Well, this is my first attempt at writing a Pendragon fanfiction. I'm thinking about a one-shot. But this isn't it. This will be ten chapters. And I'll post them whenever I can. (Though a few reviews first would be nice.)

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This takes place between The Quillan Games and The Pilgrims of Rayne.

Anyway, this is the first chapter... I hope it's okay. I really do. Any questions/comments are appriciated, as long as they're put nicely.

So, enjoy the first chapter of "The Truth".

Chapter One: Courtney's News

It started with the flume ride to Third Earth. Or, in Bobby's mind, it started with Courtney. Courtney, the perfect athlete, the tomboy, the girl he had had a crush on since he was seven, who was now his acolyte. Unofficially his girlfriend... the Courtney Chetwynde, practically an angel.

It didn't matter to Bobby where she delivered this news. She could have done it anywhere. She could have done it at any time.

She chose now. Probably a bad time, considering that he had just lost both a territory, Quillan, and his best friend, Mark Dimond.

As per usual after a flume trip, Bobby proceeded to change clothes. Second Earth and Third Earth clothes weren't that different, really, but one could never be too careful.

Courtney also started to change her clothes. As she slipped her shirt off over her head, though, she couldn't resist taking a peek at Bobby out of the corner of her eye. He was a faster changer than her; while she had just barely gotten her shirt off, he had already stripped to only his boxers and was pulling on jeans.

Bobby Pendragon, the boy she had had a crush since she was eight. She expected - no, hoped - that there would be some sort of turn-on at the sight of him only in his boxers.


She sighed and hurried to finish changing. Then the two of them started walking around, looking for the Traveler from Third Earth, Patrick.

Suddenly, Courtney couldn't hold it in any longer. It had been weighing down on her ever since Mark disappeared, but it had gotten heavier since they had changed in the flume. Now she felt like she might burst.

"Bobby, I have something to tell you," she blurted without thinking.

Bobby could tell that it was something important. He stopped. "Yeah, Courtney?" he asked, sounding a little nervous.

She wasn't sure how to say this. She took a deep breath and decided to say whatever came to mind, hoping it would be enough.

"I'm sorry, Bobby, I really am, but since Mark's disappeared I've been really worried about him an-and..." She faltered but she forced herself to choke out the rest. "I think I love him."

He said nothing, not really sure how to take the news. Mark was his best friend...

But, luckily for them, Patrick drove by and broke the awkward tension.

"Pendragon!" he called out as he rolled down the window. "Everything's changed!" Then he saw Courtney. "A non-Traveler! You can't bring a non-Traveler-"

"Hey, easy, Patrick," Bobby interrupted, walking over to him. "It's okay." He put his hand on Patrick's shoulder, and he seemed to calm down. "She's here to help." Then he turned to Courtney. "Find out anything you can about Mark, and then have Patrick take you to First Earth."

This was why she hadn't wanted to tell him. He was mad, now; she knew it. "What about you?"

"I'm going to Ibara."

So, at least it wasn't all about being mad at her. "Be careful, okay? I worry about you, too."

He turned and left, headed back to the flume.

"What's wrong with Pendragon?" Patrick asked Courtney as she got in the backseat of his car.

"I think I made him mad."

Patrick had nothing to say to that. Courtney had nothing else she wanted to add. Patrick looked to her, not quite sure what to do.

"We should probably go to the library, find out what changed," she offered.

The Traveler nodded and started driving toward the library.

Meanwhile, Bobby Pendragon had gotten back to the flume, and he called out the name of his destination.


- Kuramastrass -