But instead, he had to trade his wedding for a funeral.

He sat staring at the casket in front of him, unable to move, unable to think, unable to cry. Some of his family who was sitting nearby thought him heartless. Maybe he really didn't love his fiancée, Kristen. They were thinking that Ted thought of her as nothing more than a trophy wife, a prize to show off for all of his hard work.

And if Ted was in the right frame of mine, those would be fighting words. He didn't show emotions as much as other people did, but that didn't mean that he was careless. He did love Kristen. But someone's hatred of her was clearly more powerful than his love for his fiancée.

They told him that Kristen was poisoned. It was a slow acting poison that sifted through her veins and took her life. But who would do that to his fiancée, to him? Everyone loved Kristen. She was the sweetest girl in the world, and everyone around her felt their lives brightened by her presence.

Even the sweetest light can be blinding.

Ted also had few enemies. Everyone loved the sweet southern boy from Mississippi. The few critics he had…No, Ted couldn't even imagine one of them killing his girlfriend.

The answer, however, was sitting in the church with him. But who would suspect her? It wasn't as if she and Ted were ever exactly what you would call close. They never had a genuine conversation, and barely spoke outside of the polite "hello" in the hallways as they passed each other. They never worked a program together, never teamed together in a match, never trained with each other, and weren't even on the same show together.

On the opposite side of the church and in the last row, the criminal herself sat cross-legged and alone. She faked her remorse if she ever felt eyes upon her, but everyone was too preoccupied with mourning to notice the blonde in the back row. She leaned back in the pew and extended a hand out in front of her face, examining her red painted nails.

It was then that they asked Ted to stand up and say a few words about his fiancée.

Ted was never exactly the most eloquent man when presented with a public speaking task. He was hoping that the void of his girl being gone would numb his nervousness, but it didn't; it only heightened it.

And in the back of the church, the perpetrator sat up straight, hanging on Ted's every word, trying to find out what it was about Kristen that made Ted love her so much.

Beautiful? Boring.

Adventurous? Lame.

Good in bed? Please.

Unique? Overdone.

None of those reasons gave Sunny any reason to believe that Kristen was better than her.

But Sunny was better than her now. An alive woman was certainly easier and more convenient to date than a dead woman, and less conspicuous, as well.

As Ted finished his speech, Sunny smiled to herself and brushed the hair out of her eyes.

The next time that the entire WWE was together, things were certainly going to get interesting.