This Couldn't Be Happening

This Couldn't Be Happening

Gabriella walked into East High not even looking at anyone. Sharpay called after her best friend but she never stopped. Last night the most terrifying thing happened. Troy broke up with her. Worst part of it was that she didn't even know why he did it. He just did it. The other worst thing was that she was going to tell him that she loved him. But he stopped that from happening. He flushed down two years of love down the drain.

Gabriella stopped at her locker. Finally Sharpay caught up to her. "Gabi? Honey what's wrong?" Sharpay asked out of breath. Gabriella didn't answer her. "Gabi?" She asked again. Gabriella finally looked at her. She had tears forming in her eyes. She attempted to put a small smile on her face. "We're through." She said quietly. "What?" Sharpay asked confused.

"We're done Sharpay. No more us." Suddenly Sharpay caught what she meant. She hugged her best friend tightly. "Oh Gabi I'm sorry." Sharpay said still hugging her. Gabriella let a few tears go but quickly wiped them away. Sharpay finally let her go. "Why did he do it?" Sharpay asked her.

"I don't know. That's what's bothering me. I don't know why he would let two years of love go do down the drain." Gabriella replied with tears almost pouring out of her eyes but holding them back. Sharpay had a sad face on. She looked at Gabi. She saw what a wreck she was without Troy. Finally Gabriella broke down with tears pouring from her eyes. Sharpay suddenly felt anger rise in her. "I'm going to kill that Troy Bolton!" Sharpay said.

Sharpay tried to walk away but Gabriella pulled her back. "No don't do that Sharpay. It's okay." Gabriella said wiping away tears. "Honey it's not okay when you mess with my best friend. I'm going to give Troy a piece of my mind." Sharpay replied. "Don't Sharpay. You'll just make it worst. No offense." Sharpay nodded her head but she was going to talk to Troy. "Sharpay please don't tell anyone. I really don't want Troy to put up with the drama." She nodded. She put an arm around her best friend and they walked to homeroom together.

Troy walked onto East High's beautiful campus heart broken. Last night he broke up with his two-year girlfriend Gabriella Montez. She seemed surprise when he did it. Last night they were supposed to have dinner to celebrate their two-year anniversary but Troy stopped that from happening. He slowly walked to his locker with his head down low. He opened it and put his bag in it and shut it.

He rests his head against the cold hard metal. He closed his eyes and he remembered the memories he had with Gabriella. Tears formed in his eyes. A few dropped. It was a rare scene to see Troy Bolton cry cause he never cried in front of people. Especially not at school. His best friend Chad Danforth appeared at his side.

"Yo Troy! I've been thinking…" Chad stopped when he saw his best friend crying. "Troy?" He asked with a serious face. Troy wiped away his tears and cleared his voice. "Yeah what's up Chad?" Troy asked not looking at him. "Uh nothing." Chad replied not knowing what to say. "So um…dude where you just crying?" He asked in a low voice. Troy looked up at him.

"No. Let's go Chad." Troy said walking down the halls. Chad followed confused on why Troy was acting like this. They reach homeroom and walk in. Gabriella and Sharpay had already arrived. Troy made eye contact with Gabriella. She looked away breaking their eye contact. Troy sat down in front of Chad. He sat in silence the rest of class.

The bell finally rang ending first block. Troy went to his locker alone. He opened it and when he did his eyes immediately landed on the picture of Gabriella on his locker. He smiled at the picture. His smile disappear when he remember what he did. He closed it and walked to his next class. Chad saw this and went up to the girls who were just Sharpay and Taylor at the moment.

"Hey you guys. Have you noticed how Troy and Gabriella have been acting down lately?" Chad asked them. They both looked at each other and nodded. Sharpay wanted to tell them both but she promise Gabriella that she wouldn't. Taylor looked at Sharpay who seemed quiet. "What?" Sharpay asked. "You know something don't you?" Taylor asked. "No." Sharpay replied. "You're lying. Sharpay you got to tell us so we can help Troy and Gabi." Taylor said. Sharpay hated how she knows when someone's lying to her.

"I can't tell you guys." Sharpay said. "Ah so you admit you know something." Taylor said smartly. Not to mention Sharpay hates how Taylor's so smart. "Spill Shar." Taylor said crossing her arms across her chest. Chad watched the girls fight back and forth. "Okay, okay fine. I'll tell you guys but you have to promise me you guys won't tell anyone." They both nodded. "Okay Gabi told me this in confidence so I'm telling you guys in confidence."

"Okay. Okay Shar just tell us." Taylor said rushing her to hurry up. Sharpay took a breath. "Okay you guys know how last night was Troy and Gabi's celebration dinner of their two-year anniversary?" "Yeah." Taylor nodded. "Well it didn't go as plan. You see Troy…"

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