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Chapter 2: An Unexpected Surprise

I wonder if Kiara did find Riku. I certainly hope she did. I can't believe I was in a coma for two years. Maybe that's a good thing because if the other gangs think I'm dead they won't come after me again.

As soon as I got out of the hospital I went to find out about Kiara. When I was leaving someone told me that they did some investigating and found that my daughter was put in an orphanage! I went straight there and walked in.

"Can I help you Miss?" the woman at the desk asked.

"Is there a Kiara Lockheart here? She'd be eight years old."

"One moment." The woman answered and looked through the records. "I'm sorry miss we did have a girl by that name a few weeks ago but she got adopted."

"Adopted?" I asked in shock.

"Yes, ma'am. Is there a problem?"

"I need you to tell me who adopted her."

"I'm sorry. I can't give out that information to just anyone."

"I'm the girl's birth mother." I told her.

"Really?" she asked disbelievingly. "Because my records say that her birth mother died in a car wreck two years ago."

"I didn't die. I was in a coma for the past two years." I tried to explain.

"I'm sorry ma'am. I'll need proof." She told me.

I took out my wallet and found some pictures of Kiara when she was six. "Please tell me who adopted her." I begged. After a long time of explaining and showing her all the proof I possibly could she finally agreed to tell me.

"Riku and Selphie Aiawa adopted her about a month ago." She told me.

I breathed a discreet sigh of relief. Riku did get her after all. I just wonder why it took him so long if she was only adopted a month ago. "Thank you." I told the woman and then left the orphanage. Now what do I do? I could call but I don't know if that would exactly be the best idea. Then there's finding out where they live and going there but that'd be a shock. Besides I have to make sure I have things in order before I go get her. I can't go back to my house because they had it sold. That means all my stuff is gone.

A month later and I've got a two bedroom apartment, a new car and a job. It's hard to get back on your feet after being in a coma for two years. Since everyone thought I was dead its been a shock to people that knew me. I can only imagine what its going to be like for Kiara to see me again. I looked up Riku in the phonebook and couldn't find him. I guess that means that he doesn't live on Destiny Islands anymore. I didn't think I'd ever get to find him until someone from school told me that he's living in Twilight Town with his wife and three daughters. Twilight Town. I have to go there. I just know that one of those daughters of his is Kiara. He did take care of her for me.

I've decided the best way to see Kiara again is to go see Riku in person. If I called or had someone else go they wouldn't believe me. So I bought a train ticket to Twilight Town and found out that they still lived on the campus because Selphie was still in school. I got information on which apartment and went into the building. Apartment 201. I walked up to it and knocked.

Riku's POV:

"I'm out!" Kiara announced as she finished her phase and laid down her last card.

"Well at least I have my phase down." I stated as we picked up the cards to start again.

"I didn't. Now I'm a phase behind." Selphie said.

"That's the way the game goes." Kiara told her. "You never know you might get your phase next hand and Riku and I might not. Then we'll be even."

"Yeah, yeah. I know." Selphie smiled as she shuffled the cards.


"I'll get that." I said as I stood up. I walked to the door and opened it. My jaw dropped slightly. I could swear Tifa was standing in front of me. No way! She's… she can't be… Tifa?!

"Hello, Riku." She greeted me.

"T-tifa?" I stuttered.

"Yeah, it's me. I know this is probably a shock but—"

"Probably a shock?!" I interrupted her. "Two years ago you were announced to be dead."

"I know and I'm sorry for just showing up like this but I didn't think there'd be any other way. If I called you probably wouldn't believe me unless I was actually here."

"You're right but still it's just... I don't know… what happened then?"

"I guess they found that I was barely alive because I was in a coma for the past two years. I only woke up a month ago." She explained.

"Okay." I stated. "This is weird."

"I know."

"Well I guess it's good you're alive though." I stated.

"Yeah. I'm glad I am too. I wish I could've been here sooner. The first thing I thought about when I woke up was Kiara."

"Riku, who is it?" Selphie asked from the other room.

"I'm sorry. I guess you should come in." I said as I stepped aside and let her in.

"Riku?!" Selphie called again. "Riku, who…?" she asked but stopped in her tracks when she saw who I'd been talking too.


"Yeah. Sorry about the surprise."

"How…?" Selphie started to ask.

"Well…" Tifa started to explain again.

"You guys! C'mon. We're in the middle of a game!" Kiara called from the other room.

Kiara's POV:

I walked into the living room where Riku and Selphie left to and stood in shock. My eyes widened when I saw who they were talking to.

Mommy? But Riku said she went to heaven. She said I wouldn't see her again for a long time. How is this possible?

"Kiara." She stated softly.

"M-mommy?" I asked.

"Yes, Kiara. It's me." She said with a smile and came forward to hug me. I shied behind Riku. This can't be her. She died when I was six. "Kiara?" she questioned.

"Who are you? My mommy died when I was six!" I exclaimed.

She looked hurt. "I didn't die." She said softly. "I was in a coma. Do you know what that is?" she asked me.


"Come here, Kiara." Riku said as he gently took my hand and sat on the couch with me.

After a long talk they explained what a coma was and what exactly happened to my mommy.

"So you really are my mommy?"

"Yes." She smiled. I started to cry and hugged her. She hugged me back. "I missed you so much." She told me.

"I missed you too." I said softly.

Riku's POV:

After a while of Tifa and Kiara stopped hugging and Tifa started discussing the legality of the situation. As of right now Selphie and I are still the legal guardians of Kiara even though that Tifa was her birth mother. After a week of getting things in order we got all the paperwork and everything signed. Tifa was once again the legal guardian of Kiara. Today was the day that she was leaving to go and live with Tifa on Destiny Islands.

"See you, Riku. Thank you so much for taking care of Kiara for me."

"It was really no problem." I answered.

"Bye, Riku." Kiara said as she hugged me.

"Bye, Kiara." I answered and hugged her back.

"Will I still see you?" she asked.


"How? Mommy said we going to Destiny Islands."

"Well as soon as Selphie finishes school we're moving back to Destiny Islands remember?"

"Okay, you still be my friend?" she asked.

"Always." I answered as I hugged her one last time.

"You be still be my friend too?" she asked Selphie.

"Of course." Selphie answered as she hugged her. Kiara then got in the car with Tifa and they drove off.

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