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Chapter 1: Separation or Not?

Kiara's POV:

It's been two weeks since Selphie left and she still hasn't some home. She won't even return Riku's calls either. The girls are also staying with Selphie at her dad's house so that means Riku takes care of me. That's what I wanted all along and yet something doesn't seem right. I went to the living room to see him staring out the window like he'd been doing the whole week. What does he expect her to just drive up any minute? I thought.

"Riku?" I asked as I entered the room.

"Yes, Kiara?" he answered.

"Isn't Selphie coming back?" I asked. "She's been gone a long time."

"I know. I don't know when she's coming back." Riku told me.

"Is mommy ever coming back?" I asked him. Riku gave me a sad look, bent to my height and hugged me.

"You know she went to heaven. There's nothing I can do about that." he replied gently.

"I know. I just miss her." I told him sadly as a tear slipped down my cheek.

"I'm sorry, Kiara." He said as he wiped the tear from my face. "I wish I could do something about that."

"Will I ever see mommy again?" I asked.

"Someday I guess, but not for a long time." Riku answered softly.

"Why are you sad? You miss Selphie?" I asked.

"Yes I do." Riku sighed. "I'm sorry I haven't been around lately. I just blew up on her and I don't…" he trailed off. "I probably shouldn't have said anything. How about we go do something?"

"Riku, it's my fault." I sighed. I couldn't stand it. He really does love her and I messed everything up. It might be true that Selphie doesn't like me but I couldn't stand to see Riku like this.

"Kiara, no. Don't say that. Don't blame yourself. It's not your fault." He told me kindly.

"But it is." I answered. "I tried to get her to yell at me. I wanted you guys to fight so she'd leave."

For a moment Riku stood shocked. "Why would you do that?" he asked.

"Because I was being selfish. I wanted for you to take care of me because my mommy didn't like her either." I answered as I started to cry.


"Are you mad at me?" I asked him as I looked up at him.

Riku's POV:

"No, I'm a little disappointed but that's all. Kiara, what you did certainly wasn't right but it wasn't completely you're fault either." I told her. "I blew up on her. I said the wrong thing to her. It's my fault that she left."

"How long is she gonna stay gone?" Kiara asked. "Did I make you guys get a divorce?"

"No, Kiara. Selphie said it's just a separation, not a divorce. It's just a rough patch in our relationship. We had our arguments before too. This wasn't our first."

"When will she come back then?" Kiara asked. "I want to say I'm sorry to her face."

I smiled at her and gave her a hug. "Well we'll have to see. I'll call her to see what's up okay?" I asked.

"Okay." Kiara answered as she looked up with tears in her eyes.

I picked up the phone to call Selphie hoping she'd answer this time. After a couple rings someone picked up but didn't say anything. "Selphie?" I asked.

"Daddy!" I heard one of the girls exclaim on the other end.

"Hey, Masami. Is mommy around?" I asked.

"Uh huh. She here." she answered.

"Can I talk to her?"

"What's there to talk about?" I heard Selphie ask on the other end.

"Selphie." I stated softly slightly surprised.

"Yeah, it's me."

"Selphie, I'm sorry for what I said and—"

"You really hurt my feelings. Sorry isn't enough."

"I know sorry won't make up for what I said. I wish I could find a less cliché word for it but I am. Selphie, I love you. I feel stupid for blaming you and for what I said. I would like you to come home soon. I know I can't force you to but I really miss you." I said trying to convince her. She just sighed. "Please, Selphie. I love you more than anything and being separated like this really hurts." Still no answer. "I guess I'm glad I could at least hear your voice again. I hope you come home soon so we can be together again as a family. You and me and the girls."

"What about Kiara?" Selphie finally answered.

"Well she's included when I say the girls."

"What's that mean?" she asked surprised. "You know we don't get along."

"I know. That's actually another reason I'm calling. Kiara told me she wanted to apologize to you in person."

"Kiara said that?" Selphie asked.

"Yeah she told me that she was being selfish and that she only wanted me to look after her because Tifa didn't like you but that now she realizes it was wrong and she wants to apologize."

"Well I guess if she really said that then I'll have to consider it and we'll have to see how things go."


"One thing though. The girls are out with my dad right now. I can't just come home yet."

"Alright. We'll come there. We can just leave tonight and be there as soon as we can. Is that okay?"

"Okay. I'll see you when you get here then. Be careful."

"I will and I love you, Selphie."

"I love you too." She replied before she hung up.

After I hung up the phone Kiara and I went to the train station and left for Destiny Islands. When we got there I called a taxi and we got to Selphie's dad's house. As soon as I got out of the car Hitomi and Masami ran up to me and clung to my legs.

"Daddy!" they called happily.

"Hey girls. I thought you guys were out with grandpa." I smiled at them as I hugged them.

"We come back." Masami told me.

"I see that. What'd you do?" I asked them.

"We play at Chuckie E. Cheese!" Masami exclaimed. "We had lotsa fun!" she continued.

I looked up to see Selphie standing in the doorway. " That's nice." I smiled at them. "Can you girls go inside and let me talk to your mom?" I asked them. They nodded and ran inside. Kiara got out of the taxi and walked up beside me. "It's okay, Kiara." I told her as we walked up to Selphie. Selphie stepped aside and let us in the house. We sat down on the couch in the living room in silence for a while.

"Riku…" Selphie started. "I don't know what to say. The things you said really hurt me and the fact that you didn't believe me hurts even more. I have had some time to think and…"

"Selphie, I'm sorry. I—"

"Let me finish, Riku. I was saying that I was upset and I don't think that leaving was exactly the best idea. I've missed you too." She said as she took my hand.

"Me too and I understand why you left. I probably would've done the same thing if I were in your situation." I told her as I laced my fingers in hers.

Selphie's POV:

I smiled at him and gave him a quick kiss.

"Selphie…" Kiara started softly. We both looked at her. "I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have made you yell at me."

"The truth is I lost control and yelled. It wasn't completely your fault." I told her.

"I tried to make you yell and I did. You're not a bad person and I shouldn't have tried to break up you and Riku." Kiara told me. "I really am sorry. I'm glad that you and Riku adopted me and I realized that I shouldn't complain. I should be happy for the good things I have and you're part of that. I mean I miss my mom but if I know that I won't see her again and I don't think I could have a better second mom."

"Thank you, Kiara." I smiled as she took her hand gently. "If you really mean that it means a lot to me."

"I do mean it. I'm sorry for everything." Kiara said as tears started to fall down her cheeks. "I'm sorry that I messed everything up."

"Kiara…" I started as I got up and bent down in front of her on the couch. "You didn't mess up anything. Riku and I have had many arguments. It's a part of marriage, well life for that matter. If it hadn't been about this we would've argued over something else. It's just the way life is. And I'm glad we adopted you too. I'm happy to have three girls." I smiled at her and hugged her. Kiara hugged back.

"So you're gonna come back and it's okay for me to live with you guys?" Kiara asked after we broke apart.

"Yes." I answered with a smile.

"Good because Riku's been miserable without you." Kiara teased him.

I looked over at Riku and couldn't help but laugh. He blushed a little just like back in high school. I kissed him. "I was miserable without you too." I told him.

The girls came in and sat next to us. "You not mad at daddy anymore?" Masami asked.

We both smiled at her. "No I'm not. We're all going back home tomorrow."

"Kiara too?" Hitomi asked.

"Yes. Kiara too. We're all going to be a happy family." I told her as Riku and I hugged her and brought Kiara into the hug.

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